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TiSpy Review – Worth It or Absolute Trash?

Let’s get it out there: keeping your kids safe in this digital era is no less than a headache. How to keep track of their browsing history, private conversations, and other online activities? 

That’s where parental control apps come in. Out of the dozens of such apps out there, TiSpy is a considerable option for parents. 

But, is TiSpy a fit for you? Find that out with this detailed TiSpy review that will lay down the details of its performance in many important aspects like:

  • Functionality
  • Compatibility
  • Key Features
  • Pricing 
  • Installation and Setup

With details regarding all these aspects at hand, it might get easier for you to see if TiSpy is a good way to go. So, let’s dive right in.

What Is TiSpy?

TiSpy is a parental monitoring software designed for parents to keep track of what their kids do online. It helps you to ensure your child’s safety by offering effective features like:

In a nutshell, if you’re interested in tracking your child’s online activities without them knowing, you might want to consider a parental control app like TiSpy. 

How Does TiSpy Work on Android?

Getting started with TiSpy is pretty easy and straightforward. 

Below are the major steps you’ll have to go through:

1. Download & Install TiSpy

The first thing to do for TiSpy installation is to download it from the official site. Make sure to download it on the device you want to monitor. Once the APK is downloaded, open the file directory and install it on the phone. 

2. Configure TiSpy & Create an Account

Once the app is installed on your child’s device, open it and configure it. Configuration includes many steps like screen capture permission, device admin, and so on. Once configured, it’s time to create an account. 

3. Start Monitoring

That’s it. You have the app installed on your child’s phone, configured, and the account. To monitor your child’s device, simply log into the account on your browser and you might be able to track their activities. 

However, truth be told, the installation of TiSpy isn’t as easy as it looks. 

It also requires you to disable antivirus, Google Play Protect, and twinkle some other settings. But don’t you worry – we’ll get to that, too.

TiSpy Compatibility

As a hidden parental control app, TiSpy free phone tracker for Android is only available on these three platforms:

  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

However, it does support a wide range of Android versions and devices.

One of the major reasons TiSpy doesn’t support iOS and other operating systems is because it’s a silent parental control app. In other words, it’s designed to track your child’s activities without them knowing. 

For this purpose, such spy apps are programmed in a way to bind with operating system files to remain hidden. Since Android is an easy-to-go option, TiSpy is only available for Android on mobile devices. 

Below are the supported Android versions to install TiSpy:

  • Android OS 2.1 and above

Regarding computers, TiSpy supports Windows and Mac while neglecting Linux. 

However, to be sure if TiSpy supports the device your child uses, you can head over to their website. It lays down a definitive list of supported devices along with manufacturers. 

Tispy app compatibility

With that out of the way, let’s come straight to TiSpy’s features and see what sets them apart.

TiSpy Premium Features

All parental control apps come with a set of features that impact how deeply you can track a device. Let’s take a close look at the features offered by TiSpy:

Call Tracking

TiSpy offers a feature-rich call spying feature. As the name suggests, the feature lets you track your child’s call history and see who they have been chatting with. 

What’s exciting is you can also see the duration of calls as well as listen to the recorded calls on their device to ensure their safety.

Other than that, TiSpy’s call tracker is designed to give you the details of contacts. These include a contact name, contact number, email address, and other information saved on your child’s device.

Furthermore, you can also monitor call logs to see outgoing and incoming calls and their time.

To access the call tracker feature, you can simply click on the Calls section on the TiSpy dashboard. Below is a demo of what it looks like:

Tispy phone call monitoring

Text Message Tracking

By using TiSpy’s text message tracking feature, you can view conversations without physical access to their phone

TiSpy’s dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your child’s inbox where you can remotely access all their texts. 

What’s exciting is the app also lets you track the other multimedia like images, audio recordings, and videos etc sent other than SMS text tracking

So, you can be 100% sure about your child’s online conversations on his phone and what sort of content they’re engaged in. Plus, TiSpy also provides the details of people your child was texting with. 

Furthermore, the app also offers the deleted chats feature that lets you see the deleted text messages. Other than that, with the date and time stamp, tracking the messages becomes convenient. 

Tispy SMS monitoring

Location Tracking

TiSpy also offers the GPS tracking feature that lets you see where your child is right now. So, you can see if your child goes exactly where they say they do. 

With the locating tracking feature, you can have a real-time location breakdown of your child’s device to get their whereabouts. And, you’ll be able to track their location without them knowing.

You can also use the location history feature to see where your kid has been all day or the week. The options for both map viewing and satellite views are available for location tracking. 

Tispy GPS location tracking

Social Media Tracking

With 4.55 billion people using social media around the world, most likely your child is among them. In fact, people with Android devices spend a considerable part of their day on social media.

So, to track the social media activities of your child, TiSpy has introduced the social media tracking feature. It lets you monitor a wide range of social media platforms on your child’s device. 

Let’s take a close look at them below:


Whatsapp, being the most popular messaging platform, should be tracked if it’s on your child’s device. Thankfully, TiSpy lets you do that.

TiSpy’s Whatsapp tracking lets you view your child’s Whatsapp conversations and look into all the texts and media they have sent out. 

You can also track their time and date for convenience and flexibility. Furthermore, the ability to see contact names and images is another significant addition. 

Tispy WhatsApp monitoring

Now, the point to note is, the TiSpy features for other messaging and social media platforms are the same. So, below is the list of other apps that TiSpy offers the same features for as for Whatsapp:


TiSpy also offers the Keylogging feature which tends to be helpful if you’d like to track your child’s activities deeply. 

The feature lets you determine all the keystrokes your child may have pressed. This includes all their messages, browser searches, and emails. 

TiSpy’s keylogging feature also lays down the details of time as well as the application they were typing on. If you focus, keylogging is a pretty effective feature as you can track all your child’s typing activities using it.

Clipboard History Viewing

Your child might not be typing everything by their hands. 

Sometimes, they may also rather copy a piece of text to send to someone as a message or to search on Google. Similarly, it could also be a link. 

The clipboard viewer lets you track all the pieces of text and links that your child copied. Just like the key logs, you can also see the time and date of copied texts. 

Tispy clipboard history

Multimedia Tracking

Monitoring what your child keeps on their smartphone is also important. It could be inappropriate images or videos you wouldn’t want them to get exposed to. 

The multimedia tracking feature of TiSpy lets you conveniently view all the images, GIFs, videos, and other multimedia files to ensure your child is not involved in sexting or violent content. 

With TiSpy’s multimedia tracker, you can also check the date and time stamps of files as well as use the search bar for navigation. 

Moreover, the brilliant nude image detection feature is another significant addition to help you save time as well as get peace of mind. 

These multimedia files from your child’s device are saved on your TiSpy’s online dashboard. You also get the option to download all the data on your dashboard. 

Tispy multimedia tracking

Web History Tracking

The exposure rate of teens to adult content on the internet is pretty high. With the web history tracker o TiSpy, you can make sure your child isn’t among them. 

The feature lets you see all the websites your child visited on the internet. You also get their specific URLs to see what exactly they viewed. Furthermore, you can track their entire internet history in one place.

Unlike other web history trackers, TiSpy doesn’t come with the requirement of rooting the Android device whose web history you want to track. Once the app is installed on your child’s device, you can start viewing the web history. 

Tispy web history monitoring

Capture Scheduling

The control over a smartphone’s camera is one of the most premium features from TiSpy. 

The feature lets you capture an image from the smartphone of your child virtually, whenever you want. For your convenience, you can even plan it. 

You also get to choose which camera you want to use, front camera or back camera. Other than that, you can also record audio and a smartphone’s screen as well as select the number of captures. 

Tispy capture scheduling

App Monitoring & Control

When using the smartphone, your kid may be using a variety of applications that should be supervised. 

TiSpy not only lets you track the usage of apps individually but you can also block certain websites or apps on your child’s device. 

Other than that, TiSpy also offers a detailed breakdown of the apps installed, the time they were installed, and their size. You can also set TiSpy to notify you every time a new app is installed/ uninstalled on your child’s device. 

Tispy app monitoring

TiSpy Price

The pricing at TiSpy is affordable, especially if you choose the annual subscription. 

There’s only a single plan on TiSpy for everyone. However, the pricing depends upon the term you choose. Unfortunately, no month-to-month plan is available. Only 3-month, 6-month, and annual plans are in place. 

As a rule of thumb, the price decreases as you go higher:

  • The 3-month plan at TiSpy starts from $11.73/mo
  • The 6-month package costs $8.70
  • The 12-month plan is the easiest on your pocket and starts at $6.74/mo
Tispy pricing plans

Whichever plan you choose, each comes with all the advanced features included. See the image below for nitty-gritty details:

Tispy features

If you’re wondering whether TiSpy offers a refund policy, well, it offers a 7-day refund policy. 

However, there’s an even easier option available – the 2-day free trial. Simply use this trial period to evaluate TiSpy and see if it’s a fit for you. 

How to Install TiSpy on Android

Installing TiSpy on your child’s Android device (that you want to monitor) doesn’t have to be hard. According to TiSpy, it only takes 2 minutes of your precious time. 

Below are the steps to installing TiSpy on Android and starting to monitor it. But before everything, make sure the device has an Android version later than 2.1 (which it will have, most likely).

Part 1 – TiSpy Free Trial Registration and Pre-Setup

First off, sign up on TiSpy from their official website to avail of the free 2-day trial. All it takes is to put your email and password and confirm it. 

Then, TiSpy will send you a confirmation email, use the provided link to confirm your sign-up. After you’ve signed up on TiSpy, it’s time to get your child’s device at hand and disable:

  • Google Play Protect
  • Anti-Virus

Follow the steps below to disable Google Play Protect:

1. Open Play Store App on the phone

2. Tap Menu and navigate to Play Protect

3. Disable the option “Scan device for security threats”

When it comes to disabling anti-virus, it’s different for different devices (and manufacturers). However, in general, you have to disable app security like:

  • Security Detection
  • Scan before Installing
  • Device Security
  • Online virus scan

Once you’re done with these 2 tasks (disabling Google Play Protect and anti-virus) on your child’s smartphone, the first part is complete. 

Part 2 – TiSpy Downloading and Installation 

To install TiSpy, you might have to download it from the official website. You might easily find a link for that on TiSpy’s official website. 

Once the app is downloaded, install it on the device.

Quick info: The app file is called “TiSPY Client”.

Part 3 – TiSpy Configuration and Login 

After the app is installed on the device, it’s time for configuration.

Once you’ve gone through the terms and conditions and administrator rights, log in using the account you had created. If you hadn’t, you can also sign up right here. 

Now, it might ask for location permission, accessibility, and other types of permissions, do provide the app those permissions for efficient tracking of the device. If you want to find a phone tracker app that doesn’t require permission.

TiSpy might ask for many other controls too – like battery optimization, notification monitoring, and what not? As a rule of thumb, these controls are essentials for TiSpy to let you track your child’s activities. 

Part 4 – How to Hide TiSpy Icon on Android

Before anything else, know the fun fact that the TiSpy app comes with the icon of Wifi and is named Wi-fi. As you’ve guessed, it’s for secret monitoring of your child. To remove this icon too, follow these steps:

1. Open recent apps on the device

2. Long press on TiSpy’s application – Wifi 

3. You might see the lock button, tap on it

Note: Generally, only Oppo/Vivo/Redmi/Mi/Samsung devices support this locking feature. If your child’s device doesn’t, you can use some alternative way to hide the icon of the app. Even if it remains upfront, the child will likely not notice it in such disguise.

Part 5 – Start Monitoring with TiSpy 

After you configure TiSpy on a device you want to monitor, you will get a confirmation message on your email. Simply click “Activate Account” and log in to TiSpy (if not logged in already).

That’s it, this will take you to TiSpy dashboard where you can start monitoring your child’s device. 

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced tracking features
  • Silent tracking
  • Brilliant hiding ability with disguise
  • Affordable pricing
  • Supports various social media platforms
  • Easy to use 


  • Short free trial
  • Supports Android only
  • Installation can be tempting
  • No month-to-month plans

Final Verdict

Although TiSpy doesn’t support all the major platforms like other parental control apps out there, it offers amazing features for the platform it does support. 

With powerful benefits like advanced tracking and live screen viewing, TiSpy becomes a great option for worried parents who want their kids to be safe. 

Coming with a 2-day free trial and trustable reputation, TiSpy is certainly worth a try – especially if you’re looking for a hidden monitoring app. 

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