Best Antivirus for Chromebook

5 Best Antivirus for Chromebook in 2024

Google has done a great job making Chromebooks highly secure by running applications in sandboxes and not allowing Chrome OS to open .exe files, which severely limits the number of malware infections. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have identified key holes in Chromebooks’ security, particularly when it comes to spyware, phishing attacks, infected browser extensions, and unsecured Wi-Fi connections. 

To keep your Chromebook safe at all times, we have come up with a list of the 5 best antiviruses for Chromebook that, combined with Chrome OS’ built-in protection will keep you fully secure! Check them out below!

Best Chromebook Antiviruses:

🥇 Bitdefender – Our number 1 pick! – 100% malware detection rate and is equipped with a VPN and firewall! 

🥈 Norton Mobile Security – Also a great option! – Real-time spyware protection, password manager, dark web monitoring, and so much more!

🥉 Kaspersky Antivirus – 100% malware detection rate and is equipped with a VPN and firewall! 

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Why Do Chromebooks Need Antivirus Software?

Google has made it incredibly difficult for malware and viruses to infect Chromebooks due to apps being sandboxed, which means infected apps can’t affect your device as a whole and the inability to run .exe files which most malware relies on. 

Unfortunately, there are so many ways that your device can be hacked and infected. When browsing the web you can easily click a link and download spyware or download an app with tracking capabilities from the Google Play Store. 

You are also at risk of phishing attempts where fake sites will try to convince you to enter your personal details and data leaks when connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Luckily, top security firms have created Chromebook antivirus software that easily protects you from all of these threats that Google has been unable to neutralize. With a comprehensive Chromebook antivirus, you will be armed with web protection, phishing detection, and a VPN to ensure your device is secure at all times!

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Best Virus Protection for Chromebook

Price: Starting at $29.99/year

Free trial: Yes

Customer support: Phone, email, 24/7 live chat

Bitdefender Security is a simple-to-use Chromebook antivirus that comes with extensive features that have all been thoroughly tested by independent labs. With Bitdefender safeguarding your Chromebook, you never have to worry about cybercriminals getting a hold of your bank details, spying on your conversations, or accessing your files!

Bitdefender has one of the best-performing malware and phishing detection results in the industry. Bitdefender’s scanner can consistently detect zero-day attacks and instantly remove live infections!

Bitdefender is more than just a Google Chromebook antivirus but is a comprehensive security solution that comes with real-time web protection which instantly alerts you to spyware and ransomware, anti-theft features that allow you to remotely wipe your device, and of course, a top-performing VPN that allows you to connect to private servers around the world and mask your location!

If you want to protect your identity, and personal details and never deal with malware again then install Bitdefender and then begin your  Chromebook antivirus free trial now! After your trial is up, keep using Bitdefender for only $39.99 per year!


  • Elite malware and spyware scanner and remover
  • Below average cost!
  • VPN included
  • Anti-theft features
  • Web protection
  • Fast installation


  • VPN has a data limit 
  • Frequent messages about upgrading

Kaspersky Internet Security

Antivirus for Chrome OS

Price: Starting at $29.99/year

Free trial: Yes

Customer support: Phone, email, 24/7 live chat

Kaspersky Internet Security is a fully optimized Chromebook antivirus that will protect your device whether you are checking your emails, surfing the web, or connecting to public networks. 

Kaspersky is overloaded with top-of-the-line features including a malware and virus scanner which has a 100% detection rate! This Chromebook antivirus scanner is so good that it can effortlessly detect and neutralize brand-new malware that has never been seen before.

Kaspersky Internet Security comes equipped with detailed web protection, which will alert you to any phishing attempts or malware-infected links in real time before you even think of falling for them! A VPN is also included in the package and completely encrypts your traffic so no 3rd parties can snatch your personal details!

Kaspersky is a bargain at just $29.99 per year! Try your 30-day free trial now and start protecting your device with the top-performing Chromebook antivirus software.


  • 100% malware and spyware detection
  • Great range of features
  • VPN included
  • Works perfectly on Chromebook
  • Strong firewall


  • Unlimited VPN costs extra
  • Anti-phishing results are not quite 100% 

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security - Great Google Chromebook Antivirus

Price: Starting at $39.99/year

Free trial: Yes

Customer support: Phone, email, 24/7 live chat

Norton Mobile Security is one of the highest-rated Chromebook antiviruses thanks to its performance in tests from independent labs (100% spyware, malware, and phishing detection!) and its wide range of features that will create an ironclad shield around your Chromebook!

With Norton, you get a thoroughly tested antivirus and malware scanner and removal tool that will quickly rid your Chromebook of any nasty infections. You also get a VPN that has no problems bypassing geo-restrictions and keeping attackers at bay when connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Norton goes above and beyond the basics, and its Chromebook antivirus software includes parental controls which are perfect for limiting what content your children can view, and a password manager which fully encrypts your personal details. And even dark web monitoring, which will alert you to any potential instances of identity theft.

If you want comprehensive protection and access to the very best security software, then start your Norton360 Chromebook antivirus free trial now! Once you finish your trial, you can keep using Norton306 for just $39.99 per year!


  • 100% protection against malware and spyware
  • Powerful parental controls
  • Great password manager
  • VPN included


  • Slightly above-average price
  • No anti-theft features

TotalAV Antivirus & VPN

Virus Protection for HP Chromebook

Price: Starting at $19.00/year

Free trial: Yes

Customer support: Phone, email, 24/7 live chat

TotalAV Antivirus & VPN is a great all-around Chromebook antivirus especially if you want access to a nice range of features without shelling out big bucks! This software has all the features you need to stay safe on and offline.

TotalAV is an all-inclusive Google Chromebook antivirus that comes with real-time malware protection which will instantly block any nefarious links, a Wi-Fi checker which can detect unsafe networks and data breaches more alert that lets you know if there is any suspicious activity concerning your online accounts or email.

TotalAV’s antivirus scanner may not be as good as Norton’s, Bitdefender’s, or Kaspersky’s but it is still highly effective and typically scores in the high 90s during testing. TotalAV’s scanner is equipped to rapidly recognize malware, spyware, and viruses and can effectively dispose of them. 

Keep your device safe by trying out TotalAVs for free over 7 days! After your trial concludes you can use this Chromebook antivirus software for just $19.00 per year!


  • Fast and effective antivirus scanner
  • Bargain price!
  • Great user experience on Chromebook
  • Comes with VPN
  • Data breach checker
  • Real-time protection


  • Fewer features than some other options
  • Limited to 6 devices

Avira Free Antivirus for Chromebook

Avira Free Antivirus for Chromebook

Price: Starting at $44.99/year

Free trial: Yes

Customer support: 24/7 live chat

Avira Antivirus Security is ideal for those looking for a Chromebook antivirus that is easy to use but still provides solid overall protection. Avira has a great array of features that will have cybercriminals thinking twice before they mess with your Chromebook.

Some of our favorite Avira features include an email breach scanner, a VPN with 100MB of daily data, a malware scanner and remover, real-time web protection, a password manager, and even the ability to wipe your device remotely. 

Avira can be downloaded in the Google Play Store by searching for Avira and clicking install on the app. With its well-designed interface and sleek graphics, you should have no problem running scans, connecting to the VPN, and operating the secure browsing feature!

Maintain your privacy when online and make sure your Chromebook is secure by taking advantage of Avira’s 30-day free trial today!  Chromebook antivirus free trial now! To keep using Avira upgrade for $44.99 per year!


  • Strong independent lab results
  • First-class ransomware protection
  • VPN included
  • Well designed interface 
  • A quick scan and removal times!


  • Above average price
  • Slow to respond to customer support

How to Select the Best Chromebook Antivirus?

To find the best antivirus for Chromebook, you should weigh the following factors:

  • Android App – For Chromebook antivirus software to work smoothly and effectively it needs to have an Android app.
  • Malware and spyware detection rate – The very best Chrome antivirus solutions have a 100% detection rate and can easily spot spyware and malware, including zero-day attacks! 
  • Real-time protection – Top software will detect malware and spyware-infected links and popups before you even think of clicking on them.
  • VPN – Connect to public Wi-Fi securely and hide your identity by using a Chromebook antivirus with a VPN included.
  • Price – You should compare multiple options and make sure you find an antivirus with the best price-to-value ratio.

If you don’t have time to thoroughly review all of the available Chromebook antivirus solutions, then don’t worry. We have done the hard work for you! Simply download Bitdefender Mobile Security and protect your device today!

Does Chromebook Come With Built-in Antivirus?

Chromebooks come equipped with strong built-in antivirus that is similar to iOS in terms of protection. However, the protection is not comprehensive and still places users at risk of spyware, phishing attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

All Google Chromebooks run in a sandbox, meaning threats are contained and can not influence other parts of your device. For example, if you download an infected app, this app can not affect other apps or web pages you have open. With Chrome OS sandbox environment, viruses are severely limited in the damage they can cause.

A huge percentage of malware is hidden within .exe files. Chromebooks cannot open .exe files, which radically reduces the number of malware infections Chromebooks are susceptible to. 

While Chromebook does offer strong inbuilt antivirus protection, it just isn’t comprehensive enough to deal with the threats that are present now. Google’s protection won’t save you from phishing attempts, spyware, and man-in-the-middle attacks which can be used to access all of your details, including bank information. 

Due to Chromebook’s lack of comprehensive protection, every security analyst will recommend you secure your device by installing antivirus software.

Can You Install an Antivirus on a Chromebook?

Antivirus software can be installed on a Chromebook by simply opening the Google Play Store, searching for the app, and clicking the install button. After just a few minutes, your Chromebook antivirus will be installed and protect your device!

Is There Antivirus for Chromebook?

There is a wide range of Chromebook antivirus software, and all of the top security software developers produce solutions, including Kaspersky, Norton 360, and Bitdefender. You can access all of these Chromebook antivirus solutions in the Google Play Store.

What Antivirus Can I Use on Chromebook?

There is no shortage of Google Chromebook antivirus software, but many have inconsistent scan results or lack security features to keep you fully secure. The best Chromebook antivirus software includes:

Does Samsung Chromebook Need Antivirus?

While Google has done a good job of protecting Chromebook users from viruses, Chromebooks are still at risk from malware, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other online threats. To keep your Samsung Chromebook protected from all attacks, it is recommended you opt for security software that provides secure browsing, a VPN, and real-time malware protection.


Online threats continue to grow and become more complex everywhere, and no matter what Google says, Chromebooks are not fully secure. But if you combine Chrome OS’ built-in protection with BitDefender you will be able to use your Chromebook without fear of any spyware, malware, or any other attacks compromising your device. 

BitDefender has 100% malware detection, offers real-time web protection, and comes equipped with a VPN to ensure you are safe when using public Wi-Fi. Start protecting your Chromebook today and begin your 30 day free trial now

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