mSpy vs FlexiSpy

mSpy vs FlexiSpy – What’s a Better Choice for 2022?

Let’s get it out there: mSpy and FlexiSpy are the first options that come to mind when someone asks for the best spy apps on the market. 

Both mSpy and FlexiSpy come with an extensive customer base which proves their credibility. But, when it comes to deciding on one with your particular needs in mind, it can be challenging to make the final decision. 

So, which of mSpy and FlexiSpy is the perfect fit for you? That we’ll find out today, with this detailed mSpy vs FlexiSpy comparison. 

That said, let’s dive in. 

We’ve tested both apps and published the most in-depth reviews on the market:

mSpy vs FlexiSpy Overview

Below is an overview of mSpy vs FlexiSpy comparison:

mSpy vs FlexiSpyDescription
Ease of Installation TieBoth require the same installation time and don’t require technical knowledge. 
CompatibilityFlexiSpy winsFlexiSpy also supports Windows and iPads whereas mSpy doesn’t.
Silent MonitoringTieBoth apps are designed for hidden cell phone monitoring.
Tracking FeaturesTieBoth apps offer special features that are useful for particular needs. 
AccuracyTieBoth apps offer accurate cell tracking with efficient features. 
Data Sync SpeedmSpy winsmSpy’s data syncing speeds edge those of FlexiSpy’s. 
PricingFlexiSpy winsFlexiSpy’s pricing is slightly cheaper than that of mSpy.
ReliabilitymSpy winsmSpy is more reliable than FlexiSpy.

With the table at hand, let’s dive into the details of each aspect of the mSpy vs FlexiSpy comparison.

Ease of Installation

If you’re looking forward to spying on your partner secretly, you’d want the installation process to be quick to ensure your partner doesn’t know about it. 

A good installation time for a spy app is between 5-10 minutes. If an app takes longer than that, it may not be a great pick for silent monitoring. 

Another important aspect of the installation is the configuration. The spy apps generally ask for a lot of permissions on the target phone to make monitoring possible. If the configuration of an app is too for an average user, it may not be a great way to go. 

Our pick: Our experts tried both mSpy and FlexiSpy to thoroughly review them. They found the installation of both mSpy and FlexiSpy to consume pretty much the same amount of time.

Moreover, unlike some other spy apps, mSpy or FlexiSpy don’t require much technical knowledge. An average user is good to go with any of these. The comparison of mSpy and FlexiSpy in terms of ease of installation is a tie.


A spy app can have the best features in the world. However, if it doesn’t support the platform of your partner’s smartphone device, what’s the use? 

With that in mind, a spy app that supports multiple platforms is preferable. 

This way, it not only makes you sure that your partner’s device is supported but you also rest assured that the subscription won’t go useless if your partner switches to another platform. 

When it comes to mSpy, the app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It supports all iOS devices running version 7 and newer. For Android, it requires the device to be running version 4 or above.

mSpy Compatibility

Speaking of FlexiSpy, it also supports both iOS and Android smartphones. For Android phones, it requires the target device to be running version 4 or above. When it comes to iOS, FlexiSpy takes the lead as it supports devices running version 6 and above.

Furthermore, the compatibility with iPad and computers as well makes FlexiSpy stand out. It is compatible with iPads running 6.0-13.x versions. Additionally, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are all supported as well. 

FlexiSpy compatiblity

Our pick: Thankfully, both mSpy and FlexiSpy are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. However, FlexiSpy boasts better compatibility for iOS with support for older versions too. Other than that, FlexiSpy also supports Windows and iPads whereas mSpy doesn’t. Eventually, FlexiSpy offers more comprehensive compatibility

Silent Monitoring

If you want to monitor your partner’s smartphone without them knowing, it’s important for the spy app to be optimized for silent monitoring. 

If a spy app doesn’t offer hidden monitoring, the target user would easily know and could remove spyware from their phone right away. 

When a spy app offers a discrete mode, it binds its files with the OS files which makes it undetectable. Apart from that, such apps also provide the option to hide their icon on the target smartphone. 

Thankfully, mSpy offers hidden tracking to ensure your partner doesn’t know they’re being monitored. When it comes to FlexiSpy, the app also works in the background to ensure the target user doesn’t find out about it. 

Our pick: Both mSpy and FlexiSpy specialize in hidden cell phone tracking. Whichever way you go, you can rest assured that the target user cannot easily find out about the spyware on their phone. Overall, the comparison of mSpy vs FlexiSpy in terms of hidden tracking is a tie. 

Tracking Features

The tracking features included are a highlight of a spy app. If you’re looking forward to a great phone tracking experience, an app with more spying features might be your preference. 

There are some main cell tracking features that nearly every spy app on the market offers. These include:

However, what makes a spy app take the lead is the advanced tracking features it offers, like:

  • Geofencing
  • Camera access
  • Microphone access
  • Phone snapshots

When it comes to mSpy, it offers plenty of amazing cell tracking features. 

The worth-mentioning features of mSpy include geo-fencing which alerts you in case your partner breaches specific location zones you may have set. Other than that, the app also throws in some excellent control features like website, WiFi, and app blocking. 

On the other hand, the best FlexiSpy features include call recording to get proof of your partner’s cheating. 

Furthermore, the ambient sound recording is another significant addition that lets you listen to the target device’s microphone in real-time. Lastly, remote camera access is another unique feature of FlexiSpy. 

Our pick: As you can see, mSpy and FlexiSpy come with standout tracking features. For instance, geofencing and web/app blocking are the highlights of mSpy. Whereas, call recording and microphone access are the main features of FlexiSpy.

So, with that in mind, mSpy and FlexiSpy are useful for different needs. For instance, FlexiSpy is optimized more for spouse monitoring with microphone access and call records. Both come in at a tie as their special features fit different needs.


A spy app can advertise the most catchy cell tracking features in the world. However, if the features don’t work as efficiently they’re supposed to, what’s the use?

So, it’s important for a spy app to be accurate to get you desired results and to make your spouse spying successful. Our review experts paid special attention to this aspect when comparing mSpy and FlexiSpy. 

mSpy is excellent in terms of monitoring social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Other than that, we also found it effective in terms of keylogging, location tracking, and call logging. 

Speaking of FlexiSpy, it also offers accurate cell phone tracking. It results in call logging, contact monitoring, social media tracking, and ambient sound recording being perfect. 

Our pick: We found both mSpy and FlexiSpy to offer accurate cell tracking results in many cell tracking features. Compared to some other apps on the market, mSpy and FlexiSpy stand out in terms of accuracy. Eventually, both are equally good when it comes to their accuracy.

Data Sync Speed

If a spy app takes a lot to sync information from the target device, you could miss out on important information. 

For instance, if the target user deleted a private message right away, the spy app may miss out on it if there was a delay in uploading. So, an app with quick data synchronization should be your priority to ensure you access all the information in real-time. 

Speaking of mSpy, its data sync speed is great. The information was uploaded in a matter of minutes. 

Apart from offering undetectable monitoring as fewer hardware resources are used, mSpy is also a very reliable option to monitor your partner’s smartphone. 

FlexiSpy’s data upload time is also equally fast. In most cases, FlexiSpy syncs all the information in a matter of minutes as well. 

Though some advanced features may take a while to work, the basic information regarding call logs, SMS texts, etc., updates instantly. 

Our pick: Both mSpy and FlexiSpy are equally fast when it comes to syncing data. However, we found mSpy to take the edge on a few instances, editing it ahead of FlexiSpy. Both apps are equally quick in syncing data from the target device to the dashboard, but mSpy does have the edge on a few occasions. 

Try mSpy


Pricing is an important aspect of any spy app as it determines whether you’re going to invest in it or not. 

According to what spy apps are charging in the market, mSpy and FlexiSpy both come with competitive pricing. You can attain big discounts by choosing a long-term subscription to either mSpy or FlexiSpy. 

mSpy Pricing

Speaking of mSpy, the app offers Basic and Premium plans. The basic plan lacks some tracking features and comes at a cheaper price. Whereas, Premium plans suit the users looking for advanced features best. 

Furthermore, it also had different plans for Android and iOS phones. 

Below is mSpy’s pricing for Android tracking:

  • Monthly subscription – $48.99/mo.
  • 3-month subscription – $27.99/mo.
  • Annual subscription – $11.66/mo.

Below is mSpy’s pricing for iOS tracking:

  • 1-month subscription – $69.99/mo.
  • 3-month subscription – $39.99/mo.
  • Annual subscription – $16.99/mo.

FlexiSpy Pricing

FlexiSpy also offers excellent value for your money. 

Below are the prices of FlexiSpy’s Android plans:

  • Lite Plan – $29.95 – monthly subscription.
  • Premium Plan – $99 – 3-month subscription.
  • Extreme plan – $349 – annual subscription.

Below are the prices of FlexiSpy’s iOS plans:

  • Lite plan – $29.95/mo – monthly subscription.
  • Premium package – $68/mo – monthly subscription. 
  • Extreme plan – $199/mo – 3-month subscription.

Our pick: As mentioned, both mSpy and FlexiSpy boast excellent value for your money. However, since FlexiSpy’s pricing is cheaper, with more incredible discounts, it takes the lead.  FlexiSpy is the winner when it comes to pricing.

Can mSpy Be Detected? 

mSpy cannot be detected on a smartphone. It’s a hidden spy app that binds its files with the operating system files to work silently in the background. However, it can still be detected if the target user holds advanced knowledge of smartphones.

How Long Does it Take to Install mSpy? 

Installing mSpy on an Android phone can take 5-10 minutes. It includes the configuration of mSpy for monitoring as well. For iOS, the installation is remote and doesn’t require much configuration. So, installing mSpy on iOS is quicker. 

How Good is FlexiSpy? 

Our review experts have found FlexiSpy’s features to be effective and legit. Though some of its features require jailbreaking and rooting for iOS and Andriod respectively, the app has done a great job making its features effective. 

Key Takeaways – Which One is Better?

Here are the takeaways for the mSpy vs FlexiSpy comparison:

  • Both mSpy and FlexiSpy are great spy apps for particular needs.
  • mSpy’s main features like web blocking, geo-fencing, and app blocking make it perfect for parents who want to spy on their kid’s smartphone activities. 
  • On the other hand, FlexiSpy’s key features like ambient sound recording and remote camera access make it a great choice. 
  • If we were to choose between FlexiSpy and mSpy as the best spy app, we’d choose mSpy as it offers more reliability when compared with FlexiSpy. While the pricing might be higher, the increased reliability, easy-to-use dashboard, and advanced features make it worth it. 

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  1. Hey, Angelica – I am currently comparing monitoring apps to use on my teen son’s phone, and he is probably way more tech savvy than I will ever be. Every “Best” list I have viewed, so far, has a different front runner. I am debating between Bark and mSpy, but I would appreciate any advice or opinions you would be willing to share. We don’t particularly want the app to be visible to him. While he is aware that a monitoring app will be installed, we don’t want it visible as a constant reminder. We want to see him making smart choices and earning our trust, all on his own.

    1. Hey Sara, thanks for reaching out! I’ve communicated with Bark before, and they’re very, very white hat. Unfortunately, the software will be visible. If you want to install a monitoring app that can actually be hidden, I’d opt for uMobix. uMobix is the new kid on the block, they’re a flexible start-up and implement new features superfast. Want to overlook the newest messaging app? uMobix rolls these updates out pretty quickly. Other behemoths like mSpy are solid, but are often very slow to update, thus making them less efficient.

      Anyway, you can read our review on uMobix here and decide for yourself.

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