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Bark App Review ‒ Parental Control Monitoring App for Parents

With the rise of social media, parents have become increasingly worried about their children’s safety online. Luckily, software companies have recognized this issue and started developing different children monitoring apps, one of which is an app called Bark.

In our review, we will thoroughly analyze this top parental control app by discussing its features, pros and cons, pricing plans, integration with iOS and Android, and everything else you need to know.

How Is Bark Rated?

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Bark is a well-rounded monitoring app that aims to ensure maximum safety for a very reasonable price. Moreover, not only do they offer email and text monitoring, but they also cover an extensive range of social media platforms.

Bark reviews say that users appreciate the fact that Bark internet safety app doesn’t cause password lockouts like most of the other apps do, nor does it require any form of rooting or jailbreaking.

Bark parental control mitigates a lot of common issues at once because it provides unlimited coverage, and it enables parents to monitor text messages and posts for signs of bullying or predatory behavior.

This app uses AI-based algorithms to analyze all communications and alerts parents about any potential risks or threats.

Not only that, but parents are also able to track their children’s cell phone at any given moment.

Pros and Cons of Using Bark

Before we proceed with a more detailed analysis of the app, let’s cover some basics by discussing its main pros and cons.

We will create a short comparison list that highlights essential information and features that parents should be aware of:

Compatible with 24+ social media platformsDoesn’t support filtering and usage control
All user data is protected by secure SSL encryption Doesn’t offer full location services
It automatically detects and alerts parents about hazardous messages and harmful online behavior
It offers a dense set of features for an affordable price
 Enables monitoring on an unlimited number of devices

What Does the Bark App Do?

When testing the app, we discovered that there’s one main thing that sets it apart from other apps that parents use to monitor their children. Namely, other apps tend to provide safety by blocking porn or restricting access to sensitive material.

At the same time, Bark enforces a firm transparency policy as a means for encouraging open communication between parents and children. One thing we were impressed by is the fact that Bark utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms in conjunction with AI to monitor all social media accounts.

Furthermore, the app alerts parents about potential dangers, such as:

  • Signs of depression and self-harm
  • Signs of inappropriate behavior
  • Cyberbullying
  • Explicit content
  • Mentions of drugs, alcohol, or other controlled substances
  • Suicidal content
  • Changes in account activity
  • Using swear words

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How Much Does the Bark App Cost?

The good news is that Bark offers some of the fairest prices on the market. Their payment plans are divided into two main subscription categories monthly and annual.

Both subscription plans include all features and offers, and the prices go as follows:

  • Monthly subscription fee $9/month
  • Annual subscription fee $99/year

If you’re still unsure about whether you’d like to purchase this app, then you can always opt for a 7-day free trial to test it out. You will get access to all features, and you will be able to cancel anytime.

How Do You Use Bark?

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Bark can be used on a wide variety of devices, such as phones, tablets, computers, etc. The user interface is well-organized and straightforward. It works in three necessary steps:

  • Monitoring over 24 social media platforms and analyzing different forms of social activity
  • Detecting harmful interactions and sensitive content
  • Alerting parents about suspicious activities via emails or text messages

Parents will be happy to know that they won’t have to comb through each of the messages, which compromises the trust between parents and children, and it’s also quite time-consuming.

After the app detects an issue, it provides parents with suggestions that are vetted by advisors who specialize in child health, wellness, and psychology.

There is also a private Facebook group for all parents can ask questions, share concerns, or offer actionable advice.

How Do I Install Bark App?

Simply go to the company’s website, purchase a plan, or opt for a free trial, download the software, and that’s it.

Bark for Schools

Bark online monitoring app launched a fantastic Bark for Schools campaign that was inspired by the Parkland School tragedy.

All K-12 schools within the U.S. are eligible for gaining completely free access to Bark’s services.

Schools will be able to preserve students’ privacy and productivity by monitoring multiple accounts, blocking particular websites, games, explicit content, and streaming services.

Moreover, they will be able to customize filters and generate reports at their discretion.

Is the Bark App Legit?

After carefully reviewing and testing the app, we can safely conclude that the Bark app for parents is entirely legitimate.

From stellar user reviews to schools’ testimonials of its effectiveness and impressive statistics, we have concluded that Bark seems to be doing a great job.

The app has already successfully detected multiple threats, such as:

  • 300 children that expressed self-harm or suicidal thoughts
  • 492 cases of nudity or other explicit content
  • 2 shooting threats
  • 124 cases of students using official school accounts or devices to sell and buy illicit drugs

What Age Is the Bark App for?

The app was designed for children under the age of 18. However, many individuals use this app for other purposes, which is not recommended and will get you kicked out of the platform.

Bear in mind that Bark has included safeguards to prevent this kind of privacy abuse, especially if the spouse is unaware that the app had been installed on their devices.

Moreover, because of COPPA privacy and abuse regulations, Bark is obligated to seek verified parental consent for monitoring accounts of all children under the age of 13.

Can Bark Monitor Snapchat?

bark account
Yes, Bark does monitor Snapchat, as well as many other apps and media, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Tumblr
  • Google Suite and apps
  • YouTube
  • Discord
  • Pinterest
  • Kik
  • WhatsApp

It also works on iOS, Android, and Kindle.

Will Bark Slow Down My Computer or My Kid’s Devices?

Although Bark was designed to be as efficient as possible, it can still cause slight performance issues. We have confirmed this claim by comparing internet connection speeds before and after installation, and we have only noticed minimal differences in performance.

Moreover, when talking to parents who use this app, they stated that neither they nor their children had noticed any performance issues during everyday online activities.

When it comes to high-bandwidth activities, such as gaming or using advanced photo editing software, the difference in performance was a bit more pronounced.

The App Bark Is Produced By What Company?

Bark is headquartered in Atlanta, and it was developed by Brian Bason, a dad of two, who has realized the importance of protecting kids when browsing the web.

The company had recently raised $9 million from Signal Peak Ventures, with participation from Two Sigma Ventures, as well as Symmetrical Ventures, Fuel Capital, Hallett Capital, and Atlanta Seed Company.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a safe, cost-effective, and transparent way of ensuring that your kids are safe online, then Bark invisible phone tracking software could be a great option. Besides the alerts and other monitoring activities, the company offers stellar customer support that was trained to respond to all questions and concerns effectively.

Bark currently protects over three million kids, and that number has been continuously increasing. The company encourages parents to inform their children about the app to inspire open conversations and trust.

With so many threats, it is imperative to take charge and be proactive about your children’s well-being Bark is a perfect way to keep your family safe.

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