uMobix vs mSpy: Which Tracking App Should You Choose?

Are you looking for a good phone tracking application to use for parental control or to monitor someone’s phone? With so many options in the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one. However, two of the best apps in the market are uMobix and mSpy.

While both apps have several common features, they’re also different in crucial ways. This comparison will give you an insight into these differences and help you decide which is the best for your needs based on their features, pricing, and compatibility.  

How to Choose the Right Spy App For Your Needs 

There are several things you’ll need to consider when choosing the right spy app for your monitoring needs. These include – 

  • Check if they’re compatible with the target device – Some apps are compatible with Android devices but not with iOS ones. 
  • Do they offer the features you require? Some apps offer geofencing along with GPS tracking, while others don’t. You’ll need to go through their list of features to decide the best one for your needs. 
  • Check how much the app will cost you – The price is a no-brainer. The more features you get for a better price, the better the deal it is for you. 
  • Find out how reliable the app is – While price and features are one piece of the puzzle, a huge part of the customer experience is dictated by how reliable a spy app is. You can read reviews of these apps online to get the full picture of this aspect. 

What is uMobix? 

uMobix vs mSpy: uMobix dashboard

uMobix is an advanced parental monitoring and control software that you can use to track your child’s every move. Whether it’s their calls and texts, or their GPS locations, uMobix allows you to monitor all these on both Android and iOS devices. 

What is mSpy? 

mSpy phone tracking app

Just like uMobix, mSpy is also a parental control application that you can use to monitor your child’s activities on their smartphones. This includes their calls, texts, social media chats, keystrokes, and more. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

Both the applications mentioned above come with an online dashboard via which you can view all the information recorded on the target device. However, many resources claim that you can try the umobix free trial, but this is not the case. Unfortunately, umobix does not have a free trial period, while mSpy offers you a 7-day free trial. Regardless, both offer free demos on their websites so you can see how the dashboard works and the information is presented to you. 

uMobix vs mSpy: Compatibility

AndroidVersion 4.0+Version 4.0+
iOSiOS 8+iOS 7+


The first point of difference in this uMobix vs mSpy comparison is their compatibility. As you can see from the table above, and as mentioned earlier, both uMobix and mSpy work on Android and iOS devices. While their minimum requirements for Android are similar, mSpy goes a step further by also catering to iPhones that run iOS 7, as opposed to uMobix which requires a minimum of iOS 8. 

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User Interface and Control Panel

Next up in this uMobix vs mSpy comparison is their user interface. Both uMobix and mSpy offer a very intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate through. Both have a set of options that you can use to navigate through all the features on the left of the dashboard. You can use these to switch between monitoring the target’s calls to their social media and even their GPS locations. 

However, one difference that you will notice in the way both these apps present the information from the target device is that mSpy gives you the target’s chats in a proper conversation view, while uMobix simply lists them. While you can click on a conversation, uMobix will only list all the chats under it. This makes mSpy’s interface a little easier to navigate through. 

mSpy vs uMobix: Installation 

The procedure to install mSpy and uMobix is simple and quite similar as well. Both apps require you to follow three basic steps – 

  • Create a free account on the uMobix or mSpy website using your email address. 
  • Select the device you want to monitor (Android or iOS) 
  • Pay for your subscription and install the app on your phone with the aid of the instructions given. 

Android devices usually require one-time physical access to the device to set up the application. This is because setting up an app on Android requires disabling the protections offered by Google Play Protect and also giving the application other permissions. 

On the other hand, installing either of these apps on an iPhone will only demand the target’s iCloud credentials and won’t require physical access to the device. The only exception to this is if two-factor authentication is enabled, as you’ll then need to access the device to get the code to install the app on it. 

uMobix vs mSpy: Features

Both these applications are feature-packed. Being the best in the market, they cover the entire gamut by offering the following features – 

  • Call monitoring and address book access
  • Text message monitoring
  • Social media monitoring 
  • GPS location tracking 
  • Keystroke monitoring
  • Web browser history tracking 
  • App blocking

With this basic list out of the way, we’ll dive into each of these features and compare how both these spy apps compare. 

Call Monitoring 

mSpy call monitoring

When it comes to call logging and monitoring, mSpy offers a very simple and straightforward solution. It gives you the direction of the call, it will give you the number called in both directions, the name of the caller if they’re saved in the address book, the call duration, and the date of the call. While these are most of the features people will need, mSpy missed out on call recording or active listening. However, you can still find out who owns a number.

uMobix offers a very similar experience in this regard. While it gives you information about the direction of the call, the name of the caller, the phone number, the timestamps, and the date the calls were made, it misses out on call recording, which is often a very useful feature to have. However, what lets uMobix’s call logging feature down is the fact that you can’t search for a particular call, making it hard to find a specific call. 

In this regard, mSpy offers a much easier experience as it allows you to search for a specific call if you need to. 

Address Book 

uMobix vs mSpy: uMobix address book

mSpy offers a very simple log of all the contacts saved on the target device. It gives you the name of the contact on the left and their details on the right of the dashboard. If you want to access a specific person’s number, you can click on their name. A major downside of how mSpy organizes these contacts, however, is that they aren’t arranged alphabetically, so finding a specific one can take a very long time. 

uMobix does a better job with the address book log of the target device. It gives you the names, phone numbers, contact pictures, and the states of residence of all the people on the list. Additionally, given that all the data is saved online, you can also view any contacts that your child or partner deletes from their phone in an attempt to erase any evidence. 

Text Message Monitoring 

mSpy SMS monitoring

Text message monitoring is one of mSpy’s highlights, and it does it very well. The first thing that stands out about how mSpy presents a lot of all the chats is that it does so in a proper conversation view. This makes it easier to navigate between chats and read them individually. 

Besides the conversation view, mSpy gives you the contact’s name, the date of the message, and any MMS attachments sent with the texts. 

The only downside about mSpy’s text monitoring is that it doesn’t offer you the ability to filter conversations based on date or to be able to look for a specific phrase. 

With uMobix, on the other hand, you can read all sent and received text messages and also retrieve deleted texts. You also get the sender’s name or their mobile number if it isn’t saved on the target’s device. However, as mentioned earlier, uMobix misses out on a true conversation view, making it tricky to search for a specific message or even a thread of messages. 

Social Media Monitoring

mSpy social media monitoring

Both mSpy and uMobix offer impressive social media monitoring capabilities. To start with, mSpy offers monitoring for all social media applications and doesn’t limit it to popular ones like hacking Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. It also covers the following applications – 

  • Telegram
  • iMessage
  • Tinder
  • Viber
  • Kik
  • Line
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts, and more. 

What makes mSpy stand out is the fact that it presents all the conversations and media files shared on these applications in the same conversation view discussed above. Further, it also offers you the ability to monitor WhatsApp calls, which is another unique ability of this application. However, all this comes with a major downside, which is that you can only access this feature on a rooted or jailbroken device. 

uMobix too has an impressive social media monitoring feature, and the best part is that you don’t need to root your device to benefit from it. Some of the popular applications uMobix can monitor include – 

  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Zoom
  • TikTok
  • WeChat
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • Tinder, and more.

uMobix takes screenshots of all the activities on these social media applications. So, if the target opens Facebook, for instance, uMobix will take a full screenshot of their activity. Further, when it comes to Facebook, iOS users have an advantage as they have full control over the target’s Facebook account. Note that the target’s device needs to be an iPhone and not that of the person monitoring them. This feature is unique to uMobix. 

While Android devices don’t support this full control, the app takes screenshots of the target’s activities every 5-6 seconds, so you hardly miss out on anything they do. 

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GPS Location Tracking 

uMobix GPS tracking

mSpy has a very effective GPS location tracking feature that gives you all the following details – 

  • Accurate GPS coordinates along with location data
  • The date and time of the record taken
  • The accuracy of the particular point in meters. 
  • A Map View to see all these points more visually. 

mSpy also offers a very handy geofencing feature, which many other popular spy apps miss out on. With this, you can take location tracking to the next level. You can set up virtual zones on the map so that you’re alerted whenever the target enters or leaves it. To do so, you’ll have to enter details such as the radius, the name of the zone (such as School, Shady Area, Park, etc.), and whether or not you want email notifications of every entry and exit. 

uMobix also offers an impressive location tracking feature. Some of the details it offers you include – 

  • The target’s current location on the map
  • Their routes and location history
  • Address history
  • Accurate GPS coordinates 

One feature that stands out is that you can click on a particular location and uMobix will give you the time at which the target was there along with a Google Maps link so you can easily navigate to it. On the flip side, one key feature that this app misses out on is geofencing, which could have gone a long way in adding to its parental control prowess. 

Keystroke Monitoring 

mSpy keylogger

This is another key feature of any good spy app, and both mSpy and uMobix do it very well. In the case of mSpy, this is another one of its best features. Given that several other features of this app depend on its keylogger, mSpy does a very good job of recording even the slightest inputs, making it a good Android keylogger. This can be a great way of getting into the mind of the target to see what they’re thinking and saying. 

To add to this, mSpy also adds a keyword tracker with which you can program the app to notify you every time the target enters a particular keyword on their phone and even in an app of your choosing. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for a particular piece of information from the target’s phone. 

Keyword tracking on mSpy

uMobix, on the other hand, has a fairly good keylogging feature as well. While it was mostly accurate, there were a few instances in which it would throw up some incomplete sentences or phrases. However, it can also record items copied to the clipboard, so you’ll know if the target wants to copy some text from one app to another. 

However, it misses out on the really helpful keyword tracker that mSpy offers. 

Web Browser History Tracking 

uMobix web browser monitoring

mSpy allows you to monitor the target’s browsing history as well, so you can get a log of everything they searched for and every website they visited via their web browser. To add to this, the app also gives you a log of any websites deleted from the target’s browser, so nothing is hidden. The app will give you the URL of the website and the date at which it was accessed. It also shows you how frequently a website is visited, which can be very helpful. 

uMobix also does a good job with its web browsing abilities. In fact, it goes one step ahead of mSpy by giving you screenshots of all the activities on the target’s web browser. You can also view the browser history, any websites deleted from it, and the time at which they were accessed. It supports most major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 

App Blocking 

mSpy app blocking

mSpy’s app blocking ability works very well for parents who want to restrict which apps they want their kids to use on their devices. Given that mSpy already has a list of apps installed on the device, all you need to do is select the “Block” option and it’ll be done. When the target tries to open the blocked app, it’ll simply display a block screen. However, this doesn’t work as well all the time. 

uMobix on the other hand doesn’t offer an app blocking ability, but it does let you monitor app activity so you know what the target’s doing on their phone on any app at any given point in time. It will track which app was opened and at what time. It will also tell you the time at which the app was closed and the duration it was used for. However, the one downside to this is that the apps aren’t listed by their own names but by their package names. This makes it tricky to figure out which app is which. 

Besides all the features mentioned above, each mobile phone tracker also let you monitor all the media files stored on the target device, from photos to video and even audio files. 

mSpy offers features like WiFi monitoring and blocking which uMobix doesn’t, but among all the other features, you can see that each has its own share of pros and cons. 

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In the next section, we compare their prices so you have a better understanding of what you get for the price you pay. 

uMobix vs mSpy: Pricing 

The last part of this uMobix vs mSpy comparison is the price. Both mSpy and uMobix are very competitive and similarly priced. This is one of the factors that make choosing between them a little tricky. 

mSpy Pricing 

mSpy pricing

mSpy offers a Basic and a Premium package which is both differently priced. While both plans are only compatible with one device, the Premium plan offers you certain advanced features such as geofencing, social media monitoring, app blocking, and WiFi monitoring. 

However, if you’d like to monitor more than one device, mSpy also offers a Family Kit plan that you’ll have to get in touch with the app’s customer support to avail of. 

uMobix Pricing 

While mSpy offers two different plans but no differences between Android and iOS, uMobix has different prices for both platforms. Its iOS pricing is as follows – 

uMobix iOS pricing

It’s Android pricing is as follows – 

uMobix Android pricing

As you can see, this app is reasonably priced. However, one thing to note is that the Basic package doesn’t offer features like web browser monitoring, bookmarks, keylogging, and social media monitoring. 

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mSpy Pros and Cons 


  • Offers lots of monitoring features
  • Easy to install and use
  • Most features don’t require rooting or jailbreaking
  • 100% invisible via Stealth Mode 
  • Accurate keystroke monitoring 
  • Offers WiFi monitoring and blocking 


  • Offers monitoring for only one device per account 
  • Certain advanced features require a rooted Android device
  • Filtering records isn’t too easy. 

uMobix Pros and Cons 


  • Reasonably priced
  • User friendly UI
  • Rooting and jailbreaking aren’t compulsory 
  • 100% undetectable
  • Shows app activity in real-time 
  • Full access to Instagram and Facebook on iOS 


  • Doesn’t offer geofencing 
  • Certain features are only available on iOS 


Spy apps are fast becoming popular tools for the purposes of parental control among other monitoring purposes. Among these, uMobix and mSpy are two of the best available in the market. This uMobix vs mSpy comparison has discessed how these two apps stand up to each other in terms of their compatibility, ease of use, features, and pricing. At the end of it, both apps come out with flying colours.

While mSpy is an old giant that’s been around for a while, uMobix is the new kid on the block. Being a startup, the latter offers exceptional customer support and is quick to incorporate new features.

Regardless, which mobile phone tracker you choose boils down to which features you value and how much you’re willing to pay for them. Both mSpy and uMobix are great choices that we strongly recommend.

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