How to Track Someone on Telegram

Telegram has become among the most popular instant messaging apps in the market, but with this popularity comes a lot of danger. Whether you’re concerned that your partner has been talking to someone else via Telegram or that your children might be consuming inappropriate content, it’s essential that you can track them on Telegram.

However, is there a reliable way to view someone’s Telegram activity? After extensive research and testing, we’ve listed five of the best Telegram tracking app options that allow you to read Telegram messages, monitor all media files exchanged, and see who your partner might be talking to secretly. We take you through each of them in detail and tell you about their features, pros and cons.


mSpy control panel to track someone's Telegram account

The first and possibly the best app on the market that you can use to track Telegram is mSpy. This is among the most reliable spy apps on the market and works with Android and iOS devices. Once the app is installed, it’s also virtually undetectable on the target phone, so the user will never know their messages are being tracked.

You’ll receive a list of all their chats after you access the Telegram section on the app’s control panel. Each chat is presented in an easy-to-read conversation view, and the app also shows you the date and timestamp of each message, along with the name of the contact they’re chatting with. Further, you can also see a list of all their Telegram contacts and any media files exchanged in the chats.


Other than monitoring their Telegram activity, mSpy also offers a whole host of other features that include the following:

  • Tracking all incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Monitoring text messages and other major social media apps
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing
  • Tracking all keystrokes entered on the device and specific keywords
  • Web browser history monitoring
  • Monitoring WiFi networks and more


  • Offers plenty of features
  • Allows for remote installation on iOS devices
  • Easy to install and use
  • It’s virtually undetectable in Stealth Mode
  • Root or jailbreak isn’t required
  • Accurate keylogging feature
  • Offers a 7-day free trial


  • Only one device per account
  • Android installation requires physical access

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Track someone's Telegram activity with Eyezy

eyeZy is another app that you can use to monitor someone on Telegram and track all their messages. Like mSpy, this Telegram spy tool is compatible with all Android and iOS devices and is virtually undetectable in Stealth Mode once installed on the target device. Once you purchase a subscription and login, you can track the target person without the user knowing.

Once you select the Telegram option under eyeZy’s Social Spotlight, you will be shown a list of all the chats on the target phone. eyeZy will show you each message, the contact’s name, the date and timestamp for each message, and any media files shared in the chat. Moreover, each chat is also presented in a conversation view, making it easy to read someone’s Telegram.


eyeZy also offers a host of other notable features, which include:

  • Monitoring all major social media apps
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing phone calls and text messages
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing
  • Web browser history monitoring
  • Tracking keystrokes entered on the device
  • Remotely recording the screen of the target device and more


  • Monitors all major social media apps
  • iOS installation doesn’t require physical access
  • Virtually undetectable once installed
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Shows Telegram chats in a conversation view


  • No remote installation for Android devices
  • No free trial

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SpyBubble app

Another feature-packed phone monitoring app that you can use to monitor Telegram channels is SpyBubble. Like the two mentioned above, it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and is virtually undetectable once installed. The method to install it on an iOS device is fully remote, whereas Android installation requires physical access to the target person’s phone.

Once you access the app’s control pane, navigate to the Telegram section and start monitoring using this Telegram tracker. One major difference with this app is that it doesn’t show the messages in a conversation view but instead in a list. However, you can view the dates and timestamps for each message, the contact’s name, their list of contacts on Telegram, and all images, audio, and video files shared.


Besides monitoring someone’s Telegram activity, you can also use this app to monitor various other parts and apps on the target smartphone. These features include:

  • Monitoring calls and text messages
  • Monitoring all social media apps, including full control over Instagram and Facebook on iOS
  • Full access to the user’s app activity
  • Monitoring web browser history
  • Location tracking in real-time
  • Monitoring YouTube on Android and more


  • Relatively affordable subscription plans
  • Virtually undetectable
  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Offers advanced features on iOS devices
  • Shows app usage in real-time


  • Some advanced features are not available on Android
  • No free trial
  • No geofencing

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Monitoring Telegram via uMobix

The next app that you can use to track Telegram messages is uMobix. Like SpyBubble, it offers many advanced features that make it an extremely good option for tracking smartphone users. This tool is compatible with Android and iOS devices and pretty much undetectable once installed.

After logging into the uMobix dashboard, you can access the target’s Telegram chats, contacts, and more. While all this data is presented in a list rather than a conversation view, you get details like the date and timestamps, the contacts’ names, any media files exchanged, and the target’s contact list.


Other than tracking Telegram, you can also use this tool to monitor other apps on the phone, including:

  • All phone logs and incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Web browsing history monitoring
  • Monitoring the real-time location of the device
  • Tracking all keystrokes entered on the device
  • Monitoring all social media chats of the person, and so on


  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to install
  • Quick data syncing
  • Virtually undetectable on the target smartphone
  • Full access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS devices
  • Accurate location tracking


  • Doesn’t offer geofencing
  • No free trial

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How to Track Telegram Messages with a Keylogger

Installing a keylogger is a highly effective way to track someone on Telegram. A keylogger is a piece of software that records every single keystroke your target makes on their phone.

For example, when they open Telegram and enter their email and password, your keylogger will record this information, instantly giving you access to their account. Popular keyloggers include:

  • uMobix — uMobix has a built-in keylogger, so you can easily find your kid’s Telegram password!
  • mSpy — mSpy is a comprehensive spyware solution that can remotely record calls and messages and comes loaded with a keylogger, making cracking passwords effortless!
  • SpyBubble — SpyBubble has one of the most reliable keyloggers on the market that works on all devices and can help you break into Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

While keyloggers are effective at revealing passwords, they have two major downsides. Many Telegram users stay logged into their accounts and never enter their passwords. Keyloggers can only discover passwords if the target actively enters the password. 

The other downside to using keyloggers is that once you log into the target’s account, they will be alerted that an unknown device and IP address have accessed them. This only gives you a few hours at most to check out their messages before they block your access!

Social Engineering

Social engineering refers to using human interactions to extract information from a person, generally for some malicious financial gain. A basic way to use social engineering to track someone on Telegram is to send them a tracking link disguised as an important message from their bank or mobile network provider.

Remember that this method requires a lot of work in advance, including creating a potential website that fully resembles their bank’s website, a login page that requires the target to enter their credentials, and so on.

Essentially, the whole operation will crumble if the target suspects some wrongdoing, thereby making it essential that all these aspects look as genuine as possible. Once the target logs in using their credentials or even clicks on the link, it can then be used to track their GPS location on a map via Telegram.

How Can I Read Telegram Messages Without the Other Person Knowing?

You can secretly read people’s Telegram messages by installing spyware on someone’s device. The best spyware is uMobix which can record all Telegram activity.

Is Telegram Safe?

Telegram is relatively safe as it does offer end-to-end encryption for secret chats, and Telegram has stated it will only reveal IP addresses and phone numbers if forced to by governments. However, there are some security concerns, and the platform has been used to spread spyware.

Can Telegram Messages Be Traced?

Telegram’s secret chats are fully encrypted and not stored on Telegram’s servers, making them very hard to trace. However, if a user’s device has been infected by spyware, Telegram messages can be revealed.

Can the Government Track Telegram?

The government can only track group Telegram and standard private chats as these are stored on Telegram’s servers. Secret chats feature end-to-end encryption and can not be tracked. However, secret chats can be read if the government has installed spyware on your device.


As you have seen, there are various ways in which you can track someone’s Telegram. The best way to do this, which doesn’t require much technical knowledge, is to use a spy app to track someone’s Telegram activity. Our top recommendation among these would be mSpy. It offers an intuitive interface, plenty of information, and, most importantly, shows all Telegram chats in a conversation view.

Besides using spy apps, you will find plenty of third-party tools online that claim to be able to track Telegram, but most of these are scams and can be dangerous. The tools mentioned in this guide are tried and tested and are the most reliable ones you’ll find.

Besides monitoring Telegram conversations, this guide also showed you how to get someone’s IP address via Telegram. While there are two ways to do this, they require some technical knowledge. However, always remember that monitoring someone without their consent is illegal. You must check your local laws before trying something like this.

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