Enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone

How to Enter Cell Number Read Texts Free Without Installing on Target Phone?

You can’t enter cell number and read texts without installing on target phone. This is technically impossible. However, you can reliably and secretly access the targeted phone by installing a spy app on their device or accessing their Google Drive or iCloud. 

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly difficult to hack, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t expose someone else’s texts! In this article, we are going to:

  • show you different ways to read texts on anyone’s device;
  • check how to intercept text messages without installing them on the target mobile device;
  • review the best spy apps to target device remotely.

We have personally tested these methods, and they are proven to work. We will walk you through all the steps you need to follow so you can instantly find out if your partner is cheating or who your children are talking to!

Can I Enter Cell Number and Read Text Messages Without Installing on Target Phone?

Pity, but you can not enter cell number and read text messages without installing on target phone. Just think how unsecured mobile phones would be if you could simply enter cell number and get target phone access. Nobody would use mobile devices if anybody can track text messages. It should be stressed that usually, it is impossible to read someone’s text messages or get target phone access without installing special tools.

However, there are still a variety of ways you can legitimately access someone else’s text messages online and virtually all of the phone activity.

Can I Read Someone’s Messenges with a Spy App?

Yes. The best way is to use an SMS tracker also known as a spy app. As a rule, you can’t track someone’s activity without installing such apps. But they allow you to get messages remotely, and check social media chats using stealth mode. So it is quite comfortable and safe.

You just need to quickly install the spy app on the target mobile phone then it will automatically record all of their texts, SMS messages, call logs, phone calls, GPS location, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger conversations directly to your device without the target knowing anything.

Below we will show you the best spy apps and some other text message intercepting techniques!

How to read text messages

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Intercept Text Messages?

Of course, we want to see someone’s phone activity free without installing apps. But the most effective ways to intercept messages are to install a spy app on the targeted mobile phone, access the target’s iCloud, hack their Google Drive, use a cloning app, and download an SMS tracker app.

No 1. Use uMobix – Undetectable & Ultra Reliable!

uMobix will let you read anyone’s text messages virtually instantly! It is more than just an SMS tracker. uMobix has many cool features:

  • location tracking (it can also expose the target’s GPS location);
  • social media monitoring;
  • seeing target phone activities (you can check emails, deleted messages, and browser history, and view all of their Instagram, WhatsApp messages, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and TikTok chats).

uMobix is undetectable and will not show any signs on the target cell phone. It is very convenient to check various target phone activities.

uMobix works on Android phone and iPhone in stealth mode. You can’t get it without installing the software. But it takes just a few minutes to install.

For Android devices, you need physical target phone access. On iOS, you can install it remotely using the target’s Apple ID credentials.


How to Install uMobix?

To install uMobix on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to uMobix for installing software.
  2. Take the target device and open the APK file download link on their browser.
  3. Open the downloaded file.
  4. Follow the guided installation steps.

To install uMobix on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Create a uMobix account for installing on target phone.
  2. Select the type of device you wish to spy on.
  3. Enter the target’s Apple ID credentials.

After you have successfully installed uMobix, you don’t have to do anything!

The app will secretly record all of the target’s messages and their other phone data. Just wait about an hour for uMobix to collect everything. Then sign into your account from your own device whenever and wherever to access the data.

Try out uMobix for under $12 per month and covertly read anyone’s texts! You need only three steps to use this app:

uMobix app installation

Try uMobix

No 2. Login to Target’s iCloud – Zero Software Required!

This tactic is fast and free, and you don’t have to download any software. If the target device already has iCloud backup enabled you don’t even have to touch their device.

Follow these steps for installing on target phone:

  1. Take the target iPhone.
  2. Open iPhone Settings.
  3. Tap the target’s name, which is located at the top of the screen under Settings.
  4. Click iCloud.
  5. Turn on Messages.
  6. Sign in to the target’s Apple ID from your device.
  7. Open iMessage.

On the surface, this appears to be the perfect tactic.

However, the big problem is even if you do know the target’s Apple ID credentials when you sign in from your device, the target will be immediately notified. They can instantly block your access and change their password. This technique is not good for covert tracking. That is why we recommend using a spy app.  


No 3. Sync with Google Account – View Texts for Free!

Did you know that you can get someone’s text messages sent directly to your device? All you need to do is sync the target’s Android phone with your device.

1. Follow these steps for installing software on your phone:

2. Tap Settings.

3. Take control of the target’s Android device.

Google settings

4. Click Accounts.

5. Add your Gmail account.

6. Tap Account Sync. 

Google sink

7. Click Sync Now.

And just like that, the messages will start showing up on your phone. The downside to this tactic is that the target device will be alerted that another device has signed into their account. So you are very likely to get caught.

No 4. Use mSpy – the Number 1 SMS Tracker! 

Do you want to read the target’s text messages without knowing? Do you want to see every single thing that they are doing on their phone? Then install mSpy on their device!

mSpy is incredibly easy to use but still comes loaded with features.

With mSpy, you can:

  • Read and track text messages (sent, received, and deleted text messages – you can see all the exchanged messages);
  • View emails and track messages;
  • Check out the browser history.
  • Access private social media (received messages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Telegram);
  • See their live location via GPS coordinates with a phone tracking app;
  • Crack passwords with a keylogger;
  • Access the target’s photos and videos.

mSpy takes less than 5 minutes to install and works on iOS and Android devices. The installation process is the same as uMobix. You can install it remotely on iOS devices using the target’s Apple ID. For Android users, you just need brief physical access to download the APK file.


mSpy is undetectable, and the target will never accidentally find the app. Also, once installed, you don’t need to alter the app or touch the target phone again. mSpy will save the target phone activity and send it straight to your mSpy account.

We’ve tested both apps – mSpy & uMobix – and published the in-depth review:

For less than $12 per month, you can effortlessly hack someone’s phone without being detected!

Try mSpy

No 5. FlexiSPY – for Tracking Various Phone Activities!

FlexiSPY is an all-encompassing surveillance software. It provides complete monitoring coverage for Android phone and iOS devices, as well as PCs and Macs. You can use it as a tool for parental control and employee monitoring purposes.

However, with FlexiSPY, you have the ability to oversee virtually everything that transpires on the target device. This includes access to: GPS location data, recorded VoIP calls, social media messages on platforms like Snapchat and Facebook.

You also can listen in on voice calls and live Android calls.

To sum up we can make a list of key FlexiSPY features:

  • Phone monitoring;
  • Stealth mode;
  • Listen to phone surroundings;
  • Message monitoring;
  • Social media monitoring; 
  • Location tracking; 
  • Media files; 
  • Keylogger; 
  • Remote services. 

Following the collection of this information, FlexiSPY will then proceed to upload the data to their servers, making it conveniently accessible to you through the dashboard.


How to Install FlexiSPY?

To install this app you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to FlexiSPY website.
  2. Tap Buy Now.
  3. Then tap Select Package.
  4. Go to the Checkout Page.
  5. Add your email and password.

After that you need to finish installation process. You can do following next procedure.

Step 1. To configure your Android phone, simply navigate to your dashboard by either clicking the link provided in your email or by accessing it directly. This will direct you to the login screen, where you will need to enter your login credentials, including your username and password, and click on the Login button to gain access.

Step 2. You have the option to select between two installation methods: either utilizing the purchased installation service or manually installing the software yourself. Our preference was to perform a manual installation as we opted not to utilize the installation service.

Step 3. Select the appropriate option for your target device by tapping on the corresponding device choice.

Step 4. Upon selection, you’ll be directed to a separate page where you can choose the manufacturer of your Android device.

Step 5. Once you have chosen your device manufacturer, proceed to follow the 11 primary steps, along with the two optional steps provided below, to complete the setup process.

Step 6. Download FlexiSPY onto target phone.

Step 7. Begin by accessing the internet via any web browser on your device, and type in the djp.bz in the search bar, then either search or press Enter. Next, select the option that reads “I am a customer and I have a license code” and click on “View all software.” From there, select the appropriate icon to initiate the download and tap on the downloaded file to commence the installation.

Step 8. You have to agree with Installation Terms and activate your app.

Don’t forget to activate stealth mode.

The last step – to view the information from the target device, simply refresh the dashboard.

You can check FlexiSPY website to choose the best package for your needs.

FlexiSPY package

We compared mSpy & FlexiSPY. You can read our conclusion:

Try FlexiSPY

Should You Read Someone Else’s Messages?

Has your partner started spending an increased amount of time on their phone? Are they suddenly cold and distant towards you? Then it is time to read their texts! Moreover, if you are a parent, you want your children to stay safe. So you need a good parental control app.

Unfortunately, cheating is extremely common, with 30% of men and 20% of women having affairs. If you see experience any of these warning signs and red flags, we recommend reading their text messages:

  • Starts spending more time with friends;
  • Changes their schedule;
  • Starts working “late”; 
  • Alters their appearance such as new clothes, a new hairstyle, or loses weight;
  • Is less interested in sex;
  • Doesn’t let you see their phone;
  • You don’t talk as much;
  • You have more fights;
  • Strange charges on their credit card;
  • Everything they do becomes a secret.

You shouldn’t ignore red flags, and you should always trust your intuition. If you have that feeling in your gut, then it is time to take action and see exactly who your partner is texting and the contents of those conversations.

You should not have to deal with the stress of wondering if your partner is a cheater.

Why Use a Parental Control App?

You should also read texts of your children to make sure they aren’t engaging in any high-risk behavior, secretly depressed, or talking to predators online. Don’t ignore these warning signs:

  • They are glued to their cell phone late at night;
  • Whenever you get close, they end the conversation or lock their phone;
  • They talk about a mysterious new friend;
  • They receive gifts from unknown people;
  • They start being very secretive;
  • They get defensive when you ask them about their plans.

All of these are classic signs that your child may be talking to a creep online. If you have even a slight suspicion, we recommend reading their text messages. It is better to be safe than sorry!

In addition, you have to clearly understand your goals: why do you need a mobile tracking app or (minimum) one-time access to see someone’s media files or all the text messages?

Answer these questions to clarify the tracking features you need. Perhaps you can just talk to your partner or child at first to solve the problem without installing on target phone any spy apps.

How to read text messages

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, you can not enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone. It is impossible to get texts free without installing apps. And if you have only cell phone number, it is not enough for spying or location tracking.

If they have an iPhone, you can access their messages if you know their Apple ID credentials. For Android, you need the target’s Google account login details. While these methods work, the big problem is that the target device will be instantly alerted to your presence in your account and can lock you out with the click of a button.

Another option is using a cloning app. A cloning app connects to the target phone via Bluetooth and copies everything on their phone to your device. For this method to work, you need physical access to the target phone, and it won’t show you future messages.

Bonus: What is the Best Way to Track a Target Cell Phone?

The best way to intercept text messages is to install a mobile phone spy app or tracker on the target’s phone. We recommend installing uMobix. uMobix takes less than 5 minutes to install and runs in stealth mode.

Once installed, it secretly records all of the target phone activity, including texts, calls, GPS location, and chats. You then can access all of this data remotely by signing into your uMobix account from your device.

If you are serious about reading someone else’s messages, install uMobix now! This cell phone monitoring app is ultra-reliable, easy to use, and runs in hidden mode. The target will have zero clue that you are watching their every step! 5 Ways To Read Texts Free Without Installing on Target Phone!

Description: Is your partner really texting a coworker? Is your child’s new friend actually a classmate? Use our methods and instantly read texts on the target phone!

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