How to clone a SIM card

How to Clone a SIM Card Remotely? 6 Best Apps in 2024

Do you need a backup copy of your SIM card? Or do you want to show proof of your partner’s lies or infidelity? These are just a few of the advantages of copying a SIM card.

You need 30 minutes of physical access to the SIM card to copy its details to a new SIM card. However, you can perform a SIM swap remotely by contacting a mobile network provider and impersonating the victim.

Are you ready to become a champion SIM card cloner? In this article, we are going to show the easiest and most effective ways to clone SIM cards.

What Is a SIM Clone?

SIM cloning refers to taking a working SIM card and making a duplicate by copying the details of the existing SIM card onto a blank one. It is the same concept as credit card cloning.

Copying a SIM card is done by taking a SIM card, placing it in a card reader, and then hooking it up to cloning software. The software then takes the SIM card’s vital data and copies it onto a blank SIM card.

If done correctly, the cloned SIM will trick the mobile network, and the hacker will be able to send and receive texts and calls and use the original SIM owner’s data.

As text messages are used as 2FA for many accounts including online banking, hackers can use a cloned SIM to break into accounts and steal cash and crypto. 

SIM card

Phone cloners are also known for setting up the international phone calling schemes. This involves cloning a SIM and then using the victim’s number to make a number of very expensive international calls and getting a commission from the telecom company.

Can You Clone a SIM Card?

Even though mobile network providers and SIM card manufacturers have tried to combat it, you can still clone a SIM card if you have physical access to the SIM card, a SIM reader, and cloning software.

Cloning a SIM card is not as difficult as it seems. It does require a few tech skills, but if you follow our step-by-step guides you should have no issues whatsoever!

Keep in mind that you can not only a SIM card. You can also clone a cell phone to see text messages for free. Maybe this way is a bit easier 🧐

How to Clone SIM Card Using SIM Cloning Tool

For this example, we will show you how to use MOBILedit Forensic. This is a simple-to-use cloning tool that can quickly download all of the vital information from a SIM card and copy it onto a new one.

how to clone SIM card with MOBILedit Forensic

To start duplicating SIMs, follow these steps:

  1. Download MOBILedit Forensic onto your PC or laptop.
  2. Grab the target’s phone and remove the SIM card from their device.
  3. Place the target’s SIM Card into the cloning device (you can purchase the reader from MOBILedit) and connect it via USB to your computer Clone Device and connect it to the computer.
  4. Open MOBILedit Forensic.
  5. From the main menu, open the SIM card clone tool.
  6. Tap on the Read SIM button to download the IMSI and Ki, and other data from the target’s SIM card. You can choose exactly what you want MOBILedit Forensic to copy.
  7. Now remove the target’s SIM and insert the blank SIM card into the cloner device. 
  8. Tap the Write SIM button and wait.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes and does not require technical skills. The great thing about MOBILedit is that you can purchase the reader and blank SIM cards as one package.

How to Clone a SIM Card Using Programmable Cards

Before you get started, you need to have the following:

1. SIM Programmable Cards: This is a blank SIM which you are going to copy the target’s SIM details onto.

2. A SIM Firmware Writer: This is a cloning device that will transplant the target’s SIM data to your blank SIM.

3. Woron Scan Software: This software will extract the necessary data from the target’s SIM.

Woron scan to clone SIM card

Now let’s get started! Follow these easy steps to create a duplicate SIM in under 30 minutes:

  1. Take the target’s SIM, place it into the SIM cloner, and download the Woron software onto your PC.
  2. Use Woron to find the SIM’s IMSI, ICC, and the KI.
  3. Remove the target’s SIM and place the blank SIM into the cloner.
  4. Download the software SIM-EMU.
  5. Add the target’s IMSI, KI, and ICC, and fill out the rest of the required information, including the target’s phone number (remember to write the number using the interaction formation)
  6. Tap the Write To Disk button, and save the file.
  7. Open the card reader and add the saved files in the appropriate fields.
  8. Run the writing task and tap Done.

This technique has quite a few steps. But if you follow everything closely, you should be able to quickly clone the target’s SIM and start using their number almost immediately.

How to Clone a SIM Card Using IMSI and Ki Number?

To clone a SIM card, you need the IMSI and Ki number. To get this vital information and clone a SIM card, follow these steps:

  1. Take the target’s phone and switch it off.
  2. Open the back of the phone, take out the battery, and remove the SIM card
  3. Turn the SIM card over and write down the IMSI number.
  4. Place the SIM Card into the SIM card reader and connect it to your computer.
  5. Once the SIM card has copied everything, insert a blank SIM card into the reader and let the cloner copy everything.

Once the cloner finishes, you will have two identical SIM cards. Both SIM cards will have the same phone number, and you can make calls from two different devices!

SIM card cloner

How to Clone a Sim Card without Physical Access?

Duplicating a SIM card without physical access is not possible. This is because to clone a SIM card, you must place it into a SIM card cloning device and connect it to cloning software on your computer or laptop.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes, and you must remove the SIM card from the target’s device. While you can’t clone a SIM card remotely, you can perform a SIM card swap.

What Is SIM Card Swapping?

SIM card swapping involves contacting the target’s mobile network provider and convincing them to switch the target’s phone number to a SIM you control.

To perform SIM swapping, you need to first purchase a SIM card. You then need to ring up the mobile network and impersonate the target.

It is important you gather as much information about the target before you call. You need to know the target’s:

  • Full name;
  • Address;
  • Date of birth.

You may also need to pass some security questions. Common security questions include the name of a pet or the mother’s maiden name.

The mobile network provider will then just ask for your SIM card’s ISMI, which can be found on the back of the SIM. Once the new SIM is activated you will have control over the target’s phone number.

how to clone a SIM card

What Is the Best SIM Card Cloner?

A lot of SIM card cloners are complete scams. Not only do they not work but many are filled with malware and will result in your personal information being stolen.

To ensure you can clone a SIM card safely and effectively, we have personally tested over 30 different cloners and come up with a list of the best cloners. 

All of the apps on our list are proven to clone SIM cards and connect to a mobile network. They don’t require extensive tech skills, and with these tools, you can clone virtually any SIM card in under 30 minutes. Check them out below!


uMobix app

uMobix is a win-win solution. It allows you to access everything that is on a phone, down to deleted files and messages. It is a parental control app, so you won’t have a physical copy of the SIM card, but you get full access to all phone activity. That is, it is even better than just a clone of a SIM card only. With uMobix you can:

  • monitor social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, etc.);
  • check calls and messages;
  • see deleted files and correspondence;
  • have access to photos, videos and other files;
  • view browser history, etc.

One more pro: it is cheap. You pay only $49.00/month and have guaranteed access to all the contents of the phone.


MOBILedit SIM cloning tool

Where to get it? Download MOBILedit at

MOBILedit is the number 1 SIM cloner on the market. It is compatible with all SIM cards. With this nifty clover, you can easily pull the SIM’s IMSI and Ki and copy it to another SIM card. The whole process only takes about 15 minutes, and the steps are very straightforward. When you purchase MOBILedit, you get a pack of blank SIM cards and a card reader, so you have everything you need in one package to start cloning SIM cards!

  • MOBILedit works on both new and old SIM cards.
  • The kit comes with a SIM card reader and black SIM cards, so you don’t need to purchase them elsewhere.
  • You don’t need to enter PIN codes to clone the SIM.
  • MOBILedit is compatible with all major readers.
  • It is customizable and allows you to extract a range of important data.

Magic SIM

Magic SIM cloning tool

Where to get it? Download Magic SIM at

We found the Magic Sim software incredibly easy to use. It is famous for being super responsive and lightweight. However, please note that Magic Sim is just cloning software; you will need to purchase a reader and blank SIMs somewhere else. That is why we prefer MOBILedit because they sell everything you need in one package.

  • Magic SIM can easily clone every single GSM V1 SIM cards.
  • Magic SIM works on all devices running Windows, including laptops and PCs.
  • It doesn’t just clone SIM cards it can all copy the target’s contacts, logs, and messages.
  • Very lightweight and intuitive to use.
  • Well-designed modern interface that feels like high-end software.

USB Cell Phone SIM Card Cloner

The USB Cell Phone SIM Card Cloner provides a trouble-free way to copy your data from one SIM card to another. The SIM cloning tool comes with dedicated software and a USB adapter. You can attack your SIM card to the adapter and connect it to your system. Later, you can use its SIM card clone app to copy it.

  • The SIM duplicator supports multiple cards.
  • It can be used to back up the contents of a SIM card as well.
  • Users can easily modify or copy one SIM card’s content to another.
  • Comes with a USB adapter and its own SIM card cloning software.

SIM Explorer by Dekart

Dekart SIM cloner

Where to get it? Download SIM Explorer by Dekart at

Dekart has done a fantastic job of producing a top-of-the-line SIM card duplicating app that is still accessible to non-technical users. This SIM cloner is absolutely loaded with features and works on a wide range of SIM cards, including GSM SIM, 3G USIM, and CDMA R-UIM cards.

We were impressed that the cloner could perform both live and offline SIM card analysis and instantly reveal if the SIM card had been compromised in any way. The SIM Explored by Dekart gives you so many options, including three scanning methods – manual, smart, and full. This tool allows you to move everything from one phone to another with ease and enjoy a duplicated SIM card.

  • Clone all kinds of SIM cards, such as GSM SIM, 3G USIM, and CDMA R-UIM cards.
  • Take a deep dive into any SIM card and access a detailed analysis.
  • Simply enter the ADM codes and clone any SIM with ease.
  • With SIM Explorer by Dekart, you can also transfer files and perform a backup to protect important data.

Mister SIM by Mobistar

Mister SIM cloning tool

Where to get it? Download Mister SIM at

Mobistar have absolutely nailed Mister SIM. This top-of-the-line clone app has been helping people for years duplicate SIMs. Mister SIM has a fantastic reputation thanks to its ease of use and ultra-reliability. It is more than just a cloner. With this app, you can save all of the data on your SIM and instantly transfer it to another SIM. We were able to easily transfer contacts, messages, files, and other important data between SIM cards.

  • A seamless way to move data from one SIM card to another
  • Great for backing up a SIM card
  • With Mister SIM, you can easily clone both new and old SIMs

Don’t waste your time on shady cloners! Pick one of the cloners from our list and make duplicate SIM cards effortlessly. In under 30 minutes, you will have a cloned SIM and effortlessly connect to the mobile network. We were able to receive and send texts and make and receive calls using the target’s phone number without them knowing or being blocked by the mobile network!

The Dangers of Cloning SIM Cards

While a high-quality SIM cloner makes it easy to duplicate a SIM card, you need to think of the downsides. Cloning a SIM is illegal, and a criminal offense and can result in prison time. In 2019, a Florida judge sentenced a man to over 5 years in prison for running a phone cloning ring. The group would port the victim’s phone numbers onto devices they controlled and then make expensive international calls and receive kickbacks from telecom companies.

Another danger of cloning SIM cards is the chance of infecting your computer with malware. There is a lot of fake SIM cloner software out there that is riddled with malware. Once you install it on your device, a nefarious 3rd party will start collecting your data and may quickly be able to hack your accounts and access your personal information.

As discussed earlier, to clone a SIM card, you need to physically take the target’s SIM. Unless you are the second coming of Jason Bourne, there is a good chance you will get caught. You will have a lot of explaining to do if you get caught red-handed trying to steal someone’s SIM card! But you can clone a cell phone instead of SIM card. If you want to do this, check a simple guide how to clone a phone.

If you don’t want to control a person’s phone number and simply want to access their messages and view their files, then we recommend covertly installing spyware on their device. Spyware runs in stealth mode and secretly sends everything a person does on their phone directly to your device. 

SIM card


How to clone SIM cards? The best way to clone a SIM card is to use a  specialized cloning tool like MOBILedit. To use this amazing software, you simply install it on your PC or laptop and then take out the SIM card from the target’s phone.

Also you can use a spy app. The best spyware app on the market is uMobix. It can be installed remotely on iOS devices via Apple ID and requires just 5 minutes of physical access to the target’s phone to set up on Android. Once installed, the target’s texts, private social media messages, photos and videos, and browser history will all be sent to your phone!

How to Tell if Your SIM Card Has Been Cloned?

Did you receive a strange message telling you to restart your phone? Does your phone location show some random place? Are you unable to receive texts or calls? These are all classic signs your SIM card has been cloned!

How to Prevent Your SIM Card from Being Duplicated?

To prevent your SIM card from being duplicated, you should never let your phone out of your sight. A hacker can only clone your SIM card if they have physical access to your device.

Is SIM Cloning Illegal?

It is illegal to clone or copy a SIM card. This is because criminals were cloning SIMs and then running up phone charges, stealing personal information, and using the cloned SIM to avoid being located by the police.

Can a SIM Card Be Cloned Remotely?

SIM cloning can not be done remotely. To clone a SIM, you need to physically take the SIM card, place it in a card reader and connect it to SIM cloning software.

What Data Is Needed to Clone a SIM Card?

To clone a SIM card, the hacker needs to get access to your IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), which is a unique number that identifies you. Hackers also need the secret authentication key called the Ki, which authenticates the SIM on a GSM mobile network.

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