how to find people online

Best Websites to Find People

Are you thinking about looking for people on the Internet? 

We all sometimes look for data about people online. Each person has their reasons for this. However, you should admit the result disappoints us in 75% of cases. We get the wrong, false information. Moreover, a manual search is often too long.

Sometimes, we even think that a paid website will solve our problem. However, it often happens that, having paid, we get a bad result. Again, what to do in this case? What to choose?

Don’t worry! We tested many websites to find people and list the best for you. So, let’s dive into the topic 👇

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What Are People Search Websites?

People search websites are online platforms that help you find someone for free online. They are like search engines specifically designed for finding people. 

These websites collect data from various sources (public records, social media, and other online databases). The main idea is to provide details about a person’s background, contact information, and more. 

You can use these websites to find long-lost friends and family members or to perform background checks on individuals. 

They aim to make finding people more accessible and convenient by gathering relevant information in one place. Below is a list of trusted free people search websites we tested and recommend to use.

🥇 Searqle: Best Website for Comprehensive Reports

Searqle is a trustworthy public records search service. Users have praised it as a fantastic program that allows easy searches for people by name, phone number, and email. It also helps identify who is sending notifications.

It appears to be a website or online service that offers background reports, potentially including educational and financial records, accessible through an intuitive user interface.


  • People Search: You can find a person’s full name, phone numbers, past and present addresses, ages, dates of birth, relatives, aliases, and more
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: With a phone number, you can find owner information, carrier details, etc.
  • Reverse Address Lookup: It can help you to see location details, ownership history, possible past residences and neighbors, census information, and even crime statistics
  • Background Checks: When you initiate this feature, you will receive a report that includes the criminal record, marriage and divorce history, lawsuits, bankruptcies, liens against them, and more

💡 You can also use more specific options like Criminal Records Search or Public Records Search. You can gain the same data (phone numbers, address history, age, birthdate, email addresses, social network profiles, marriage & divorce records with relationship analysis, criminal history, etc.), but the search will be more profound.

Pros & Cons

To note Searqle’s advantages and disadvantages, we checked many user reviews on Quora, Reddit, and other blogs. As a result, we made a list of pros and cons for this product:

  • No need for smartphone installation
  • Unveil information in three simple steps
  • Receive results within seconds
  • Secured by CLOUDFLARE protection
  • The free trial is currently unavailable


Certain features are free, but accessing the complete profile requires payment. Pricing starts at $24.9 per month, and there’s also a three-day trial option for just $1.

🥈 Spokeo: Best Tool for Basic People Search

Spokeo website

Spokeo is a great option if you’re looking for basic information about someone. It’s a good balance between being easy to use and affordable.

Spokeo has a user-friendly interface with clear organization and empty spaces, making navigating easy. These are important features for an effective people search website.

Even if you’re new to such search engines, Spokeo is designed to be user-friendly and not difficult to use.


With Spokeo, you can get the following:

  • Private information: names, education data, marriage information, criminal reports, etc.
  • Place history: addresses and people’s locations
  • Social media accounts
  • Family members information
  • Contact details of the person

You can search by name, email, phone, and address on this website. Our analysis of this product shows that Spokeo is one of the best reverse address lookup services.

Pros & Cons

According to users’ reviews, we can make a list of advantages and disadvantages of Spokeo:

  • Provides quick results
  • Has a mobile app tool
  • Is easy to use
  • Gives careful PDF reports
  • Expensive (you can have 200 profile views for $21/month)
  • Marriage information can be incomplete

Users don’t like misleading advertising. Also, some users got billings after cancelation the membership.


  • One-month plan = $13.95
  • Three-month plan = $7.95

✅ Spokeo is the best for basic searches of name, location, address, phone ownership, etc.

🥉 TruthFinder: Best Website for Quick Searching and Easy Results

Truth Finder

When you need to find people without searching through physical white pages, TruthFinder is your top choice. Whether you’re trying to locate distant relatives, colleagues, or friends or perform fast background checks, this is the best people search engine for you. It offers accurate information that you can easily access online.

TruthFinder is a user-friendly platform. When you visit the website, you’ll see a big search bar where you can enter the person’s name and location to start the search right away.

In our test, we received a detailed and visually appealing report from the website. As we expected, the results were completely accurate.


  • People Search: A quick and simple way to find information on someone by name
  • Reverse Phone Lookup:  A convenient way to find out information about the owner of a phone number
  • Reverse Email Lookup: A simple way to find out information about the owner of an email address
  • Public Record Search: Any documents, information, or data that are created, collected, and maintained by government agencies or other public institutions
  • Reverse Address Lookup: A search method that allows users to find available information about a particular address belonging to someone, among other types of public records info
  • Background Checks: An easy way to learn more about someone in your life, such as potential dates, estranged family members, old friends, or new neighbors
  • Username Lookup: A simple and efficient way to search for information about a person’s social media profiles

💡 One more cool feature of TruthFinder is Dark Web Scan. This service searches through tons of data points on the dark web and uses many different ways of surveillance to offer quality data protection.

You can monitor bulletin boards, peer-to-peer file-sharing networks, forums and chat rooms, social media feeds, web servers, file transmissions, servers, and web services.

It provides you with personalized cyber risk intelligence for the dark web. You can monitor Social Security numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, medical card data, bank account information, driver’s licenses, and more.

Pros & Cons

Users like that TruthFinder gives you the most recent data. But be ready to have a lot of promotional emails.

  • Provides detailed reports
  • Has a free mobile app
  • Is easy to use
  • Has background check sites option
  • Has rich database of online public records
  • Expensive: you can buy only monthly plans


  • One-month plan = $30/month
  • Three-month plan = $26/month

✅ TruthFinder is the best for checking and protecting your data and connecting with old friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and relatives.

BeenVerified: Best Website for Professional Phone and Address Lookups

BeenVerified - one of the best websites to find people

If you’re trying to find people you’ve lost contact with, BeenVerified is one of the top websites to use. But that’s not all. You can also explore millions of public records, including criminal records, property information, connections, etc.

Right from the start, the results will provide you with important personal information. But if you want to go further, the site also offers government public records. You can access criminal and arrest records, property details, relationships, and more.

We had no issues when we tested the site; it was a pleasant experience. So, we can say that BeenVerified is one of the most convenient websites where you can search for people for free.


  • People Search: You can use it to search for information about someone you met online or connect with someone you’ve lost touch with, check and manage your reputation, and avoid potential scams
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: It is helpful to check someone you met on the dating website, reconnect with an old friend, protect yourself from scams and fraud, or check your partner if you think he/she is cheating on you
  • Email Lookup: It can help you to identify the other people on the list (when you use a business Gmail account, for example) and save you from a potentially embarrassing “reply all” case
  • Address Lookup: You can use this when making decisions when buying a home or flat, reconnecting with old neighbors, verifying information about online sellers, etc.
  • Username Search: It is useful to avoid scams and online fraud or learn more about your online dating match

💡 We also liked unique BeenVerified tools like Unclaimed Money Search. You can find tax refunds, pension payments, saving bonds, life insurance, back wages, FHA insurance refunds, FDIC refunds, and tax lien overpayments.

One more cool feature is Vehicle Lookup. Why do you need this? By conducting a VIN number lookup report, you can gather information about a vehicle beyond relying solely on the seller’s word.

A VIN number search can reveal undisclosed issues, providing valuable insights into potential problems with the car. Armed with this knowledge, you may be better equipped to negotiate a fair price and favorable terms of sale.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides a lot of search options like finding a VIN number or unclaimed money
  • Has convenient navigation
  • Provides good customer support
  • Sometimes you can have problems with credit card transactions
  • It is easy to be blocked on the website, so you need to use VPN always


  • One-week trial = $1
  • One-month plan = $26.89
  • Three-month plan = $52.44

✅ BeenVerified is the best for professional people searching and gaining deep information about people (like bank account data, vehicle numbers, usernames, etc.). It can be cool if you want to check a person you met on a dating website to avoid scams.

Instant Checkmate: Best Tool for Public Criminal Record Checking

Instant Checkmate

Are you looking for a former classmate or trying to reconnect with a friend? Instant Checkmate can help you do that quickly. Why do people like it? Because it is a simple and reliable tool.

Once you use Instant Checkmate, you can access the person’s contact details, family members, ethnicity, political affiliation, criminal history, and more. It’s the best website for investigating someone, especially because of its extensive criminal record database.

However, it’s important to note that Instant Checkmate is not completely free. There is a cost associated with using the site. However, it is relatively affordable compared to other people’s search websites.


  • People Search: Using it, you can look up publicly available information about certain people
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: It can be useful if you get a message or call from an unknown number and want to uncover it
  • Reverse Address Lookup: Use it if you are curious about your new neighbors
  • Background Checks: You can find details about aliases, education and employment history, location history, possible relatives, social media accounts, bankruptcies of someone
  • Public Criminal Record Check: You can check people’s education and law history if you are worried about scams and security

Pros & Cons

  • Shows people’s locations with dates
  • Has easy to use
  • 5-day trial for $1
  • Provides extensive background check
  • Expensive
  • There are no consumer, tenant or employment screenings


  • 5-day trial = $1
  • One-month plan = $34.78
  • Three-month plan = $27.82/month
  • Premium reports = $19.99
  • PDF report = $1.99

✅ You can search by phone number using Instant Checkmate and uncover personal information, social media data, online activities, photos, etc.

US Search: Best Website for Locating People in the US

US Search

US Search, one of the oldest and most experienced websites to find people, is highly effective at quickly locating individuals in the United States. It is a reliable basic background check tool. Provide a name, address, or phone number, and you’ll easily find a match.

During our test, we searched for relatives by name, and within a minute, the site returned basic information. This included full name, age, address history, and family members. Despite this, many users don’t like US Search. Why? You can check the cons below to get the answer to this question.


With this website, you can search for people by:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number

You can also use this tool to check a number that called you.

You also can get information about people’s:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Address history
  • Family members

Pros & Cons

  • Provides quick results
  • Is cheap for basic searches
  • Provides detailed property records
  • Has a premium report that contains social network accounts, aliases, properties, lawsuits, criminal records, etc.
  • Is cool to locate people in the US
  • Old-school navigation and interface
  • Data is not fresh
  • No trial, PDF reports, and no mobile app


  • One-time people search = $2.45
  • OmniSearch subscription = $20 for the unlimited basic search
  • Background Check = $40 for the detailed report

✅ US Search will be a cool option if you need a basic search and don’t want to pay a lot of money for this.

PeopleFinders: Best for All-in-One Searching

People Finders

With PeopleFinders, you can explore a massive database of 43 billion public records to find the necessary information. This site allows you to access personal details, educational background, criminal history, and much more about someone, all from the comfort of your home.

The website provides enough information for free. Searching for friends was easier and faster than expected. The results displayed convenient ways to contact them, including contact details, address history, and relatives.

It also showed a list of their neighbors with their personal information. Overall, it’s one of the best free people search sites available.


  • Search by name, phone, and address: You can find and identify people online
  • Reverse Email Lookup: You can find out if an email is safe and isn’t part of a scam
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Use it to identify unknown landlines and phone numbers
  • Criminal Records Search: It is useful if you need to check the criminal histories of people
  • Reverse Address Lookup: You can check neighborhood data, property tax values, etc.
  • Public Record Search: You can monitor address history, phone numbers, bankruptcies, liens/foreclosures, traffic citations, birth data, property ownership history, professional and business licenses, marriage and divorce data, etc.

Moreover, you can check your digital footprint to stay safe.

Pros & Cons

  • Is not very pricey
  • Has a mobile app
  • Is simple and straightforward interface
  • Has different pricing packages
  • You can meet a restriction on the number of inquiries that can be made each month
  • Can be incorrect with marriage records

Also, one disadvantage users usually notice is that you should take many steps to cancel your subscription.


  • Trial = $1 (for the first week)
  • Basic plan = $24.95
  • One separate report = $39.95 (if you want to get only one report without a subscription)
  • Report downloading = $0.50

✅ PeopleFinders is still the best choice if you need the lowest prices for a basic report.

People Looker: Best App for Detailed and Deep Searching

People Looker

PeopleLooker is a subscription-based service that allows you to search public records. They have conducted over 1 million background reports and are known for providing detailed information about individuals, properties, addresses, and more.

Anyone can anonymously use PeopleLooker to search for information about people in their surroundings. Some people use it to learn more about their coworkers or neighbors. Others use it to investigate properties.

Some even search for their own information, while others use it to uncover the real identity behind a phone number or address.


  • People Search: Use it to avoid dating scams, pet scams, and online shopping scams
  • Reverse Phone Search: You can reconnect with old friends, find family members, or find out the phone number of someone who called you
  • Email Address Lookup: With this feature, you can find out the names, aliases, social media profiles, criminal records, property addresses, age, work and education history, phone numbers, and family members of people
  • Username Search: It is useful to check social media and unmask online trolls
  • Address Search: It is helpful if you need to get information about addresses (including the people associated with it, past and present)
  • B2B: This smart feature is more specific because of detailed reports (you can use additional filters for searching like job title, industry, and seniority)

Also, you can use the Unclaimed Money feature.

Pros & Cons

  • Provides unlimited searches
  • Has a mobile app for Android
  • Is easy to use
  • Sometimes provides inaccurate or out-of-date information
  • Has poor customer service
  • Doesn’t have the dark web scanning

But we have a problem: most users leave unsatisfied feedback after using this tool. The biggest problem of the website is poor customer service.


  • One-month plan = $22.86/month
  • Three-month plan = $18.28/month

✅ People Looker is cool because you can unlimited access background reports, contact information, arrest records, and phone and email lookups.

Pipl: Best Website for Verifying User Identity


Pipl is an information bank that specializes in finding people and verifying data. It is highly regarded in the industry and is the go-to resource for researchers, investigators, journalists, and analysts. If you work in any of these fields, Pipl will be your invaluable companion.

Unlike other people search websites, Pipl focuses specifically on true people search. It utilizes an identity resolution engine to provide detailed historical and current identity information about individuals.

In addition, Pipl Search functions like a regular search engine for finding people. You can access a person’s contact details, emails, addresses, and other personal information through the site.


Using Pipl, you can:

  • Uncover the complete digital footprint of any person
  • Separate real identities from fake ones
  • Fast-track user sign-up, content, and purchase approval
  • Search people easily

Pros & Cons

  • Provides information that you sometimes cannot find on Google
  • Is a great tool for searching social networks
  • Provides global coverage
  • Has a very good database
  • Has no direct pay option or way to sign up without fighting with customer support
  • Price


Here we met a little unusual way of pricing: you pay not for a plan but for different types of options:

  • Contact = $0.05/ match (with Premium Data Coverage, it will cost $0.10/match): You can get a name, age, gender, address, and landline phone number using this feature
  • Social = $0.10/match (with Premium Data Coverage, it will cost $0.20/ match): You can get contact info, photos, associates, and social media data
  • Business = $0.20/ match (with Premium Data Coverage, it will cost $0.40/match): You can get information about contacts, jobs, education, phone numbers, and email address

✅ Pipl is useful to check your new friends or colleagues. It is a good option for business.

TruePeopleSearch: Best Tool for Unlimited Searching


If you want your website to be user-friendly, it should be easy to use. TruePeopleSearch offers an excellent and responsive website for its users. The best part is that it’s completely free to use. You don’t need to register for an account, which is great for those who value privacy.

Moreover, you cannot limit the number of searches you can perform. You can carry out as many searches as you want without any restrictions.

Accuracy is crucial, and TruePeopleSearch excels in this aspect. Their data is accurate about 98% of the time, ensuring reliable results.


  • People Search: You can find someone’s public information by their name
  • Phone Lookup: It is useful to avoid phone harassers and telemarketers, identify phone numbers, filter phone calls, etc.
  • Address Search: Use it to search for property, information about neighbors, get financial reports and company data
  • Email Search: It is useful for finding out contact and ownership details, browser activity, social media profiles, photos and videos

Pros & Cons

Better Business Bureau tells us about some problems users usually meet with TruePeopleSearch. However, the main complaint is that removing your data from the site is hard. So, it is about using it.

  • Is safe and secure
  • Has valuable content
  • Is an excellent and responsive website for users
  • Is free!
  • You can face an invasion of privacy

✅ TruePeopleSearch is cool to cover your curiosity. Even if you don’t need specific information about someone, you can look for popular name searches. Why not? It is free.

How We Ranked the Best People Search Sites

When determining the best people search sites, several important factors need to be considered, such as:

  1. Quality of Information: The accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information provided by the site are crucial.
  2. Search Capabilities: The ability to search by various criteria like name, address, and phone number is important for accurate results.
  3. Privacy and Security: The site should have clear policies in place to protect individuals’ privacy and ensure the ethical use of information.
  4. Support: Good customer support is essential for addressing user questions and concerns.
  5. Ease-of-use: A user-friendly design, clear layout, and mobile-friendly interface contribute to a positive user experience.
  6. Features: Sites offering useful features and online tools scored higher on the list.
  7. Pricing: Affordable pricing is important to ensure value for money.
  8. Database: The size of the online database determines the amount of information that can be accessed.
  9. Accuracy: The information provided by the site must be accurate and up-to-date.

Considering these factors, the following top picks were ranked accordingly.

Free Websites to Find People

One more important question: are there some free websites to find people? We have good news: yes, they are. Below you can see some easy free options for searching people online for free.



LinkedIn is a platform that primarily displays business profiles. It focuses on showcasing people’s professional backgrounds, and you can access this information even without having an account. However, if you’re looking for more personal details, LinkedIn may not be the ideal place to find them.

To find people using LinkedIn, follow this way:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn website and sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.
  2. On the LinkedIn homepage, locate the search bar at the top of the page.
  3. Enter the name of the person you are looking for. For example, let it be “John Smith.”
  4. Provide additional information about the person, if you have any.
  5. LinkedIn will display a list of search results that match your search criteria.
  6. Scan through the search results and click on the profile of the person you are interested in to view their professional information, experience, education, and connections.
  7. If you have a premium LinkedIn account, you may have additional search filters and features available to further refine your search and find specific individuals.

LinkedIn provides a professional network, so you can also connect with the person directly through their profile if you have a mutual professional interest or connection.


With LinkedIn, you can search for:

  • People
  • Companies
  • Locations

Pros & Cons

  • Is safe and secure
  • Has valuable content
  • Has a big database
  • You can find mostly formal information
  • You have to create an account to have access to data



Google, being the largest search engine, can also be used for locating people. However, due to its comprehensive nature, conducting a Google people search may lead to numerous landing pages and search results. Information is scattered, which means finding something specific can be time-consuming.

To find people using Google, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Google homepage.
  2. Type the person’s name you want to find. For example, let’s search for “John Smith” again 😉
  3. If you have any additional information about the person, such as their location or profession, you can include it in the search to narrow down the results. For instance, you can search for “John Smith New York” or “John Smith accountant.”
  4. Hit the Enter key or click on the Google Search button.
  5. Google will display a list of search results related to the person you are looking for.
  6. Scan through the search results and click on the ones that seem to be relevant to find more information about the person.

Remember, the information you find using Google might not always be accurate or up to date, so it’s important to cross-check and verify any details you come across.


Using Google, you can get:

  • All information available online
  • The right information at the right time
  • Data in the format that’s most useful to your query

Pros & Cons

  • Has exceptional filtering options
  • Has accurate results
  • Use built-in quick tools
  • Sometimes data can be false if your are looking for a person with popular name (like “John Smith”)



Considering the vast number of users on Facebook, it can serve as a people search tool. However, one challenge is the presence of numerous duplicate accounts and similar names on the social network site.

Let’s try to find our John Smith with Facebook:

  1. Go to the Facebook website or open the Facebook mobile app.
  2. If you don’t have an account, you may need to create one using your email address or phone number.
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see a search bar at the top of the Facebook page or app.
  4. Type the name of the person you want to find (“John Smith” in our case).
  5. Facebook will display a list of search results based on the name you entered. You may see multiple profiles with the same name.
  6. To narrow down the search results, you can use additional filters like location, education, or workplace if you have that information.
  7. Click on the profile that matches the person you are looking for to view their Facebook profile and public information.
  8. If the person has a common name, you may need to review the profile details, such as their profile picture, location, or mutual friends, to ensure it’s the correct person.
  9. If you are not able to find the person you are looking for, you can try sending them a friend request or message if their privacy settings allow it.

It’s important to respect people’s privacy on Facebook and ensure that your actions comply with Facebook’s terms of service.


Using Facebook, you can:

  • Search for people by name online
  • Monitor people’s activities
  • Search for people by location
  • Search for people by job, education
  • Get personal information

Pros & Cons

  • Has convenient filtering options
  • Has accurate results
  • Is easy to use
  • Has a lot of users, so you can get a lot of data
  • You have to create an account to have access to data
  • You can see data only of someone who has a Facebook account too
  • You can’t be sure that information is accurate
  • Some accounts can be closed

Benefits of Using a People Search Site

In reality, relying on traditional methods to find someone is not very effective. You’ll likely end up empty-handed or with limited resources at your disposal. That’s why people search sites are necessary.

  • Fast Search: You don’t need to visit the library or contact local authorities to search for someone and find their contact information. The best people search sites can provide you with the information you need in just a matter of minutes.
  • Bulk Search: If you’re searching for multiple people, doing it manually will consume a lot of time and effort. Instead, a people search engine can streamline the process and quickly provide you with the desired results.
  • Accurate Results: You could spend time researching and cross-referencing information from books, but why go through all that trouble when you can use an online person finder? These sites have more current and up-to-date information compared to printed materials.
  • Background Checks: In addition to finding people online, a people search engine allows you to perform background checks on individuals, including their historical data and criminal records, among other relevant information.


Finding someone is not an impossible task, especially in this digital age. Thanks to the internet, you can locate someone quickly, safely, and easily.

To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of the best people search sites. These sites can be the key to finding the person you have in mind.

These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, multiple search options, fast results, transparent data usage policies, and, most importantly, accurate information.

The top people search websites we have listed provide all these benefits and more. Give them a try today! You won’t regret it.

What Is the Best Free Website to Find a Person?

If you’re looking to find out someone’s location and how to contact them, Truthfinder, Searqle, and PeopleFinders offer basic results for free. These results include up-to-date information like phone numbers, age, and addresses.

However, if you need more detailed information, you will have to pay for their services. Among the paid options, Searqle is the most affordable solution.

What Is the Best Website to Find Someone’s Address?

Most of the people search websites mentioned above offer a free address lookup feature. We recommend using websites that have a reverse address search option, such as Searqle or BeenVerified. This feature is helpful when you have an address but don’t know who resides there.

What Are the Best Websites to Find People Information?

All of the top people search sites on our list can provide you with information about people, including their whereabouts and contact details. However, when it comes to user-friendliness, accuracy, and accessibility, Truthfinder and Searqle stand out. These platforms offer basic people search capabilities for free.

How Can I Find Someone for Free?

While Google and Facebook are free options for searching people, navigating through the overwhelming number of similar names, profiles, and search results can be challenging.

Alternatively, you can choose a specialized website dedicated to looking up people and their whereabouts. US Search is one such website that provides that kind of information for free.

How to Find Someone for Free by Name?

If someone has a popular name, the search results can be quite broad and make it challenging to find the right person. To increase your chances of success, it would be helpful to have additional information such as the state or city where they reside.

This way, you can narrow down the search and have a better shot at finding the specific person you’re looking for.

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