Best Email Lookup Services in 2024

When it comes to making business or personal connections or hiring someone, it can often become essential to check their personal details and background information for any red flags. This could even be if you’re considering bringing on new business partners or clients.

This is where reverse email lookup tools can be of great help, offering you all the information you need, such as webmail addresses, address information, criminal history, and more. With one of these ten best free reverse email lookup services in 2024, you will enjoy convenient access to their personal information:

1.   Searqle
  • Excellent product services and pricing
  • Real-time updates and information
  • Access to billions of records
2.   Spokeo
  • Simple to use lookup features
  • Access to over billions of records
  • Real-time updates and information
3.   Instant Checkmate
  • Access to unlimited results
  • Results you can rely on
  • Excellent customer support
4.   Seon
  • Available with a free trial
  • Zero setup and support fees
  • Better risk management and several automated functions
5.   Whitepages
  • Over two decades of experience
  • Access to over 275 million records worldwide
  • Specialized in tenant screening
6.   TruthFinder 
  • Unrivaled access to criminal records and public checks
  • Easy to use and intuitive experience
  • Available with a convenient mobile app
7.   Snovio
  • Available with a free plan
  • Can accept different payment types
  • Offers access to various types of payment options
8.   BeenVerified
  • Access to criminal record networks and vehicle records
  • Available with an iOS and Android mobile app
  • Can perform different types of lookup procedures
9.   InfoTracer
  • Comprehensive background reports and data
  • Easy to use and intuitive user experience
  • Access to a reliable customer support team
10. RecordsFinder
  • Search over 2 billion records in an instant
  • Affordable pricing packages
  • Offers a scholarship and affiliate program

Searqle – Great Email Lookup Service

Searqle email

Searqle provides a reverse address lookup service for locating property owners and gathering comprehensive address history. The tool offers details such as property owner’s information, neighborhood details, and property history. It assists in various tasks including locating friends or relatives, identifying unknown callers to avoid potential scams, and reuniting with lost contacts.

Searqle aids in running background checks on individuals, providing information like phone numbers, addresses, emails, and even any criminal records they may have. It helps users gain insights into their neighborhoods by checking if future neighbors have any criminal records associated with their addresses.

Searqle aggregates data from public records to provide users with comprehensive reports. Testimonials highlight the tool’s effectiveness in conducting background checks, identifying scam emails, finding lost contacts, and dealing with threatening texts. Searqle’s search functionalities cover various criteria such as name, phone number, email, and address, providing flexibility for users.

Searqle Features

  • Reconnect with lost contacts or identify unknown callers effortlessly
  • Gain access to a vast database of 1.3 billion records
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation
  • Receive instant responses to your queries
  • Rest assured with 100% search security


Some functions are free. But to unlock the full profile you must pay. Pricing plans begin at $24.9 per month, with the option for a three-day trial at just $1.


  • No need for smartphone installation
  • Unveil information in three simple steps
  • Receive results within seconds
  • Secured by CLOUDFLARE protection


  • The free trial is currently unavailable

Try Searqle

Spokeo – Best Reverse Email Lookup Service

Spokeo user interface

Spokeo is another fantastic reverse email search tool that provides you access to various other forms of information. These include details such as phone number lookup, someone’s physical address or business address, names, and different additional helpful information. According to Spokeo, you will access over:

  • 100 million property records
  • 5 billion consumer reports
  • 80 million business records

You will also gain access to the reports for the entire lifespan of your Spokeo account. While some data might not present initially, Spokeo has a technical team working in the background to ensure you get fast responses. It also relies on public databases such as business directories, court records, city directories, and deeds.

Pricing Structure

Package NamePricing
Monthly$13.95 for a month
3-month interval $4.95 per month for half a year


  • Available in different and affordable user packages
  • High-quality and easy to use interface
  • Access to billions of verified user records


  • Offers a flat record for checking court records

Try Spokeo

Instant Checkmate – Reverse Email Search Website

Instant Checkmate people search

Third on this list would be Instant Checkmate which is a public record search service. It gives users the ability to conduct reverse email lookups, get a person’s phone number, and can also be used as a reverse address lookup tool. Furthermore, the site lets users in America access details such as criminal records, while giving you access to unlimited reports.

You may find a few helpful details, including their actual age, aliases, arrest records, and other information. Similar to all other reverse email look-up services, Instant Checkmate guarantees access to updated information. This ensures top-notch email address validity and accurate data at all times.

It’s the perfect solution for performing a reverse email look-up Gmail process. You can also use it to look up scammers’ phone numbers.

While the service primarily focuses on criminal records, you can also access various other helpful details. If you have any challenges using the program, they have a reliable customer support team. The team is available mainly on Monday – Friday from 7 am to 7 pm Pacific (10 am to 10 pm Eastern) (Holiday hours may vary).

Package NamePricing
1-month membership $22.86
3-month membership $14.86
6-month membership $9.86


  • The premium reports package offers excellent offers and information
  • Has over ten years of experience in delivering reports


  • The one-month plan is costly for some users

Try Instant Checkmate

SEON reverse email lookup website

SEON is also an industry leader in helping people perform reverse email lookup procedures and more. The company mainly focuses on helping small and large businesses to address challenges with fraud prevention.

This reverse email lookup tool serves as a fantastic alternative to the traditional means of background checks. It offers lots of information as a result of its detailed searches, including someone’s business contact, professional email addresses, the social media accounts linked to the email address in question, and more.

The owners of the company are Bence and Tamas, who started the company in 2016. The two had notable investments in cryptocurrencies, and they soon began experiencing attacks from hackers. So, they started SEON to help them locate and access details on such people conveniently.

Package NamePricing
Free trial (30days) Free 
Monthly reports €300


  • Easy to customize user experience
  • Dynamic interface and affordable pricing
  • Checks more than 35 social media platforms


  • It could use better pricing packages

Try Seon

WhitePages – Free Reverse Email Search Engines

Whitepages website

Started in 1997, WhitePages is a source of authority in performing people searches and is one of the best reverse email lookup tools in the market. The site offers concise contact information, which includes the details of over 275 million people today. The service provides fast and thorough data background checks that they compile from over 50 states.

According to the site, the focus of the business is on providing landlords with the perfect platform for researching tenants. The site also offers over 2 million searches to clients each day and is highly ranked in the data management industry.

You will access details such as public records, criminal histories, public records, phone numbers, current addresses, and more. This reverse email finder complies with all necessary legal data protection requirements as well. It’s also ideal for those who want to perform a Gmail reverse look-up.

Package NamePricing
Whitepages annual subscription $29.99
Contact bundle $7.99
Background report $9.99


  • Verified searches and reports data
  • Bug-free and high-quality user experience

Try WhitePages

TruthFinder – Website to Lookup an Email

Truthfinder email lookup

TruthFinder will provide you with access to several public records in a well-organized report and structure. These include social network data, address histories, contact information, and various other helpful data. It’s also among the best-paid services when it comes to providing background checks.

It’s the perfect app if you want to re-engage with previous friends, military pals, and lost family connections. TruthFinder works by searching the deep web to provide information that traditional search engines cannot locate.

When you perform a background check, it may include possible relatives, birthdays or death records, criminal records, dating profiles, phone numbers, and various other details. With just the first and last name, you will access multiple information about any individual.

The company started in March 2015 with a single goal: to gain instant access to several records in the USA. It’s one of the most popular background search brands and has excellent reviews from previous clients.

Package NamePricing
Montly membership $28.99 per month
Two month membership $23.99


  • Available with affordable monthly package plan pricing
  • Fast customer support responses
  • Come with a mobile application as well
  • Dark web scan


  • It could provide more detailed and organized reports

Try TruthFinder – Reverse Email Directory email finder

Our list of free reverse email look-up tools would not have been complete without The app lets focus on helping businesses manage their lead generation goals with excellent results. It lets you find it easy to control the 7-tier verification approach the company uses.

The company’s goal is to help clients scale their outreach campaigns, including reverse email lookup procedures. The app also provides all the tools you need to nurture leads, perform cold outreach, and structure currently contacting campaigns. It’s also useful if you want to avoid phishing email scams from any email list.

You can also start up the tool, and it offers access to over 2,000 integrations for optimal efficiency and control. Such features make it easy to perform a free email address search procedure. Users also have the freedom to connect their accounts to customer support platforms, CRMs, and various other productivity resources.

Package NamePricing
Monthly plan N/A


  • High-quality user experience and verified user data
  • Simple to use interface and email look-up controls


  • Verification of large amounts of emails requires an Email Analysis API plugin


BeenVerified – Email Lookup by Name

BeenVerified people search

Started in 2007, BeenVerified is among the leading reverse email lookup tools in the market today. However, apart from being an email lookup tool, it also works as a phone lookup, vehicle lookup, and reverse address lookup tool.

This reverse lookup tool offers a host of information from online databases and public databases alike, including contact information, criminal and court records, vehicle records, property records, and more.

The subscription packages available at the site include up to eight products for a single package price. Further, it also comes with an Android and an iOS mobile app, making it much easier to access this reverse email lookup tool.

These eight products include email, social, phone, address, vehicle, and person searches. So, if you’re wonderingWhose number is this calling me?” this is a great solution.

Package NamePricing
6-month plan $17.48
Monthly $26.89


  • It’s a powerful app that delivers fast and verified results
  • You can use it on your mobile device conveniently


  • The monthly plan is costly for some users

Try BeenVerified

InfoTracer – Look Up Email Easily

Infotracer public records search

InfoTracer is another extremely reliable reverse email lookup tool that searches several sources on the Internet to provide concise background checks and multiple reports. This app works as a social media lookup, and phone number lookup, and can be used to access personal contact details, addresses, and even the sender’s IP address.

The tool relies on public directories at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels to extract information, thereby ensuring the highest standards of quality verification. Some of these information sources include consumer databases, courthouse records, social media, driving records, legal records, registries, and others.

You can use it to collect billions of records to prepare a thorough report on any individual, making it one of the best search services available today.

Package NamePricing
One-time fee for reports  $19.95
Recurring fees  $19.95
7 day trial $3.95


  • Access to different types of verified records
  • The monthly fees are affordable and suitable for one-time users


  • The product pricing packages should be dynamic

Try InfoTracer

RecordsFinder email lookup

The last app on the list of the best reverse email lookup tools is RecordsFinder. The company has an expansive store of databases with over 2 billion records and also relies on public records. It regularly indexes public and private records to deliver comprehensive reports on a particular individual.

The company provides more than regular access to online data. They also help clients access high-quality information through pocket-friendly service packages. Other than being a reverse email address lookup tool, it also works as a phone lookup tool and offers information such as address, vehicle information, license plate information, and more.

Other than the details mentioned above, it also works as an effective address and social media lookup tool, giving you information about hidden profiles, web activity, and activities on the dark web.

Package NamePricing
Free trial (limited) Free 
One-time report  $12.95
Monthly reports $12.95


  • The app is available at affordable pricing packages
  • It’s also easy to use and customize for email lookups

Try Records Finder

Why Use Email Lookup Tools?

Reverse email lookup tools have found extensive use worldwide by both businesses and individuals. The former use them to background check candidates, build leads, and so on, while the latter often use them to get someone’s contact number, and address, or check a suspicious email address. However, the primary use cases of these email lookup free tools are mentioned below:

  • Background verification – businesses often need to ensure they have all the information before hiring a particular candidate or taking in a client, and this is one of the primary uses of a reverse email lookup service. A reverse email search free can also be used to complete a personal profile, check the identity of a new contact, and more.
  • Risk analysis – A reverse email address lookup service can come in very handy for businesses when it comes to risk assessment, fraud protection, or cybersecurity.
  • Marketing – When dealing with clients, businesses often need to ensure that they’re dealing with real people and not scammers. These are scenarios where a simple Google search doesn’t really help, leaving reverse email lookup tools as the only reliable option.

How to Choose a Reverse Email Lookup Tool

When choosing among the sea of reverse email lookup tools available in the market, there are several criteria to keep in mind. Each of these will ensure that you choose the right tool that can also help with other functions such as reverse phone lookup, background checks, and more.

  • Understand your goal – The first factor to consider when choosing a reverse email lookup service is what you want to use it for. This could be to create customer profiles, ensure protections when handling risky transactions to avoid data breaches, or find a person’s email address.
  • How often you intend to use the tool – This decision will influence the pricing package or subscription you choose.
  • How much detail do you want in your reports – If you require basic contact information, any of the tools mentioned above will work. However, if you want dedicated tools for risk management, you’ll need a dedicated tool.
  • Whether or not the tool complies with data protection requirements – You want to choose the right tool, especially when using it to gather data for your company.
  • How fast you want results to be delivered – While certain email lookup services tools will have results generated automatically and immediately, others could take a few days.
  • Whether or not you’ll require additional information – Decide whether you’ll require additional tools such as IP analysis, vehicle lookup, the email’s domain type, and so on.


This article has listed the best reverse email lookup tools in the market, along with their respective pros and cons. While it can be hard to choose one reverse email lookup option, you can still consider what criteria you’d like the tool to meet when making a decision. Each of them offers the best reverse email lookup information from a wide variety of public directories and social media and is highly accurate.

Some even offer unlimited reports, which can be great options for organizations that need to verify large amounts of emails and thus create their own private databases for internal use in the future. Lastly, you must be wary of which tool you use, especially when the internet presents you with hundreds of options, as several tools are also susceptible to data breaches as they may not follow the mandated data protection regulations.

If we had to choose one tool, we’d go with Searqle for private individuals and SEON for businesses.

Can I Free Reverse Email Look-up on Social Networks?

Yes, you can free reverse email lookup on social networks. You can perform this process conveniently on social media. Similar to search engines, social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook can store user-related data.

Alongside emails, the data consists of addresses, contact numbers, usernames, and various other helpful details. These social networks make it easy for people to locate other users’ accounts, including emails, and to find someone’s name.

However, the data listing social media can be limited. Email protection experts at Duocircle warn that social media searches will only list data that is not listed as “private” or in its database alone. Any exterior sources such as personal blogs won’t show up in the search results.

Can I Do Free Reverse Email Look-up with Search Engines?

Yes, you can do a free reverse email lookup with search engines. These include search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, and various other similar platforms. The good thing is that a search engine often indexes any content uploaded to websites fast. So, free reverse email search engines are readily available but not as comprehensive as the paid reverse email lookup tools.

It can be content on personal blogs, social media, discussion forums, contact pages, and various other similar pages. Once you have the specific email, you can input it in the search suggestion bar and hit enter.

If the email is available online, you should find it along with other various relevant data. These include data such as names, locations, addresses, website ownership, and various other details. However, if you want to conduct a background check, a search engine won’t be of much help.

Are Email Lookup Tools Legal?

If the reverse email lookup service complies with data protection regulations, it’s fully legal to use. One of the best examples of such a tool is Searqle.

How Does a Reverse Email Lookup Tool Work?

When you look up an email using a reverse email search service, it scans through millions of public records and online databases to get you the right information. This is how the tool identifies the owner from just an email address. It can also be used to verify custom domains and for email address quality evaluation.

Can You Reverse Lookup Email Address?

You can do a reverse email lookup using a tool such as Searqle or Spokeo. You can also use them to get information such as the sender’s address, contact number, social accounts, and more, other than just an email search.

Is There a Completely Free Reverse Email Lookup?

While there are several ways to conduct a free reverse email search, such as using Google, bind, or email header analysis, you can also use a tool like Spokeo or WhitePages. These tools can also give you a lot more information, such as phone numbers, social media accounts, and more.

What is the Best Free Reverse Email Lookup?

The best reverse email lookup free tools include:

☑️ Searqle – FCRA-approved reverse email lookup
☑️ Spokeo – Best reverse email lookup service
☑️ Instant Checkmate – Reverse email search free
☑️ SEON – Scammer Email Search
☑️ WhitePages – Free reverse email search engine

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