mSpy vs Spyzie: Which Tracking App Is the Best?

When looking for mobile tracking apps in the market, two applications that you’re bound to come across are mSpy and Spyzie. They’re the top competitors in the mobile tracking app space, and this comparison will be a detailed comparison of mSpy vs Spyzie.

We will dive into the compatibility of both these apps, their features, prices, and more to give you a verdict on which tracking app you should choose if you’re in the market for one.

What is mSpy?

mSpy tracking app

mSpy is a spy app that is among the most popular in the world. It’s compatible with all Android and iOS devices and offers immense reliability with very good features.

It allows you to monitor various aspects of a target device, such as calls, text messages, social media conversations, GPS locations, keystrokes, and much more. The detailed list of features of this spy app are given below –

  • Call logging and monitoring: mSpy allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls made on te target device. It also gives you details such as the timestapms, call duration, and the phone numbers on both ends of the call.
  • Text message monitoring: mSpy also gives you access to all incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device, along with their timestamps and any media files exchanged between the two.
  • GPS tracking: With mSpy, you can track the atrget’s GPS location in real-time. The spftware gives you accurate GPS coordinates, along with the times at which the target device was at these various locations.
  • Keyword tracking: Another important feature that can be very useful for parents who want to monitor their kids and partners who want to spy on their spouses is the keyword tracking. The app alerts you whenever the target enters certain keywords on their device.
  • Media files monitoring: mSpy also gives you access to all the media files on the device. This includes images, videos, audio files, and anything else.
  • Social media monitoring: mSpy also allows you to monitor all conversations and media files echanged by the targets on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instgram, Snapchat, Kik, Tinder, and more.
  • App blocking: If you don’t want the target to use certain apps on their phone, you can also use th app’s app blocking features to prevent access.

mSpy Pricing

mSpy’s pricing is competitive with other good tracking apps in the market. These are given below –

mSpy pricing for mSpy vs Spyzie comparison


  • Offers various tracking features
  • Rooting and jailbreaking isn’t required
  • 100% hidden on the target device
  • Easy to install
  • Offers accurate keylogging and keyword tracking


  • Only allows monitoring for one device per account
  • Advanced features require rooting
  • Filtering all recorded data could be easier

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What is Spyzie?

mSpy vs Spyzie - Spyzie monitoring app

Spyzie is yet another brilliant mobile tracking application that has found immense usage when it comes to parental control, employee monitoring, and even for people who want to catch their spouse cheating.

It offers various features, the major ones of which are listed below –

  • Call tracking: Spyzie offers an impressive call tracking feature that gives you details of the call duration, the data, and the timestamps. It also offers a call recording feature that allows you to listen in on a call without the target knowing about it.
  • SMS monitoring: Spyzie also offers an SMS tracking feature with whih you can monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages. The major benefit with Spyzie is that it offers a conversation view for all the messages, making it easy to read and navhiate between them.
  • Location tracking: Spyzie’s location tracking feature is also very good. It gives you Google Maps records of all the locations the target device has been to, and also gives you the physical address of a place if you click on it on the map. Spyzie also offers an advanced geofening feature to complement its location tracking capabilities.
  • Social media monitoring: Spyzie offers monotoring for various social media applications. However, the downside of this feature is that it makes use of the app’s keylogger, meaning that it doesn’t give you a conversation view of the chats, but presentes them as a record of the keystrokes entered on it.
  • Web history tracking: Spyzie also gives you the ability to monitor the web browsing hisotry of the target. Additionally, it gives you information like the visit frequency, the last visit date, and the status of any bookmarks on the web browser.

Spyzie Pricing

Spyzie offers different price points when it comes to monitoring Android and iOS devices. These are shown in the image below –


Spyzie Android pricing plans


Spyzie iOS pricing plans


  • Easy to download and use
  • Offers advanced features like GPS tracking
  • Can uninstall apps on target phone
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use interface and dashboard


  • Average customer support
  • Basic Premium plan doesn’t offer all features
  • Uninstall apps on taeget phones is only available on Android devices
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial

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mSpy vs Spyzie – How Do They Compare?

Installation and Set Up

To start off, both mSpy and Spyzie can be installed on jailbroken and rooted devices, and also non-rooted and non-jailbroken devices. this makes them easily accessible on both platforms, regardless of the device’s system’s status.

Setting up both apps on Android and iOS devices is easy. However, the key differences come in in the difference between the number of permissions both apps need to be granted to start monitoring Android devices. While Spyzie requires you to grant a bunch of different permissions, which can often be frustrating, mSpy’s setup process is much easier to deal with.

When it comes to iOs devices, however, the setup process is pretty much the same with both spy apps.

Our pick: While both apps are easy to install on iOS devices, mSpy’s ease of installation on Android devices makes it the winner in this category. You can check out our guide on installing mSpy for more information.

Location Tracking

mSpy location tracking

Both mSpy and Spyzie offer impressive location tracking capabilities. They give you the accurate location of the target device, regardless of the operating system it runs. They also give you additional details like the dates, GPS coordinates, and timestamps.

Additionally, both apps also offer an advanced geofencing feature, allowing users to set restrictions on certain prohibited or unsafe areas.

Our pick: In terms of location tracking, both apps do an equally good job, resulting in a tie between them.

Social Media Monitoring

Spyzie social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is another key feature that a good spy app cannot afford to miss out on. And the good news is that both mSpy and Spyzie offer impressive social media monitoring capabilities.

They can both monitor common and popular social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Tinder, Skype, and more.

However, one way in which Spyzie takes its social media monitoring capabilities to another level is by giving the user live screenshots of what’s actually happening on the target phone’s screen. this means that you see the same thing the target sees on their phone.

Our pick: Both apps offer effective social media monitoring, but Spyzie’s ability to provide live screenshots takes the cake.

App and Website Blocking

mSpy app and website blocking

When looking for parental control applications and tools, parents often look for the ability to block certain apps and websites that they deem inappropriate. The same can also be said for someone who wants to block certain websites on their partner’s or spouse’s phones.

Both mSpy and Spyzie offer the ability to block apps installed on the target device, thereby preventing the target from accessing them at any given point in time. They both also perform this function efficiently, and the blocking immediately kicks in as soon as an app is selected.

However, one way in which mSpy goes a step ahead of Spyzie is by also allowing for websites to be blocked. It allows the user to enter the URL of a website they don’t want the target to visit, which Spyzie misses out on.

Our pick: While both offer impressive app blocking abilities, mSpy’s ability to block any given website gives it the advantage over Spyzie.

Call and Text Message Tracking

Spyzie call tracking feature

Monitoring calls and text messages are crucial for any spy app, and both mSpy and Spyzie do this well. Both apps give you data of all incoming and outgoing calls made to the target device, the call duration, timestamps, and dates. Additionally, they also give you the details of the phone numbers on both sides of the call.

Similarly, they both allow you to access the target’s inbox to read all their incoming and outgoing text messages. This way, you can see who they talk to and when. However, the only thing to note is that both apps do have a bit of delay in getting you the latest data.

Our pick: Both apps come in at a tie due to their similar implementations when it comes to call and SMS monitoring.

Pricing and Overall Value

The price of a spy app plays a key role in a customer’s decision in choosing one app over the other. Spyzie’s pricing for monitoring Android devices starts from $29.99 per month and $39.99 for iOS devices. On the other hand, mSpy will cost you $29.99 regardless of whether you want to monitor an Android or an iOS device.

In this regard, mSpy clearly takes the lead in this Spyzie comparison. Additionally, Spyzie also excluded a bunch of features in its cheapest plans, and while mSpy does the same, you still get a decent number of features that most customers will be satisfied with.

Our pick: In terms of pricing and overall value for your money, mSoy takes the lead by a fair margin.

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mSpy vs Spyzie: Which One Should You Choose?

As you can see, both apps offer various advanced features in a well-implemented and easy-to-use package. They both make a compelling case for themselves. However, given the overall better reliability of mSpy, along with the fact that it offers much better value for your money at a cheaper price, especially for monitoring iOS devices, our pick in this mSpy vs Spyzie comparison is mSpy.

Can Spyzie be detected?

No, Spyzie cannot be detected once it’s installed on the target device. Once you select the option for the app to run in Stealth Mode, the app becomes almost untraceable. This way, you can monitor the target device without them knowing.

Is mSpy completely undetectable?

Yes, mSpy is completely undetectable on the target device as it comes with Stealth Mode. you can enable this while setting up the app on the target device, so the target will never know that they’re being monitored.

Do you have to download Spyzie on target phone?

If you want to use Spyzie to monitor an Android device, you will need to physically access the target device to download and install the app on it. The app itself is 2MB, and the setup process is relatively easy.

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