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Best Free Reverse Address Lookup Services

You should no longer blindly make essential decisions about your business, life partnerships, friendships, and other people. Finding information about any new person is often challenging, which can easily cloud your ability to choose the best candidate for a position.

You can learn more about a person with a reverse address lookup service, and you’ll learn more about that in this article. It’s also important to note that only a few free tools for reverse address lookup exist, and you can only do little with them. You may need to purchase a subscription to access the best reverse address lookup for services with accurate search reports, and it can be challenging to choose from many options.

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Fortunately, this guide on the best ten reverse address lookup services in 2023 after we conducted a survey should make things convenient:

ServiceBest forFeatures
Searqle Best Residential Reverse Address Lookup Service
  • It provides accurate and up-to-date information about people.
  • Powerful background search features and staff members.
SpokeoBest Reverse Address Lookup Service
  • Thorough search records and well-prepared data.
  • Fast responses from the technical customer support team.
  • Simple to use search interface.
TruthFinderGreat Reverse Address Directory
  • Well-organized background search reports.
  • Seeks information from reputable sources and platforms.
WhitepagesBest Free Address Lookup on Google
  • Powerful background search algorithm with real-time updates.
  • Intuitive user experience for address lookups.
Instant Checkmate Reverse Address and Phone Number Lookup
  • Accurate and concise search result reports. 
  • Access to different types of records including sex offender and criminal data.
AddressesReverse Address Lookup Free
  • Highly intuitive and simple to use background search functions.
  • Fast responses to customer queries and questions.
InfotracerWho Lives At This Address Free Search
  • It’s a company with several years of data search experience.
  • High-quality data presentation reports.
Spy DialerFree Reverse Address Check
  • Top-notch and well-aggregated search report data.
  • Simple to use interface and search functions.
ZabaSearchReverse Address Directory
  • Transparent financing information and options.
  • Reliable technical customer support team available.
CocofinderFree Address Lookup
  • Equipped with modern and up-to-date background search algorithms.
  • Expansive databases and data on people globally.


If you’re looking for a reliable and free reverse address lookup service, Searqle is an excellent choice. With access to a comprehensive database of public records, Searqle provides accurate and up-to-date information about people associated with a particular address.

Enter the address into the search bar on the website, and Searqle will provide you with a list of potential matches. From there, you can view the names associated with each address and other relevant information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. Whether trying to verify a new neighbor’s identity or reconnect with an old friend, Searqle’s free reverse address lookup service is the best tool to help you find the information you need quickly and easily.

While the service is not a consumer reporting agency, it provides thorough data for background checks. The site works well for address searches, providing details such as property records, real estate in the surrounding area, and public documents. It doesn’t stop there, as you can also get the target’s employment history, licenses, criminal records, etc. Such criminal history can be helpful, especially given the steady rise in cybercrime.


  • Comprehensive database of public records
  • User-friendly interface Instant results
  • Ability to search using a variety of criteria, including name, address, phone number, and email
  • Access to detailed information, including criminal records, social media profiles, and more
  • Option for a three-day trial at a low cost
  • Secure and confidential search process
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Ability to save and download search results for future reference
  • Competitive pricing plans compared to other people search engines


  • The free trial comes with several limitations


Spokeo reverse address lookup

With Spokeo, you can conveniently access various unique public records and background check data easily. The platform has an expansive private and public records database. Starting in 2006 as a social network, the platform became a powerful search engine for reverse address checks. It’s also a good scammer phone number lookup. There’s only one significant limitation- the search bar only accepts US mailing addresses.

The search engine function emerged in 2010, and the company has been aggregating such data ever since. Once you subscribe to the paid data plan, the site offers a detailed report of the target’s details, including family, estimated income, property details, criminal records and other interests. You’d be intrigued to know Spokeo also accesses their social media accounts! While there is a free version, it has limits in the information access it can provide.

The site also comes with a geo-grouping function, making aggregating search data based on locations easy. Plus, you will find it easy to make the most of the app with the 30-day free trial membership on the site.


  • It has a high-quality and simple search interface
  • The app guarantees access to billions of personal records
  • Has over ten years of experience in the data management industry


  • The free trial has several limitations
Subscription PlanPricing/mo
Business (200 reports)$35.95
Professional (500 reports)$19.95
Team (700 reports)$119.95


Truthfinder homepage

Next on our list would be TruthFinder, which provides concise and well-aggregated search data. Many say that TruthFinder’s prices are higher than others, but their thorough background checks justify the cost any day, plus you get unlimited searches. Moreover, there are affordable options, such as $1 for a five-day trial. You can use information from TruthFinder to do background research on a potential business partner or tenant (as a property owner) and find a long-lost acquaintance. So if you’re wondering if there is a truly free reverse phone lookup, check out TruthFinder.

The other notable aspect of TruthFinder is the support team responds fast to user queries, as several reviews customers say. The queries include details such as locations, names, addresses, and various other details. The most informative report on the Substantial Report Content.

A reporting feature on the site provides in-depth information but is available on a subscription basis. With this report, you will access locations, addresses, and various other types of information. All these features make Truthfinder the perfect reverse address lookup phone number.


  • Simple to use design and interface
  • Offers reports and data fast
  • Contains billions of verified person search records


  • It’s not possible to download the reports
Subscription planPricing/mo
Monthly membership$28.99 per month.
Two month membership$23.99


Whitepages website

This list of best free address lookup platforms would not be complete without WhitePages because it’s among some of the few services that have approval from the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). Such a license approval provides the site with unrivaled access to many personal search data and public records, and they update the database in real-time. Via address search on WhitePages, you can find out the current residents, neighbors background checks, property data etc.

WhitePages lets users input names, addresses, and social media handles alongside email searches into the search bar. One convenient search feature would be the filter slider, making categorizing user information easy.

It’s a handy feature for searching for relatives who share names with several other people. As with all other high-end reverse search apps, WhitePages has a sleek and seamless user interface. If you use it as a phone lookup, you can use the best call blocker apps to block suspicious people.

Accessing each search function is convenient, and the service packages are affordable. So performing searches such as reverse address lookup residential becomes easy.


  • Fast customer responses for queries
  • Gives people the option of deleting their data
  • The service has FCRA approval


  • Scaling the service is not easy
Subscription PlanPricing/mo
Whitepages annual  subscription$29.99
Contact bundle$7.99
Background report$9.99

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate has been collecting, verifying, and aggregating address search data for over one decade today. The platform offers guaranteed access to accurate information from social media accounts, criminal records, contacts, and so much more you can use to know more about a person.

Arguably, the comprehensive background search would be the most notable feature of this app. It lets you track different reverse address directory data types, including friends, family, business associates, and other detailed information. You can also use it if you’re wondering how to find someone’s birthday.

You will also like the way Instant Checkmate organizes address search data, so you instantly know everything about a person from one glance. Instant Checkmate premium features are available on a subscription base as with all other person search apps.


  • Well-organized data report interface
  • Affordable plans for long term users


  • The search results page could be much more organized
1-month membership$22.86
3-month membership$14.86
6-month membership$9.86 public information search is also another leading platform through which you can perform personal searches. While the platform offers free services with no subscription plans available, they can access billions of records worldwide.

Notably, the site has a simple interface that lets you perform various personal and address search procedures. The service also has approval from the FCRA to provide detailed reports on people. So, if you want to find someone’s name by phone number, this is the perfect site to use. However, you must provide the target’s exact house number, street name, zip code, and city name.

It’s a convenient but powerful tool for determining a person’s insurance, housing, employment, criminal records and other details. Each address search process takes less than a second, and the system presents the information on a well-organized search results page.


  • Simple to use service and features
  • Well-organized and highly intuitive user experience


  • It could use better customer support responses


InfoTracer address lookup

With InfoTracer, you are a step closer to becoming an informed business partner, family person, or even partner. If you’ve ever gotten a strange call and wondered whose number is this, this service boasts various modern and reliable tools to search for helpful details about an individual. InfoTracer lets you perform a reverse address lookup free at no charge.

Notably, this app’s unique aspect is its support for Facial Recognition searches. While it’s a relatively new feature, the database of facial searches on the site is increasing by the day.

For reverse email lookup services, the site offers a convenient search engine with billions of verified records of people globally. The other powerful aspect of this app is the targeted search function.

With it, you can get find information on any person whose details are on InfoTracer’s database. And with over 1 billion records, you can locate detailed information about any person, including criminal history.


  • Support a facial recognition search
  • The app can perform targeted lookup procedures



One-time fee for reports $19.95
Recurring fees $19.95
7-day trial $3.95

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a free address lookup service that lets you perform address searches conveniently. Upon visiting the site, you will realize it has an exceptionally intuitive interface – perfect for performing address searches.

The service’s founder is Robert Scott, an I.T. expert and best-selling author. He is responsible for an expansive team of professionals who run in the background to ensure optimal service uptime.

So, you always find the site updated with real-time information about various people worldwide. Alongside addresses, Spydialer lets you search person data through email, phone, and social media handles with no restrictions. Many people rank Spydialer high up in their lists of best reverse address lookup services, and it’s easy to see why.


  • Simple and highly intuitive graphic user design
  • It does not have any unusual sign-up procedures or hidden fees


  • The pages contain overly large ads


Zabasearch homepage

Accredited by the FCRA organization, Zabasearch is a reliable and robust addition to your person and address search regimen. Whether you manage businesses or someone looking for accurate information about a new acquaintance or some relatives – this service can help.

It has a reliable linked People Search Tool, which you can use for free if seeking to learn more about a person. You visit the site and perform the reverse address lookup. The result will include details such as names, ages, phone numbers, and even emails.

While this tool has a free function, you can purchase premium, and extensive features are available on a subscription basis. You can even use ZabaSearch to perform an accurate reverse IP address lookup location.

Subscription PlanPricing
1-month unlimited reports$24.86
2-month unlimited reports$42.25


  • Available with a robust and reliable free plan
  • It has transparent and straightforward financing procedures


  • The one-month unlimited reports are costly for some people


Cocofinder address lookup

CocoFinder allows you to perform an address lookup service thanks to its highly intuitive interface and expansive database. Operated by the Shenzen Duiyun Technology firm, we can confirm that you’re going for a service that guarantees value for money.

CocoFinder makes it easy for you to perform an address search, which should reveal various other helpful details about an individual. It is also a good reverse phone lookup tool. When you encounter an obstacle in usage, contact the support team for fast insight.

As with all high-end address lookup platforms, CocoFinder lets you locate helpful address data with guaranteed fast turnarounds. The free address lookup data is also concise and verified by technical staff members.


  • The site offers 24 x 7 support for its clients
  • The service seeks data from trust and verified platforms


  • Lack of concise pricing information

Can You Perform Reverse Address Lookup on Google Maps? 

Sure, you can perform reverse lookup procedures using address lookup on Google Maps. The service can inform you of the specific location of an address, but does it really provide specific address details? 

To put things into perspective, let’s say you want to head over for a computer programming seminar – but you don’t know the specific address to the location. Wouldn’t it be convenient to check Google Maps and find this information already there?

Unfortunately, that functionality is not available with the current version of Google Maps. However, solutions such as Digital Inspiration have aggregated the API so you can locate such details conveniently. These are powerful alternatives to performing a reverse address lookup on Google Maps.

While it’s not always perfect, it’s a pretty convenient tool for those frustrating times when you need to get somewhere conveniently.  Therefore, your ability to perform a reverse address lookup on Google is better when you are well-informed.

Can I Do Reverse Address Lookup on Google? 

Yes, you can do a free reverse lookup on Google. A search engine is a powerful tool you can use to perform various types of public information searches. However, it does not support the address lookup function.

An address search for a business will provide information such as the operating times and picture details.  The challenge with using traditional search engines like Google for address search is that they don’t have the ability to cross-reference addresses with specific locations.

It means that search engines are unreliable for performing a reverse address search for a personal address. While search engines will provide results, they may not be sufficient for your personal and address search needs. Moreover, you’re not likely to get all the information e.g, criminal history.

If you want to perform a reverse address search on Google, insert the address on the search engine with quotation marks. It could look something like this: “1738 Cocoa Beach” “California.

Are There Free Services in 2023?

It’s quite difficult to find a free reverse address lookup service that is free, and that’s because it takes a lot of resources to create a comprehensive database for reverse address lookup services. However, there are ways to do reverse address lookups without any cost. Let’s check out these methods in the next few paragraphs.

The first free method for reverse address lookup we’ll discuss is using real estate websites. Several real estate websites, e.g., Zillow, Redfin, and offer free address searches where you just need to type the address into the provided search box, and you’ll get extensive property information at the address and the neighborhood. However, sometimes these address search outcomes (details about properties, new home at the location, e.t.c.) are not accurate or up-to-date, so you can’t totally depend on the information.

Two other free methods for reverse address lookups are Google and Google Maps, and we’ve explained both methods extensively in the preceding two sub-topics. 


You can find people and connect with long-lost relatives, friends, customers or even business partners with an address search. It’s possible through any of the tools for reverse address lookup we have on this list, and you have probably noticed the several options available to try. Remember that each address search service has its benefits and drawbacks, so you should compare before you choose. It’s all about diligent address search, and we highly recommend you start using Spokeo for address lookup today.

Is There a Free Version of the WhitePages?

You may access some information on WhitePages for free, but the information is very limited and likely not privileged.  However, you can consider their 5-day free trial, which allows you 5 reverse cell phone lookups and unlimited access to address search and landline information.

Is There a Free Online Phone Directory?

Yes, a few free online phone directories offer reverse phone lookups on any phone number, particularly in the US. You can look them up on Google anytime. However, some of the services discussed for reverse address lookup can also serve this function e.g., BeenVerified, Spokeo, Cocofinder etc.


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