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10 Best Suspicious Phone Number Lookup Services

When was the last time an unusual number called your phone or spammed your device with unwanted messages? Were you worried about whether or not this could be a scam? Or perhaps it could be an attempt to steal your data or money in some way.

Sometimes, however, this could also be a number that your partner seems to be getting calls from, getting you increasingly concerned about whether or not they’re cheating on you. Regardless, suspicious numbers need to be dealt with very carefully, but the key to doing so is identifying who it belongs to.

Fortunately, this guide on the 10 best suspicious phone lookup services will give you everything you need to know about how you can find the owner of a suspicious cell phone number.

Too long to read? Here’s a summary of our top 3 spying apps for Android:

🥇 Searqle – Our top choice. Easy to use. Offers verified results from a wide variety of public databases to identify scammers. Flexible pricing plans.

🥈 Spokeo – Second on our list. High-quality user interface. Accurate and verified results. Offers a free trial. The database is regularly updated to provide the latest information.

🥉 Instant Checkmate – Our third choice. Contains billions of records. Can perform comprehensive background checks. User-friendly interface.

So, let’s check the most important features of these apps:

  • Well recognized phone app with its debut in 2003.
  • Comprehensive phone records data.
  • Can search for records outside of the U.S.A
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • 10 years of experience in the phone search industry.
Instant Checkmate
  • Flexible subscription packages.
  • Transparent financing option.
  • Technical support staff available.
  • Thorough background searches and lookups.
  • Intuitive user interface and design.
  • Access to millions of verified records.
  • Whitepages started in 1997. 
  • Reliable customer support team.
  • Dark web scanning and monitoring features.
  • Comprehensive web and background searches.
  • Expansive data on U.S.A residents and well-aggregated data.
  • Transparent financing options.
  • Available in the form of a phone application.
  • Simple to use interface and features.
  • Seeks information from reputable sources and databases.
  • Technical staff members are available for fast responses.


  • High-quality user experience and features.
  • Affordable pricing packages and satisfaction guarantees.


Searqle provides a reverse address lookup service for locating property owners and gathering comprehensive address history. The tool offers details such as property owner’s information, neighborhood details, and property history. It assists in various tasks including locating friends or relatives, identifying unknown callers to avoid potential scams, and reuniting with lost contacts.

Searqle aids in running background checks on individuals, providing information like phone numbers, addresses, emails, and even any criminal records they may have. It helps users gain insights into their neighborhoods by checking if future neighbors have any criminal records associated with their addresses.

Searqle aggregates data from public records to provide users with comprehensive reports. Testimonials highlight the tool’s effectiveness in conducting background checks, identifying scam emails, finding lost contacts, and dealing with threatening texts. Searqle’s search functionalities cover various criteria such as name, phone number, email, and address, providing flexibility for users.

Searqle Features

  • Reconnect with lost contacts or identify unknown callers effortlessly
  • Gain access to a vast database of 1.3 billion records
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Receive instant responses to your queries
  • Rest assured with 100% search security

Searqle Pricing

Some functions are free. But to unlock the full profile you must pay. Pricing plans begin at $24.9 per month, with the option for a three-day trial at just $1.


No need for smartphone installation
Unveil information in three simple steps
Receive results within seconds
Secured by CLOUDFLARE protection


  • The free trial is currently unavailable

Try Searqle


Spokeo - best suspicious phone lookup

Spokeo ranks high among some of the most popular free reverse phone lookups. It provides access to billions of updated records that are verified. The tool was launched by four Stanford graduates as a social network.

Two years later, the platform evolved into a search engine with paid services. The people search function started in 2010. Aside from phone number lookups, Spokeo also lets you search through names, phone numbers, and addresses. It can also give you information about the social media accounts linked to cell phone numbers.

Accessing a detailed report is a simple process through the paid plan. There is a free version of this phone lookup service, but it’s not as comprehensive as the paid version. It’s also available with an excellent geo-grouping algorithm, which you can use to categorize search results according to locations.


  • Industry-leading free reverse phone lookup
  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • The 3-month package is highly affordable


  • Slow customer support responses


Monthly$13.95 for a month
3-month interval$4.95 per month for half a year.

Try Spokeo

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Since its debut in 2010, Instant Checkmate has accumulated an expansive data store that contains billions of verified records. This is another reliable reverse cell phone lookup that you can use to find the owner of an unknown number.

Instant Checkmate offers a comprehensive background check you can use to find lost friends, and business associates, and conduct essential background searches. You can use it to access an individual’s background information through a simple e-mail reverse lookup process in only a few minutes. It relies on government records to do so, so you always receive accurate information.

The site is highly professional and has received an A+ rating from the San Diego Better Business Bureau in the past. The search process by Instant Checkmate will reveal details such as names, addresses, free email lookup, locations, and various others.


  • The service has been collecting data for over 10 years
  • It’s a platform with approval and licensing to collect data
  • User interface is simple to use


  • The service might sometimes take up to 30 seconds to bring search data
  • This isn’t a free reverse phone lookup


Package NamePricing
1-month membership$22.86
3-month membership$14.86
6-month membership$9.86

Try Instant Checkmate


Find suspicious phone numbers with CocoFinder

Cocofinder is another fantastic reverse phone lookup that lets you check suspicious phone numbers and perform various other data search procedures. The company runs under the firm Shenzen Duiyun Technology, famous for its digital products and solutions.

The platform offers the ability to search through e-mail lookups and various other details. These include phone numbers, birthdays, and addresses, among others. While it’s not available in the form of an app, it functions well on most web browsers and allows you to check who a number belongs to.

This reverse phone lookup service offers a free report that can give you basic information about an unknown caller, but unlimited access to information will require a paid membership. It also features a user-friendly interface.


  • The system offers extensive reports that are verified
  • Each search yields aggregated results in seconds
  • The free plan offers excellent benefits


  • N/A

Try CocoFinder


Whitpages reverse phone lookup

The next reverse phone lookup service on this list is Whitepages. The site has over two decades of experience providing data search details, which go through various verification procedures. It has a massive database of over 275 million phone users, giving you a wide gamut of information when needed.

As one of the most flexible background search apps, Whitepages can perform background checks, financial searches, and generate employee reports, apart from giving you details about the owners of unknown phone numbers. The platform is also FCRA-approved, thus ranking it high among the most reliable background search sites.

The phone lookup service offers a free version for users who want a single phone number report, and this will provide basic information. However, details such as someone’s employment history, criminal record, or performing unlimited searches will require a full monthly subscription.


  • Offers fast search results and customer support responses
  • Accurate and concise data on the people listed on its database


  • It’s only available for U.S. citizens


Package NamePricing
Whitepages annual subscription$29.99
Contact bundle$7.99
Background report$9.99

Try Whitepages


Truthfinder reverse phone lookup tool

TruthFinder has affiliations with U.S Search and Instant Checkmate. However, the platform functions uniquely and works very well when it comes to identifying phone scams and unknown callers. It performs accurate reverse phone lookups, so you get verified information about any suspicious cell phone number calling you.

Apart from finding out the owner of an unknown number, you can also use it to find addresses, social media accounts, criminal records, and much more. The tool relies on a massive pool of public records such as property records, court records, and much more to give you verified information about calls from unknown mobile phones.


  • Transparent information and pricing information
  • Highly responsive and reliable customer support
  • Offers access to verified information via public records


  • The app should provide downloadable reports


Montly membership$28.99 per month.
Two month membership$23.99

Try TruthFinder


BeenVerified reverse phone number lookup service

Have you ever gotten a call from a suspicious number and wondered, “Is this number safe?” Well, BeenVerified might be the solution to your question. BeenVerified enjoys over 7,000,000 website visits each day – which makes it a very popular reverse phone lookup service. You can use it to get all the information you need from a suspicious number even if you just get a missed call.

Aside from a free reverse phone number lookup, you can also use this website to perform an address lookup and find someone’s home address, criminal history, job history, and much more. Further, you can also use it to perform a username search to get someone’s social media handles.

However, the app doesn’t offer a free trial, so performing unlimited reverse phone lookups will require you to pay for a subscription.


  • Premium spam calls lookup features and functions
  • Accurate and well-organized search report information


  • None of the app’s features are free


Three months$17.48

Try BeenVerified


InfoTracer phone number search interface

InforTracer has done well to go the whole nine yards, making it one of the best reverse phone number lookup tools available today. You can easily use it to check who owns a suspicious cell phone number if you’ve been getting several such phone calls. This works equally well with landline numbers and cell phones.

Other than performing a phone number search, InfoTracer can also be used to search for names, emails, usernames, addresses, license plates, and IP addresses. A simple search will give you all the relevant information you need. Additionally, the tool goes one step further and also offers a Facial Recognition Search feature.

The database contains information from various platforms, including state, federal, and municipal records. Currently, the site has aggregated and verified over two billion records of people worldwide.


  • Support a facial recognition search
  • The app can perform targeted lookup procedures


  • N/A


One-time fee for reports $19.95
Recurring fees $19.95
7-day trial $3.95

Try InfoTracer


RecordsFinder free phone lookup

RecordsFinder is the next tool on this list and is a fantastic free reverse phone number lookup website. It can easily be used to find out who owns a suspicious number associated with a mobile device. Further, you can also use it to search for someone by their name, email address, home address, user ID, VIN, and even license plate.

It can also be used to perform background checks or be used to get in touch with a family number.

It also enables clients to access verified and well-organized information. So, if you are still asking, “Is this number spam?” Well, RecordsFinder has helpful information in store for you to evaluate.


  • It comes with an affordable monthly pricing plan
  • The service menus and interfaces are easy to access


  • It takes some time for you to integrate your payment options


Free trial (limited)Free 
One-time report $12.95
Monthly reports$12.95

Try RecordsFinder


TrueCaller free phone lookup

The last tool on this list isn’t exactly like the reverse phone lookup services mentioned above but is still extremely effective in warning you about a suspicious call before you even answer it. The tool is available in the form of an Android and iOS app that shows you the caller ID before you even answer the call.

It also acts like a search engine of sorts, as you can enter a suspicious number and see who it belongs to. It can be used to identify robocalls, insurance scams, telemarketers, and much more. If a scammer doesn’t come flagged, the app also gives you the option to do so, alerting others who may be the next victim.


  • Comes with an Android and iOS app
  • Identifies a scam call before you answer it
  • Functions almost like a reverse phone lookup


  • Can occasionally slip up when identifying scammers

Try TrueCaller

How to Identify a Phone Scam?

Phone scams and calls from suspicious numbers are ever so common today. The sole reason behind these is to make money in dubious ways, and it’s up to each individual to be able to identify a scam and hang up. If you’re wondering whose phone number is this, there are various ways you can use to determine if a Phone Number is a Spam. There are several things to keep in mind when you get a call and need to do a simple scam phone number check.

  • Genuine representatives of organizations or the government will never threaten to have you arrested or disable your credit card, for instance. They also won’t ask for any payments via a phone call. Anyone who does either is quite simply a scammer.
  • No genuine organization will ever ask you to confirm your bank account details on a phone call. Anyone who attempts to do so is most likely a scammer.
  • If someone asks you to make a payment for a service via dubious means, such as Bitcoin, is most likely a scammer.

How to Perform Suspicious Phone Lookup for Free?

What is the best method for how to find out if a phone number is spam? You have various options for performing a suspicious phone lookup for free. Here is a quick rundown of the things to expect from each resource when you want to find someone’s name by phone number:

  • Search public scam caller databases – these are databases that aggregate user data on specific e-mails and phone numbers. Each contact comes with a spam label for ease of identification.
  • Google – Google is a search engine that tries to index any content it finds indexed on the world wide web. Try searching for the suspicious number on Google and have a look at the results it brings.
  • Social media – platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are exceptional for researching a particular number.


As you can see, it’s essential that every individual stay clear of a scammer as they can easily find ways to steal your money if you’re not careful. However, the first step to being careful is identifying a scammer, and the best way to do so is to use a reverse phone lookup tool. This guide has listed 10 reliable and safe options you can consider to get all the information about a potential scammer and report them to the authorities.

What Is the Best Way to Look Up a Suspicious Phone Number?

The best way to look up a suspicious number is to use a reverse phone lookup tool like Searqle. It boasts among the largest databases of information that can help you when performing a reverse phone search and finding a phone number owner.

How to Perform Suspicious Phone Lookup for Free?

While you can search for an unknown number on Google or social media platforms, the best solution is to use a free reverse phone lookup tool like Spokeo. You can use it to find out who owns a suspicious number and get their personal details and other information. This is the best phone lookup to find someone’s name by number.

Is There a 100% Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

Spokeo is a fantastic example of a 100% free reverse phone lookup. You can use it to find out who owns a particular phone number, get in touch with family members, find an email, address, or much more. All you need to do is enter the phone number and hit “Search Now,” and the tool will give you the information you’re looking for.

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