How to Read My Wife's Text Messages from My Phone

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages from My Phone

Suspecting that your wife is cheating on you can be a devastating thought. So many thoughts rush through one’s mind, including whether or not you should find a way to read her text messages without her knowing. While you might want to brush it under the carpet, it’s always best to know the truth sooner rather than later.

So, if you’re wondering how to read my wife’s text messages from my phone, the best way is using a spy app. While there are several options in the market and online, not all of them are safe or reliable, especially if you find them through unknown sources or if they claim to be free.

This guide will take you through five of the best spy apps to read all your wife’s text messages from your phone.

🥇 mSpyOur top choice. Offers plenty of features. Monitors text messages in Stealth Mode. Compatible with Android and iOS. 7-day free trial.
🥈 eyeZyOur second choice. Easy to use and install. Android and iOS-compatible. 100% invisible on the target device. Monitors all social media apps. 
🥉SpyBubbleOur third choice. Offers various advanced features. 100% undetectable. Android and iOS-compatible. Quick data syncing. 


A spy application such as mSpy is your all-in-one solution to the sleepless nights you spend doubting your wife’s privacy. Spy apps may sound as if they’re not secure and suspicious, but your experience with the mSpy app will suffice to change your opinion.

read spouses messages

The best part about mSpy is that it shows you all the text messages in a conversation view, making them easy to read. It also shows you the name or phone number of the contact, the date and time each message was sent or received, and any media files that have been shared on the mSpy dashboard.

Using this app, which also got into our list of the best free remote message tracking app, you can ensure they aren’t hiding anything from you. 


Besides reading your wife’s text messages, mSpy also offers advanced features with which you can monitor other apps on her phone. These include:

  • Browsing history monitoring
  • Monitoring media files like images and videos
  • Monitoring social app messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Tracking keystrokes and specific keywords typed into the device using the keylogger.
  • GPS location tracking and geofencing
  • WiFi monitoring

How to Install mSpy?

To see your wife’s text messages for free without her knowing, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create an account to spy on your wife’s Android phone. This will hardly take a minute.

mspy account creation

Step 2: Proceed with the payment.

mspy packages with prices

Most smartphone users are unaware of this feature, so the app stays safe on your wife’s phone.

Step 3: Connect your wife’s phone to your phone to spy on the target phone. Once you have connected the two phones, you’ll start getting detailed insights into all her messages and other data.

mspy login

Pros & Cons

  • Offers plenty of features
  • iOS installation doesn’t require physical access
  • Comes with Stealth Mode for invisible monitoring
  • Easy to install
  • The mSpy dashboard is very intuitive
  • Offers a 7-day free trial to access text messages for free
  • Not easy to filter through the recorded data
  • Advanced features require rooting

Try mSpy


The second app on this list that you can use to see who your wife is texting is eyeZy. Like mSpy, eyeZy is compatible with Android and iOS devices and completely undetectable once installed.

Installing it on Android phones requires accessing the target phone physically, while iOS installation only requires the target’s iCloud account details.

View text messages using Eyezy


eyeZy does a fantastic job of monitoring text messages. It presents all chats in a conversation view, along with the name and phone number of each contact. It also shows you the date and timestamp for each text message sent or received.

Other than monitoring your spouse’s text messages, you can also use eyeZy for:

  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls
  • Monitoring saved photos and videos
  • View social app messages from Telegram, Instagram, Messenger, and Tinder
  • Monitoring her web browsing history
  • Remotely recording her screen using the screen recording feature
  • Tracking GPS locations and WiFi networks

Pros & Cons

  • The app is virtually undetectable
  • Shows messages in a conversation view
  • Monitors all major social media apps
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to install
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Advance features cannot be run non root

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The third app on this list is SpyBubble. Just like the others, it can be used on an Android device or an iOS device and is completely invisible in Stealth Mode.

Installing this app on an Android device will require physical access once, but iOS devices only require the credentials to the target’s iCloud account.

Monitor your wife texting using SpyBubble


Once you install and set up SpyBubble, the app will show you all the text messages and other data. The messages are presented in a list view, along with the contact’s name and the date and timestamp for each message.

You also get the option to open each chat to read all the messages in it.

The other features that this app offers are:

  • Monitoring the target’s call logs and address book
  • Tracking GPS locations and location history
  • Monitoring social media accounts such as Tinder, Telegram, and Instagram
  • Monitoring your wife’s browsing history and bookmarks
  • Tracking her YouTube history using the YouTube Scanner
  • Full access to Facebook and Instagram on iOS devices

Pros & Cons

  • The app is relatively affordable
  • It also shows you deleted messages
  • Easy to install and use
  • Discreetly monitors your wife’s texts in Stealth Mode
  • Offers advanced features for iOS devices
  • Certain features are exclusive to iOS
  • Doesn’t offer geofencing

Try SpyBubble


Another app you can use to catch your wife texting someone she shouldn’t is uMobix. This is one of the most reliable apps in the market and can read text messages while being completely invisible on the target device.

Read wife's messages from my phone with uMobix


When you use this app to read your cheating wife’s text messages, it shows you each message with its respective date, timestamp, and contact name or phone number.

It also gives you access to all your wife’s text messages that she may have deleted. The only downside is that this app shows you your wife’s text messages in a list view rather than a conversation view.

The other key features that uMobix offers on its control panel include the following:

  • Monitoring call logs and the address book on the target device
  • Monitoring browsing history
  • Tracking GPS locations and the target’s location history
  • Monitoring app activity
  • Monitoring sent and received messages and media on social media apps

Pros & Cons

  • Relatively affordable to purchase
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Fast data syncing
  • Shows app usage in real-time
  • Doesn’t offer geofencing
  • iCloud account details are required for iOS installation

Try uMobix


The last app on this list is Hoverwatch. This unique app relies heavily on screenshots to capture information from the target device. The app works on Android, Windows, and macOS devices, thus offering a wide footprint across various platforms.

As with all the other apps, Hoverwatch also requires an active internet connection to sync the messages to the dashboard.

Hoverwatch dashboard showing how to read text messages for free


When monitoring text messages from my phone, the app shows the list of messages, along with the dates and timestamps, and the name of the contact or their phone number. The app also shows whether the text messages were captured with or without screenshots.

Some of the other key features of this app include:

  • Screenshots of all your wife’s activities on her phone
  • Voice recorder
  • Remote access to the device’s camera
  • Monitoring social media apps to see who the wife is texting
  • Tracking internet history and bookmarks
  • Tracking GPS locations in real-time

Pros & Cons

  • Read all her messages discreetly
  • Easy to install and use
  • High data upload frequency
  • Captures plenty of screenshots of wife’s text messages and other activity
  • Offers clear call recordings
  • Offers clear call recordings
  • Doesn’t come with geofencing

Try Hoverwatch

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Phone

If your wife uses an iPhone, then you don’t need to get access to the mobile phone to spy on her. You can use her iCloud credentials and just your web browser to start spying.

mSpy for iPhone, among other SMS trackers, is a super simple and effective way to read messages without installing software directly on the target phone.

Here’s how you can spy on someone’s text messages without them knowing:

Step 1: Buy a subscription plan from mSpy™ for iMessage. Complete the order form, verify the email, and make your payment.

Step 2: Get the Apple ID of your chosen iPhone, run the mSpy app on your device, and enter credentials.

Step 3: Once you’ve built the account and entered the credentials, get spying on your wife’s phone without any jailbreak at all

Do note that you need your wife’s iCloud credentials to use this method. You cannot rely on your credentials.

How to Sync Messages With iCloud

All the data of an iPhone is stored on iCloud. If you know your wife’s iCloud credentials, spying gets much easier.

If you still think how I can check my wife’s text messages without her phone and for free, here’s how:

Step 1: Tap the Apple ID icon on your wife’s iPhone.

Step 2: Switch on the iMessage sync so that all the message log is synced with the iCloud ID.

Step 3: Open your wife’s iCloud ID on another device. Depending on the number of messages, this may take some time to load. Once the entire message log is synced, you can easily track the message activity for free.

The great thing about iCloud is that it’s free, and you don’t need to download any spy app. You also won’t need to check the phone once you’ve set it up physically.

However, the syncing of messages can sometimes be delayed. Again, if your wife finds out that syncing is on, she can turn it off.

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages for Free

If you’re baffled by the tricky passwords on your wife’s phone, you may need extra help.

Social engineering means convincing people to reveal their sensitive credentials, provided the inquirer is skilled enough.

You can hire a professional caller or do the job yourself. Either way, you should be able to track your wife by providing the passwords to her phone, email, or any other account.

Here’s how you can use the social engineering method to access your wife’s phone:

  1. Call your wife using voice phishing, or hire someone else to call her.
  2. Pretend to be an IT security person or someone from a government department with a reason to need your wife’s credentials, such as protecting her from an attack on her account.
  3. Ask your wife for her credentials, such as iCloud or email.
  4. You can then use these credentials to spy on her.

Some of the most popular passwords people use are numbers such as: 12345678, words/phrases like iloveyou, password, qwerty, and princess.

Social engineering is an effective way of checking what your wife is up to without her knowing. However, it’s a tricky move because your wife may be able to pick up that it’s you calling at any point.


With cheating being so common these days, it’s become essential that spouses know the best ways to access someone’s phone to access their texts. This guide has listed five of the most reliable spy apps that you can use to see who your wife is texting and get her messages on your phone.

Among these, mSpy is the best-known and offers an extremely intuitive user interface. SpyBubble, however, goes a step further by giving you access to any messages she may have deleted as well.

Always beware of suspicious apps online, as these could often be scams or used to steal your data. Further, you must remember that spying on someone’s phone without their consent is illegal, and we’d recommend you check your local laws before doing so.

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages From My Phone?

The best way to read your wife’s texts from your phone is to use spy apps like mSpy or eyeZy. These apps work on both Android and iOS smartphones and are completely undetectable. You can also use them to monitor all the other activities on the target device.

Can I Get a Copy of My Spouse’s Text Messages?

If you’re wondering how I can read my wife’s messages from my phone, the best way to get a copy is by using mSpy. The app needs an internet connection and shows you all her text messages without her knowing. The app is 100% undetectable and shows the texts in a conversation view.

How Can I Retrieve Deleted Text Messages From My Wife’s Phone?

If you want to access deleted text messages, the best app to use is SpyBubble. It’s completely invisible and gives you access to all her texts, including deleted messages. All you need to install it on her iPhone is to use her iCloud account username and password.

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