how to catch someone cheating on facebook

5 Succesful Ways to Catch Someone Cheating on Facebook

I believe in one mantra; if you catch yourself harboring feelings that your partner might be cheating on you through Facebook, they probably are — always trust your gut.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about the number of online people hitting on your lover. You see it happening but can’t do anything because this is technology; it allows people to have private lives even when living in their own homes and eating their food.

All they need is an internet connection, a computer, or even an Android device to log into their Facebook accounts and start double-dealing you right before your nose.

But being cheated on is such a bad feeling, whether it is physical or Facebook cheating. It leaves you feeling low, betrayed, and worthless. Since you do not want this bad taste in your mouth, let’s look at ways you can catch a cheating partner on Facebook. There are lots of applications that offer ways in which you can spy on your partners so that you do not end up feeling so bad after a heartbreak.

5 Best Ways to Catch Facebook Cheaters on Facebook Messenger

If you want to know whether your partner is cheating on you on Facebook, here is some online software to help you catch a cheating spouse.

How to Find Out If Someone Is Cheating on Facebook with Spyic,

Away from guesswork, mind games, and countless hours of observation, you can catch your cheating partner by using sophisticated Facebook spy apps that tell you who they are cheating with, show you all their secretive messages, and throw their passwords right into your hands.

Spyic is one fantastic iOS and Фndroid Facebook cheating app that you can use to spy on a suspected partner’s account and tell whether they are cheating on you on Facebook Messenger.  The spy app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting to determine if someone is cheating on you on Facebook.

Spyic will find and show you all the Facebook messages that your partner has sent and received. It also gives you a sneak preview of their web browser history and any media that might have been sent to them.

And since your conniving partner might take their cheating shenanigans offline by dialing their lovers, Spyic can smoke them out by showing you a detailed log of all people who called or were called by your partner through their mobile phone. And it allows you to spy on other messenger apps — WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

To cap it all, Spyic comes with a keylogger technology that enables you to discretely see all that your cheating partner is typing on their device. You will therefore be able to get your boyfriend’s email address and Facebook account password to log in seamlessly from your device whenever you need to. Not only that, but you can also monitor data in real-time, access their SMS messages and call logs, and even track their location.

Spyic Pros

  • Discrete since it does not require jailbreaking or rooting
  • It can be used on both iOs and Android devices
  • Has a keylogger that hands the partner’s passwords to you
  • It gives you a call log of all the people who talked with your partner
  • See everything on their private Facebook

Spyic Cons

  • For $39.99 per month, the Spyic app might be a tad bit expensive for the average Joe. I, however, feel that if you are hell-bent on catching someone cheating, this cost will not be inhibitive in your quest.

Try Spyic

Using an iOS/Android Recovery Tool

Cheaters are discrete people and will be sure to delete all their Facebook messages history lest you come into contact with the phone and snoop through it. But technology can save you. The iOS/Android recovery tool is free software that allows you to retrieve any deleted data, even Facebook secret conversations.

You must download the program on your PC, connect your partner’s smartphone, and run the software. It will show you all the evidence you need for a cheating partner.

Google Chrome Password Grab

Your cheating partner will never share their laptop password, let alone their Facebook password. But don’t worry; if they use Google Chrome to access Facebook, you might be lucky to nab the cheat.

  • Ask them to enter their laptop password and explain why you urgently need to use it just after it opens.
  • Go straight to Google Chrome/Settings/Passwords/Autofill. Once on the Passwords page, you can see all saved website login data.
  • Next to obscured passwords full of ‘***’, click the ‘eye’ icon and type in your extracted password.

Flirt with Them on a Fake Account

This could describe whether your partner is tired of being with you. Ask them about their marital status and ensure you are friendly and flirty while asking all these and seeing their responses. Ask them for invites and whether they want a rendezvous with strangers.

Install a Remote Phone Microphone

Seasoned cheaters are so discrete that rather than send flirty messages to the people they are having an affair with, they will agree to call each other messenger so that no evidence is left. A remote microphone installed into a partner’s phone would be your best bet in catching them. The microphone will record the entire conversation, which you can later retrieve.

Have You Learned How to Catch Someone Cheating on Facebook?

We have pointed out that observing your partner’s behavior will tell you whether they could be cheating on Facebook Messenger. Facebook cheaters will spend lots of time clandestinely chatting and not want you to find out who they are having those secret conversations with. They might block or ignore your

Facebook friend requests, change the way they behave online and ignore all your attempts to converse with them.

The surefire way to catch cheating on Facebook Messenger is installing a spy app that will report on all the activities your partner is engaging in, show you their secret conversations, and snoop into their Facebook passwords.

7 Psychological Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating on Facebook Messenger

Before we look at the best app to help you catch a partner cheating on Facebook, mere observation could do the trick. Good old psychology can pinpoint the telltale signs, which can help you catch someone cheating on Facebook.

Your Partner Is Possessive with Facebook Conversations

If your cheating spouse suddenly gets possessive with their phones making secretive Facebook conversations, and when you raise issues on this newfound preoccupation, they suddenly get edgy defending themselves, something is wrong.

Sometimes you may crack a joke, and they never seem as entertained as before but are engrossed in their phones. You seriously need to smell a rat. Try to find out why they spend too much time on their phone and are not engaging with you.

You may observe them as they use their phones, and sometimes they tend to look excited as they chat, but when you ask what the matter is, they get shocked about their mood and nonchalantly start acting normal, knowing that something terrible is cooking.

One Facebook Friend Seems to Take the Lion Share of Notifications and Messages

If you find out that your Facebook cheating spouse seems always to be tagged on posts by one particular person, and has so many notifications and messages from that one person, you need to unearth why this particular person seems to be the center of attraction for your partner. Are they having more than a Facebook friendship?

They Change Their Posting Styles

Your partner used to post the both of you on Facebook, happily clinging onto each other in a lovely bliss but suddenly their way of posting changes; they do not have a good reason. Most probably, your goose is cooked.

They might be the shy type of Facebook users who rarely post their own pictures, and then boom, they suddenly become photogenic and want the whole world to know how cute their red lips are or how brilliant their smiles can be, then something might be wrong. Something must be prompting them to spend so much time posting their pictures online.

They Create Multiple Accounts

Your partner may have created other accounts that give a different definition of themselves which never shows or gives a clue that they are in a relationship. There you have it; another of those classic cheating signs that you do not need a wizard to spell out to you. When you ask them to delete some of these accounts created earlier, which they claim they no longer use but are reluctant, something might be wrong. They may be using these extra accounts for cheating.

You Are Blocked from Viewing Their Accounts Fully

Ask a friend to assist you with their Android phone and try accessing your partner’s Facebook timeline to see whether the view will be the same as what you see from your own account. If you notice that there are some posts present that you never see on your account, then this is a sure sign that they have blocked you or restricted you and that something sinister could be happening.

Ignores Your Friend Requests or Chats

Let’s say you just joined Facebook, so go ahead and send a friend request to your Facebook active partner. However, if they ignore it for months or even block you, this is a telltale signal that things went down south long ago. Sometimes you may send them Facebook messenger texts, but you do not get any responses, yet other people promptly get their replies; the partner is rude.

Check Out Their Current Behaviors

Psychology states that cheating partners will have different characteristics from how they behaved before cheating. A couple that has lived together for a long will quickly realize these cheating signs. Some of the changes that happen include; being physically distant from your significant other, being mean, absent-minded when you are having a conversation, not so excited about having sex with you, or no longer finding humor in your jokes.

Surprisingly, this same spouse is having interesting conversations with someone else on Facebook and enjoying it so much.


In conclusion, uncovering potential infidelity on Facebook demands a delicate balance of prudence and respect within any relationship. While suspicion may arise, it is essential to approach the situation with mindfulness, open communication, and a commitment to seeking the truth.

The five strategies outlined in this article provide valuable insights into detecting potential signs of cheating, from scrutinizing activity patterns to considering digital behaviors. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that jumping to conclusions prematurely can harm relationships and lead to misunderstandings.

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