how to find someone on dating sites

How to Find Someone on Dating Sites?

With an increasing number of apps like Tinder, Bumble, and more, you can ask yourself how to find someone on dating sites. Why? Because cheating and infidelity have become ever so common in relationships. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you and is using a dating app or site, you might want to find out for sure and get the proof you need.

With so many popular dating sites, finding out if someone is using such a website and whether they’re using a fake profile behind your back might seem challenging.

In this guide, we take you through various methods that you can use to find out if someone has dating profiles on any dating platform and how you can catch them red-handed.

Have an Open and Honest Conversation With Them

The first thing we’d suggest you do if you suspect that your partner is using dating sites or online services for dating is to have an open and honest conversation. This might sound like a bummer because you might want to use all kinds of tools and software to catch them red-handed.

However, there’s nothing better than talking about things like these in a healthy relationship. Start by setting a non-confrontational tone and tell your partner how you feel. Tell them about how you’re feeling distant from them and how they might be interested in someone else. More often than not, if your partner is remorseful, they will admit to what they’ve been doing.

This can pave the way for an open conversation to help you identify what went wrong, admit fault, and find ways to fix the problem. However, if you want to find out if they’re cheating and end the relationship if they are, you might want to make use of other methods.

Use Search Engines to Check if Someone Is Using Dating Apps

Run a Google search to catch dating site use

So, how to find someone on dating sites? One of the most common solutions to do this is using a social media site or a dating site to perform a search on a search engine like Google or Bing. Most social media profiles will show up on Google’s results, so if you want to search for someone, you can type their name or username into the search bar and hit Enter.

Chances are, you might find results for all their social media sites, and potentially also a dating profile that they might have. However, this method is easiest when the target is using such apps using their own name, or if you have an idea of what their username might be.

Create a Fake Dating Profile to Catch Them Yourself

Another way of finding out if your partner has been using online dating on different dating sites is to create a dating profile yourself. You can do this using your own name or a fake persona. However, the risk with this method is that you might just find out that your husband wasn’t using dating websites after all, and catches you using them.

Further, these websites can also tempt you to talk to other people, so it’s always best to use this method when you know your boundaries and can stick to them.

Once you create a fake profile on all the major dating platforms, you can filter your results based on your partner’s age, preferences, hobbies, and more to see if you come across his profile, or one that you suspect could belong to him. Detecting concealed dating profiles can be tricky, but if enough details match, you could have a good chance of catching them red-handed.

“Borrow” Their Phone to Check If They Have Any Dating Apps Installed

An alternative to creating a fake dating profile yourself is to simply borrow your partner’s phone saying that you want to make a call or do something important. While you’re at it, you can easily search through their app drawer to see if they have any dating apps installed on their device.

However, the downside of this method is that it’ll only work if you and your partner are comfortable sharing your phones with each other. Further, keep in mind that phones these days allow you to hide certain apps in a secret app drawer, or also allow you to rename apps if you want to hide them. So, a dating app might be disguised as a calculator, and you’ll never come to know about it.

Lastly, if your partner notices you searching through his phone rather than doing what you said you wanted to, it can lead to a rather uncomfortable conversation.

Check Their Email Account

Checking Gmail account to find out if someone is using dating profiles

When you create an account on dating websites or apps, you often agree to have them send you regular updates or newsletters to your email ID. This can be a great way to check if they’re getting these regular updates from apps like Tinder or Bumble. If they are, chances are they have one of these apps installed on their device.

You can access their email by borrowing their phone or using spy apps to monitor all their emails remotely without them knowing about it.

Perform a Username Search

If you know what your partner’s username might be on a dating profile, you can also perform a username search on a website like Social Catfish. Here, you can add their social media username, and the website will show you if there’s any dating profile by the same name.

Use a Reverse Image Search Tool

Another fantastic method to find out if someone is on a dating site is to perform an image search. There are various websites that allow you to do this, the most prominent one being Google. Another website that you can consider using is TinEye. All you need to do is find a picture that you think they’re likely to use when creating their dating profile and run a search on it.

If they’re using a dating site, chances are that Google will show you results of their dating profile on a specific dating site. You can then use this information to bring up a conversation, especially if the person whose dating profile you found is your partner.

A reverse image search can be a rather specific and effective way of finding someone’s dating profile.

Perform a Reverse Lookup Search

If none of the methods above work or if they’re tricky for you to implement, you can perform a reverse lookup search to find out if they’re using any social media app or a dating website. There are various reverse search engines you can use online, and most of them can give you all the information you need with only a phone number.

By leveraging advanced search algorithms, these search engines access data from court records, social media platforms, property information, and more to give you a comprehensive overview of an individual. In this section, we take a look at two of the most reliable search engines – Spokeo and Intelius.


Perform a dating profile search using Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the world’s most widely known reverse search engines. It was started in 2006 as a social network but started aggregating data since 2010. Once you pay for a subscription to Spokeo, you can get all the information you need about the target, including whether or not they’re using any dating websites.

You can also get any email addresses, phone numbers, or other details associated with them. The site also offers a geo-grouping function which makes it easy to aggregate data based on locations. Spokeo relies on various public databases such as court records, traffic records, financial records, and a whole lot more to give you a complete picture of someone’s profile. As a result, this also works as a great background check service for employers.

One of the highlights of Spokeo is that the website also offers a geo-grouping function which makes it easy to aggregate search data based on locations.

Spokeo Pricing

  • Business (200 reports) = $39.95
  • Professional (500 reports) = $19.95
  • Team (700 reports) = $119.95


  • High-quality and easy-to-use interface
  • Offers access to billions of records
  • Has 10+ years of experience in the data management industry


  • The free trial comes with several limitations


Find out if someone is using dating websites using Intelius

If you’re wondering “How to find out if my husband is on dating sites?’ another reverse phone search website that you can use is Intelius. With this, you can find their dating profiles or other information you need about them using just a phone number with great accuracy.

Intelius isn’t a customer reporting agency. However, they offer thorough background information and provide lots of information such as property details, addresses, real estate holdings, and a whole lot more. They can also be used to look up potential relationships, which could point to your spouse using a dating website online.

Additionally, you can also get the target’s employment history, criminal records, licenses, and a whole lot more. Further, if you have any questions about their service, their customer support team is rather helpful. Intelius also has approval from the FCRA to provide aggregated data on paid subscriptions, so you’re always in good hands.

Intelius Pricing

  • Criminal Record Search (one report) = $29.95
  • Reverse Phone Number Lookup (one report) = Depends on the information required 
  • 24-hour people search plan (unlimited) = $19.95
  • Intelius Premier (unlimted) = $19.95


  • Accurate and concise information at all times
  • The interface is simple to use


  • Lack of transparent pricing policies

Use Social Media to Find Someone on Dating Sites

Find someone on dating sites from a social media account

Social media can offer a whole gamut of information about someone’s activities, including where they go, who they meet, and who they interact with the most. If the person whose dating profile you want to find is quite active on social media, you can look through their social media profiles for clues.

This can be particularly helpful since a lot of dating apps also allow users to link their social media handles to them. As a result, chances are you could find images or captions and bios that seem oddly familiar, and these can give you a clue about whether or not someone is making use of dating sites.

You can pay attention to the images they’re tagged in, or the locations they check in to, as these can offer clues as well. However, always remember to do so ethically and don’t snoop around without the user’s consent.

Make Use of the “Forgot Password” Feature

If you don’t seem to be finding the evidence you need to be sure that your partner has a dating profile, you could adopt a more direct approach. This involves leveraging the Forgot Password function on a dating app. For this, you’ll either need to have some idea of which dating app your partner uses. If not, you’ll have to give each one a shot to see which app or dating site they have an account on.

Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1: Open the login page of the dating site or dating app in question.

Step 2: Enter your partner’s or spouse’s email address. If the app or dating site says there’s no account linked to this email address, you can check it off your list. At this point, you may choose to check other dating sites or satisfy yourself about the fact that your suspicions might be wrong.

Step 3: If you want to check other dating websites, perform the same steps as mentioned above on the next. If they have an account linked to the email address, tap Forgot Password and gain access to your partner’s email account.

Step 4: Reset the password, and make sure to delete their email from their phone so they don’t find it.

Step 5: Log in to their dating profile, and you can have a look at their chats to see when they were last active.

Do keep in mind that this approach can lead to a major breakdown in trust if your partner finds you snooping around their dating profile. As a result, you’ll have to do so at your own risk.

Monitor Their Browser History

If you and your partner share a common device such as a tablet or a laptop, or have a common iCloud or Google account, you can use this to your advantage and check their browsing history.

You can open whichever web browser you typically use on the device and open up its history to see if they’ve visited any online dating sites. You can also search for specific keywords such as the names of potential dating sites if you don’t have much time and want to narrow down your search.

The only downside to this approach is that anyone who uses dating websites is usually careful about using Incognito Mode or deleting their search history. As a result, unless they’ve slipped up and forgotten to do so, this approach could either be a hit or a miss.

However, if you still want to find a way to check someone’s browsing history, even if they may have deleted it, you can consider using a monitoring app.

Use a Monitoring App to Find Out if Someone is Using a Dating Site

Use Eyezy to catch someone using dating apps

A monitoring app can be a great way of checking if someone is using a dating site, even if they try to clear their browsing history. While there are several apps on the market, not all of them are reliable. eyeZy, for one, is a great option, as it offers a host of different features that allow you to monitor your partner’s browsing history, and check if they’re using any dating apps.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and can also be remotely installed on the latter. All you need are your partner’s iCloud credentials, and you’re good to go. Some of the key features you can use to catch someone using a dating site include:

  • Monitoring their social media accounts and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • Monitoring dating apps like Tinder.
  • Tracking their web browser history, including their deleted history, incognito history, and any bookmarks they save.
Monitor someone's computer history or browsing history
  • Tracking all the keystrokes entered on the device, including the person’s username, passwords, one-time codes, messages, and more.
  • Setting keyword alerts for the names of dating apps or websites, so you’re alerted when the target enters the name on their home screen search bar or on Google.
  • Monitoring their phone calls to catch your significant other cheating.
  • Automatically capturing screenshots of all the device activity to catch them using a dating site or app.
Monitor dating apps and other messaging apps
  • Monitor dating apps and other messaging apps.


  • Offers plenty of features
  • Captures screenshots of all the activity on the device
  • Virtually undetectable
  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive dashboard


  • No free trial
  • Android installation requires physical access to the target device

Try eyeZy

Watch Out For Notifications From Dating Sites

If you don’t want to use a monitoring app or feel like it might be a step too far, you can always use your powers of observation to see if your partner receives any notifications from dating sites or apps.

Whenever you’re around them, sneak a look at their phone whenever they get a notification and see what app icon appears. If you see that they’ve received a notification from an app that has an icon that looks just like a dating app like Bumble or Tinder, you can be absolutely sure that they’re using a dating app.

For this to work best, make sure to familiarize yourself with the icons of the various dating apps your partner could potentially be using.

Wrapping Up

There are many dating websites available on the market today, and these have made it incredibly easy for people in relationships and marriages to cheat. If you’re looking for a way to find out if someone is on a dating site, we’ve listed several methods that you can use in this guide. From simply having an open conversation with them to creating a fake dating profile, or even using reverse lookup tools like Spokeo, there are several options you can consider.

However, always remember that snooping around someone’s devices or social media accounts is unethical, and can also make the situation a lot worse if you’re caught. As a result, it’s always best to exercise caution and make use of tools that you can use to discreetly find someone using a dating website.


How Can I Find Out if My Partner Is on a Dating Site?

There are several ways in which you can catch your partner on a dating site. You can snoop around their devices, use a monitoring app, perform a reverse image search, or even have an open conversation about it. However, the simplest and quickest way is to use a reverse lookup tool like Spokeo.

Can You See Who Is on Dating Sites Without Signing Up?

If you want to catch someone on dating sites without signing up on one yourself, you can monitor their phone to see if they have a dating app installed or use social media to get some clues. However, the best solution is to use a reverse lookup tool like Spokeo to get all the information you need on someone.

How Can I See Hidden Profiles Online?

Finding a hidden profile might be tougher than usual. However, with a service like Spokeo, you can still find out if someone is using dating apps. If you want to catch them cheating and read their chats on these apps, you can use a monitoring app like eyeZy without them knowing.

How Do I Find Someone on a Dating Site by Phone Number?

The best way to find someone’s dating profile on any of the most popular dating sites using a phone number is to use a tool like Spokeo or Intelius. These services access billions of public records to give you aggregated data using just someone’s phone number.

How to Find Someone on a Dating Site by Their Email for Free?

To find someone on a dating site by their email:

  • Use a reverse email lookup like Intelius
  • Use the Forgot Password method
  • Run a Google Search
  • Look for junk or promotional emails in their inbox

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