Easy Spy Truthful Review

Easy Spy is a worthy phone monitoring app that has a good support team. The phone application runs perfectly without any glitches. Besides, it can meet the requirements of the major part of clients. It is empowered with a set of practicable features that can help you achieve your spying goals. Nevertheless, if you are a demanding customer who is not satisfied with the pricing policy and the number of available options, you should prefer other phone applications with a broad range of options.

The overarching aim of this review is to analyze all pros and cons of Easy Spy, a worthy phone monitoring application.

What to Expect from Easy Spy App?

People want phone spy apps to be cheap and multi-functional. Nevertheless, cheap doesn’t always mean quality. So, when you choose a phone spy app for phone monitoring, take into consideration such an issue. Easy Spy is not cheap, but at the same time is endowed with many useful and significant options for keeping a check on mobile phones and other devices.

This phone spy app has a stable position in the market and except for this feature makes a boast of a vast range of useful functions. The spy application is designed for tech-savvy users who have no time to fall into the subject of a complicated installation procedure. Besides, Easy Spy offers several methods of installation. It is definitely good because the major part of the phone spy software products obliges users to search for physical access to the target smartphone. It is not always convenient, especially if your prime objective is to keep watch on the mobile device of other individuals stealthily.

Choosing Easy Spy, you’ll be offered to install the program in two different ways:

  • Over-the-Air technology. It allows users to install the phone tracker remotely by entering the phone number of the mobile device you want to spy on.
  • Direct access. The method obliges you to find the physical access to the phone, connect it to the computer or laptop using either a cable or Bluetooth technology.

Moreover, Easy Spy can serve different spy purposes and accommodate different needs. Some users presume that the spyware can satisfy an average user only. Experienced customers will be made to search for more cross-functional spy applications like mSpy or Auto Forward, for instance.

Core Audience of Easy Spy Cell Tracker

Such an aspect is of major concern because the main part of spyware products is focused on one particular category of users. Easy Spy can serve several purposes, and they are as follows.

  • Parents who are concerned about the safety of their kids. These days, even the smallest kids have smartphones. It is convenient for both parts, for parents and children. Nevertheless, it is crucial to check which websites children visit and with whom they spend their whereabouts. The major part of the content available online with no access restrictions is not recommended for kids viewing. Easy Spy lets you know which websites are preferred by your offspring and even limit access to them.
  • Employers who want to prevent corporate data leakage and control remote workers. These days, many business owners pay for the mobile phones of their employees. Through the use of Easy Spy, they can quickly check what calls they’ve made and for which purposes. Besides, the GPS location option allows them to check the locality of remote workers or those who have gone on business trips.
  • Those who are not sure that their lovers are honest with them or sniff treason.

It is plain that Easy Spy can serve the purposes of many users.

Pricing Policy or How Much Does Easy Spy Cost?

Taking into consideration the limited set of options, we can’t say that Easy Spy is cheap. The price for a monthly subscription is $29.99. Reviewing other apps that offer similar sets of features, we can conclude that it is not cheap.

Nevertheless, the spyware deprives users of the necessity to choose the billing plan. The price is fixed, and it is no matter whether you wish to monitor iPhones, iPads or Android mobile devices. The company provides the same price for all models of phones!

Overview of Features Offered by Easy Spy

In spite the fact that some users consider this phone monitoring app has a limited set of options, it is not the problem for the majority of users.

  • Monitoring of text messages. The option allows you to check the phones of the target individuals and view all text messages the user sends or receives even if they were deleted.
  • GPS location option. With such functionality, you can easily control the whereabouts of your offspring (when they are not near you) and the routes of your remote workers. The phone app updates every 5 minutes, allowing you to view the precise locality of the target phone.
  • Live control panel. It is a great tool offered by this phone app. With it, you can easily set the phone app according to your requirements. Besides, you will have access to the needed data in a real-time mode.
  • Remote camera option. It enables users to switch the camera of the target phone secretly to view the phone’s surroundings.
  • Call logs. It is a useful feature using which you will listen to all calls and have an opportunity to record them. Even if the call logs are deleted, you will easily view them.
  • Website logs. Easy Spy allows you to see what websites the person you monitor visits or bookmarks. Furthermore, you can even block some portals if you consider them to be inappropriate.
  • Review all photos and videos. With this option, you will view all images taken by the phone you keep tabs on. In some cases, this information can be rather inflammatory.
  • Monitor social network sites. Easy Spy gives you access to Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Email spying. Monitor all emails sent from the cell phone you are tracking.

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