About Us

As technology consumers ourselves, we’ve realized the need for independent product testing and reviewing. We take pride in offering objective information – the market is oversaturated with sponsored posts and unreliable information, and our company strongly objects to this approach.

We’re not here to shove fake news down your throat. Instead, we’re here to debunk them and provide you, our loyal readers, with useful information that is data-driven and expert-vetted. 

We put safety and honesty above all else since we’re fed up with massive news outlets using their reach and authority to increase profit at the expense of their readers. While we do agree that money is necessary to keep the business going, we strongly refuse to work with providers who are dishonest and scammy.

All of our partners have been thoroughly vetted through a strenuous process. Moreover, when we write reviews, we refuse to receive free accounts or any form of monetary compensation in return. We use our own money to purchase each of the products we review to ensure maximum objectivity and neutrality.

Each mentioned software goes through multiple rounds of testing, which can last anywhere from two weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of features. We also retest each software annually or bi-annually, to ensure that our information is always fresh and up-to-date.

Our team consists of leading experts with over three decades of combined experience within the industry. With exceptional knowledge and background in IT, we offer our expertise, knowledge, and services to both professionals and frequent online visitors.

Our team’s experience in cybersecurity and due diligence dramatically helps give you the latest scoop and share industry secrets that our readers might not have been aware of.

We take your safety very seriously, and that’s precisely why we’ve decided to dedicate our website to step-by-step guides and how-to articles to give our readers endless resources to help them understand everything about technology, the internet, and online privacy.

Our Team

To produce this level of information quality and dynamic reviews that are as comprehensive as ours are, we only work with the finest talent. At CellTrackingApps, we employ editors, tech consultants, strategists, journalists, and leading experts, all of which bring a unique perspective to our team. Each of our experts follows rules that apply to the standards and values that our publications represent.

Anjelica Rivera

Anjelica has almost 10 years of experience in cell-tracking, online monitoring, and cybersecurity. In her role as a business owner, she looked for effective ways to monitor her employees, which, in turn, has given Anjelica a lot of hands-on knowledge. Her dedication to learning and testing about spying apps, cybersecurity threats, hack attacks genuinely contribute to the development of up-to-date content on celltrackingapps.com.

Isabel Clark

Isabel Clark

With seven years of experience in the IT sector, a master’s degree, and two teenagers to worry about, Isabel developed a deep understanding of internet technologies and cybersecurity. Since the online world is continuously subjected to digital transformation, she felt compelled to let the world know what they can expect each time they go online. Since the younger generations are raised online, kids need to know how to protect themselves from online bullying and similar threats. As both an IT expert and a caring mother, Isabel covers the most critical topics amusingly, helping even the readers with no knowledge in technology or science, understand the nerdiest of details.