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MMGuardian Parental Control Software Review

Nowadays, parents are rightfully concerned about the way their children use smartphones. MMGuardian is an app that allows parental control of the online activities of your children and prevents them from spending too much time looking at the screens of their devices.

The solution was created in 2012 by a group of concerned parents who wanted to keep tabs on what kids are up to when using their phones. Designed with the interests of both parents and children in mind, MMGuardian is one of the best options on the market.

mmguardian parental control software

The advantages the app offers are:

  • Allows you fully remote control over the kid’s device
  • Parental control options include blocking applications and functions of the target phone
  • User-friendly intuitive interface both in the app and on the web portal
  • Comprehensive reports on the child’s activities sent to parent web portal or the app
  • The app’s AI is finely tuned to update you about any red flags
  • Affordable prices

At the same time, there are several disadvantages to be wary of:

  • Not all functions are available for every compatible platform
  • The app only blocks usage of most common web browsers and messaging apps

What Can MMGuardian Do for You?

This parental control app provides the user with a wide range of useful functions. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Web Filtering and Browsing History

In addition to the opportunity to check the browsing history of the child, MMGuardian allows you to set filters on the sites with undesirable content. Moreover, the monitoring tools inform you once the child contacts any inappropriate content from questionable sources.

Once you receive such alerts, you have the opportunity to  block not only specific site categories but even single URL addresses .

The functionality is available for all versions of the application: for Android phones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPad.

Screen Time Management

Excessive screen time and internet addiction are some of the most troubling dangers modern children face. MMGuardian app offers you the opportunity to address this issue. The application allows setting a schedule on when the phone with the parental control app will be accessible.

However,  even when the device is blocked, the child can contact the parents . The time limits are flexible. For example, it is possible to set different settings for weekends.

Another useful option is to set the maximum available screen time. It can vary between 30 minutes and 4 hours. The settings can be accessed from the target phone and changed at any time.

This option is available for Android users only.

Location Tracking

The parental control app provides the opportunity to check on the location of your child at any moment. MMGuardian also shows the  direction and speed of the child’s movement . This option may seem unnecessary at first sight, but it could be useful for a closer look at the child’s activities.

The control panel which contains the location tracking option can be accessed from either the parent’s phone or the account on the application website. Another useful function of the app is location reports that outline the movements of the child over a period of up to seven days.

The location-tracking functions are not supported in the Android tablet version of the application, probably because it is assumed that children do not carry their tablets with them all the time.

Contact Blocking

The app limits the circle of people your child may contact using a cell phone. MMGuardian parental control allows you to block certain numbers from calling and sending text messages to your child. The  child will not be able to call, message the blocked number  as well.

The call block and text messages block are available for users installing the app on both the Android platform and Apple products.

SMS Tracking

The app allows you to access any SMS or MMS message received or sent from the child’s phone app. The same idea applies to the messages that have been deleted by the child. This function is available thanks to the fact that the  app substitutes the standard messenger with its own one .

Unfortunately, this service is available only through the app used on a child’s Android smartphone.

App Control

MMGuardian also provides a wide variety of options for app management:

  • You can monitor the time spent using each app installed on the child’s phone.
  • It is possible to set limits on the use of certain apps or even block them.
  • If blocking is not an option, there is an opportunity to delete any app from the child’s device without physically accessing it.
  • You will get notifications about any program your child downloads to the target phone from the app store.

The options listed above are available for Android gadgets.

Alerts and Reports

The app provides the user with several useful types of reports. They allow parents to check on their children’s activities at a convenient time and take necessary actions. The app offers reports on:

  • Screen time;
  • Online activities;
  • Downloaded files;
  • Apps installed on the target phone;
  • Location throughout a set period of time.

You will also receive alerts concerning inappropriate content encountered by the child online or in social media conversations.

All alerts are available for Android users while the iOS devices will only send you only the alerts about inappropriate images viewed by the child.

MMGuardian Pricing

To start with, MMGuardian is affordable. To make things even better, the customers have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of plans including different functions and duration of use. There is also a 14 days free trial period. The plans are outlined in detail in the table below.

Android PhoneAndroid TabletiPhone/iPad
Single Device$3.99 Monthly$1.99 Monthly$1.99 Monthly
$34.99 Yearly$14.99 Yearly$19.99 Yearly
$79.99 5 YearsN/A$79.99 5 Years
Family Plan$7.99 Monthly$3.98 MonthlyN/A
$69.99 Yearly$29.98 YearlyN/A
$149.99 5 YearsN/AN/A

 How to Set Up MMGuardian?

To start using the application, follow several simple steps:

  1. Download the MMGuardian Parental Control Childs’s application to the phone your child uses from Google Play or AppStore.
  2. Now you need to either create a new parent account or log in to your existing account using your email address and phone number.
    mmguardian new account
  3. Install the MMGuardian Parent App to your phone from Google Play or AppStore.

    All the functions are available from the web-based control panel, but it is more convenient to have everything at your fingertips.
    mmguardian parent web portal
  4. Once you have accessed your account through the Parent App, you may start configuring the child’s phone as you see fit.

Verdict: Is MMGuardian a Good App?

Let us recapitulate the main features of the app:

  • It gives you the ultimate control over the use of all apps as well as phone calls and text messages.
  • However, it lacks the function of limiting messages the child can send from the phone.
  • You are free to choose either website or the Parent App to monitor the target device activities and set the relevant restrictions.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to wipe a stolen phone remotely using MMGuardian.
  • Customer support is subpar. There is no live interaction with the support, and the response times may be frustrating.

A look at the list above leads to the conclusion that the advantages of the app outweigh its drawbacks. However, it makes perfect sense to check out other parental control apps for iPhone, as MMGuardian offers a limited functionality for iOS.


How to Uninstall MMGuardian?

The process is performed in two phases.

Phase 1
To uninstall the app from the child’s phone:
1. Open the app and enter the parent’s (admin) account.
2. Tap the “uninstall MMGuardian” button.
3. Tap “OK” and follow the further instructions from the app.

Phase 2
To remove the device data from the system:
1. Log in to your parent account on the web portal.
2. Select the phone from which you have already uninstalled the app.
3. Click on the “Setting” tab.
4. Double check the phone number to make sure that you are deleting the correct device.
5. Click the “Delete” button.

How to Register Another Phone in the System?

If you have subscribed to a family plan, simply install the app to the new target device and register it on your account using the admin password.

If you have an individual plan, you will need to buy another subscription for the new device.

Does MMGuardian Monitor Snapchat?

MMGuardian allows the parents to block Snapchat on their children’s devices, but there is no opportunity to monitor the activity in the app.

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