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About Us

CellTrackingApps attracts and works with talented people who want to create a safer digital environment for all our readers. Our team includes tech experts, writers, editors, and other passionate individuals who are independent, driven, and eager to deliver only the best of information. 

Why Should You Write for Us?

Because it’s your chance to share your expertise, amplify your voice, and captivate our audience with your writing skills.

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  • 500k+ Monthly Visitors
  • Backlink to your website
  • Author recognition
  • Exposure to our subscribers
  • Professional visibility

Who Can Become an Author?

If you are good at writing and excellent at creating self-learning text tutorials or courses, have an updated portfolio, and are established in IT industries (or one industry of your professional interest) you can become a CellTrackingApps author. 

Pay attention that you need to prove your experience and knowledge by adding your portfolio and CV. It will be a great advantage for you to have experience or expertise in the IT industry. We are offering opportunities for skilled and experienced authors to collaborate with us and make respectable content. 

What Can You Publish?

The main goal of CellTrackingApps is to provide our readers with objective information.

How Do We Measure Objectivity?

Today, websites are overflowing with information, which often doesn’t correspond to reality, and is a rewrite of outdated texts. Many authors who publish articles don’t test the software they write about, and don’t check the information for reliability. Lack of checking and testing software leads to the fact that such information becomes useless.

So, our task is to bring to the audience real, verified, and checked-in-practice information, with clear and accessible technical details for the user. 

What Topics Are We Interested In?

The main topics we are interested in are everything about using technologies and discovering information about: 

  • Technical and in-depth reviews of parental control software and apps;
  • Protection against data leakage;
  • Artificial intelligence; 
  • Supporting cybersecurity; 
  • Information, mobile, apps, and cloud security;
  • Computer worms and ransomware protection;
  • Botnets and network security;
  • Providing antivirus protection, etc. 

Why Should You Write for Us?

Because it’s your chance to share your expertise, amplify your voice, and captivate our audience with your writing skills.

  • Portfolio enhancement: Your published articles become valuable additions to your professional portfolio
  • Knowledge sharing: You can share your expertise with our extensive platform, which boasts 500K+ monthly blog visitors
  • Author recognition: Over time, consistent contributions may lead to becoming a recognized authority in the cell tracking domain
  • Networking opportunities: It can open doors to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable connections
  • Professional visibility: Your articles can serve as a showcase of your expertise, potentially leading to recognition and opportunities within your field
  • Personal growth: It challenges you to stay updated on industry trends, refine your communication skills, get backlinks to your site, and think critically about relevant topics
  • Educational impact: Sharing valuable information can empower others, contribute to the learning community, and promote a culture of continuous education
  • Content ownership: This allows you to leverage your work for other purposes or platforms, giving you more flexibility and control over your intellectual property

Don’t miss the chance to find your audience without wasting money and time! 

How Many Articles Can You Publish? 

We don’t have any limits. You can publish as many articles as you want. 

Editorial Process

When you are posting on our website, you are required to remember and implement the following rules:

  • Be Respectful;
  • Be Honest;
  • Strict no plagiarism policy;
  • Always be informative;
  • Mention your sources;
  • Mind the copyright laws;
  • Be concise, professional, and courteous;
  • Write easy-to-digest content.

Take your hobby to the next level. Join the inspiring online community and find your readers.

How to Apply? 

To become a CellTrackingApps author, please, fill out the form and we will contact you: