how to deal with a lying husband

How to Deal with a Lying Husband

Have you ever asked, “Is my husband lying?” Infidelity is real, and it could probably be happening in your relationship. You have to be informed about such issues because cheating often leads to negative outcomes. However, the ability to determine whether you are dealing with a lying husband isn’t easy. 

Such people often go to great lengths to ensure they never get caught. Fortunately, this guide gives you advice on how to deal with a lying husband:

How Can You Tell If Your Husband Is Lying

There are various ways through which you can tell if your husband is lying, including:

Unusual Sense of Discomfort

You have probably realized that people who aren’t used to lying often display a sense of nervousness or discomfort. Usually, this can manifest into various other forms of unusual behavior. A good example would be when you notice unusual eye movements.

Psychological studies have shown that liars do not often want to maintain eye contact. The threat of realizing their infidelity often leads to stress in the body, resulting in discomfort. That is why there is a risk your husband will avoid looking at you directly when asked about such escapades.

However, remember there is more for you to address than just the eyes.

Body Movement

Hand and body movement can be excellent signs of a dishonest husband. A recent report showed that an incongruency in one’s natural hand and body movement indicates discomfort. A good example would be when your husband gestures excessively when addressing infidelity questions.

Here are a few good examples of unusual hand and body movements:

  • Moving back and forth when talking.
  • Shuffling of the feet.
  • Increased body movements and incongruent positioning.

Failing to Provide Concise Details

Your husband is probably lying when they suddenly start giving inconsistent or vague details about aspects such as their whereabouts. Usually, they do this when they don’t want to dodge any questions relating to a specific event. There are various lies cheating husbands tell.

You might notice your husband fails to provide consistent or helpful information when you ask such questions. They might even leave out a few details to confuse you or get you to stop being inquisitive. 

The lies might also extend to useless things or events in both of your lives. It occurs because the individual’s behavior has probably become a full-time habit.

Sudden Changes in Behaviour

Infidelity in relationships is an unexpected event, and it’s good to be as sharp as a hawk in detecting such behavior. Part of this process is being keen on any sudden changes in your husband’s behavior. 

Usually, the behavior change includes a form of deviance such as returning home from work late or even aloofness. Once you notice any of these signs, move on to the measures you can use to detect a lying husband.

How to Catch a Dishonest Husband 

how to deal with a lying husband

Here are some helpful suggestions for how to catch a dishonest husband:

Access their Messaging Apps 

You have to find a way of accessing your husband’s messages, especially if they tend to have them locked with a password. You may need social engineering and persuasion skills for this approach to work. It’s one of the best solutions for what to do when your husband lies to you all the time.

Once you access the device, try to find any messaging apps. It can be on social media or through traditional phone carrier applications. Consider also checking through applications such as WhatsApp, or Skype, which are synonymous with modern communications. This way of spying on your partner can give you a lot of answers to your concerns,

Use Software to Catch Him in the Act

Spy apps have gone from being a fad to an essential resource for detecting various forms of deviant behavior. While mSpy is primarily a parental application, it still works well for other forms of spying. The spy works well to spy on your partner’s phone at any time of day.

The steps in using mSpy to detect a lying husband will include:

  1. Visit the mSpy website on your device.
  2. Create a user profile.
  3. Download the application to your husband’s Android device. If it’s an iOS device, access the iCloud account.
  4. Next, input your user details into the Android app. For the iOS version, integrate the iCloud into the account.
  5. Choose the stealth mode setting on the application, and wait for it to send periodic data updates.

If you’re ever suspicious that he might be lying, but can’t say for sure, then this is probably the most effective way of finding out. Once you confront him, if he tries to lie again, you’ll have proof. However, double-check whether there are any legal restrictions in your country in regards to using such software,

Keep an Eye on Their Body Language or Behavior

So, what other measure can you use for how to deal with a lying cheating husband? While this doesn’t mean that you should stalk your husband, you have to be keen on their everyday schedule. It’s a reliable method for dealing with a cheater

Since you probably handle your husband’s obligations, such as laundry, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to be investigative.

Be on the lookout for receipts, credit card reports, or anything that might seem out of place. However, proceed stealthily with this approach to avoid raising any red flags. A lying husband will eventually leave a piece of evidence that you can use to verify your claim.

What To Do When Your Husband Lies to You All the Time

Now, here comes the intervention part. Lying is a bad form of social behavior, and there are techniques you can use to solve the problem, including:

Consult a Marriage Counsellor

Persistent lying is a sign of a bad habit, which probably requires intervention from a secondary party. The best solution would be to consult a marriage counselor. Such a professional has the experience and training to help you navigate through such challenging times.

While a marriage counselor seems over the top, it’s an excellent way for you to get a better perspective of the issue. It will also allow you to hold your husband accountable and make them aware of their tendencies.

The lying might probably be rampant, which makes it a subconscious behavioral process. A good marriage counselor will help you identify the issue and a suitable intervention method.

Speak with Your Husband

You also have to consult with your husband to make them aware of the challenges associated with lying. Lying can break marriages, and it’s good for you to address the issue through an informed approach.

Before speaking to your husband, create a plan. You can get a good plan from a marriage counselor or anyone who has ever faced the same issues in the past. Social media platforms and informational blogs can also give helpful suggestions for your ability to consult your husband.

Enlist the Help of a Close Family Member

A close family member such as your husband’s parents or siblings can be beneficial in addressing the lying issues. Such family members often have a considerable influence on your husband’s decision-making ability.

Avoid enlisting family members or friends because you risk making a poor impression on your husband. Instead, show them respect by quietly calling for a meeting between you and the family member.

Before you meet, plan on what you will speak about and the way to respond to your husband’s behavior. Doing this will ensure you are ready for any possible outcomes from the discussions.

So, What’s My Best Bet to Catch Him Lying?

You need solid evidence when backing the lying claim against your husband. Instead of overreacting based on first impressions, research further. If the lying is excessive, you might even consider the services of a private detective.

However, remember that most detectives are expensive, and you will have to break the bank for their help. Or, you might also consider using the spy app we recommended earlier as part of the investigation process.

The key to success with spy apps is to gain physical access to the device and ensure the app runs in stealth mode. Through such apps, you will receive a constant stream of data uploads on different content types. These can include texts, call logs, location data, and more.

Dating a lying spouse is unacceptable because it fosters mistrust and can lead to adverse relationship outcomes. You have to identify this issue early enough and nip it in the bud so you can save your marriage.

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