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Living in a world of state-of-the-art technologies we have so many opportunities. In fact, we cannot really imagine our life without certain devices – phones, computers, laptops, etc. They have become an integral part of our life and life of our loved ones. Our kids use computers to study well, and we need phones to contact our clients and partners. However, all these devices not only ease our life but in some way make it a bit complicated.

In certain circumstances, free access to the Internet and information can be a problem. Just imagine that your employee is spending half of the day on Facebook or sends confidential information to competitors via cell phone. You can hardly imagine your kid viewing abusive materials or chatting online with a stranger that has bad intentions. These situations require a little control, and this is where monitoring programs come at hand.

There are computer, phone spying programs, and programs that can be installed on both devices. However, this review is dedicated to Mobile Spy app – an app that has been developed solely for phone usage. Mobile Spy software is a modern tool that will take care of your loved ones and help you to stay in the loop.

Install Mobile Spy in 2 Minutes

mobile-spy-mainMobile Spy is a user-friendly program. You will not experience any difficulties with its installation and usage. It is recommended to read carefully the information on the official website of the app. This is also the place where you are recommended to buy the license as it is an authorized source. Check compatibility information and phone requirements to make sure that the program will work on your devices. Once you have checked it, go to the purchase section and choose a basic or premium license. Mobile Spy has a reasonable price and can be purchased for different periods – from 3 to 12 months.

After making payment and purchasing the application, login into the system and get information that is usually available in the online Control Panel. The same Panel is used to send commands, check something or block the phone.

Monitoring programs usually operate in silent/ invisible mode, and users of target phones have no idea that their devices are being monitored. Most people, who make a decision to install spying soft, prefer to keep it like that but some prefer to inform the users. This decision remains up to you.

Main Features of Mobile Spy

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  • Compatibility

    Unlike most programs, Mobile Spy is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry – most popular OS. The soft also can be used for tablets using the same OS.

  • Message control

    The Mobile Spy gives you full control over the message of the target phone. In other words, to receive access to SMS and MMS with all content, data, and timing information. You can also see who has sent the message.

  • Media activity

    This feature allows you to monitor activity on social media. Considering the fact that phones are frequently used to check messaged online because it is quicker and easier, you need to check chats and conversations on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc. to make sure your child is not involved in something bad or illegal.

  • Multimedia files

    If you want to know more about interests and hobbies of your kids, you should check multimedia files, mainly videos, photos, and recordings. Photos can tell much more about things your kids like or how they spend time.

  • iMessage/PIN

    Certain features of Mobile Spy can differ on different devices. Thus, there is iMessage control for iPhone and PIN message control for Blackberry phones.

  • Contacts

    Do you want to know more about the friends of your kids? No problem! You can find their contact information on the phone in 5 seconds. It can be done remotely and without any notice.

  • Keylogger.

    For some reasons plenty of parents like this feature. Keylogger saves all keystrokes and allows you to check them any time. Now you will know what your kid has been searching on the Internet or has sent even if it has been deleted.

  • Internet activity

    With Mobile Spy, you can get access to web history, and YouTube watched videos history.

  • GPS Locations

    If your company provides phones for employees, you might want to know how they use it and where they use them. Now you can easily verify whether your employee is away on a business trip or out of the office for a business meeting. This feature is also beneficial for parents who want to know whether their kid is skipping school. Location can be tracked by SMS command, location log, or in Control Panel in real-time. Please note that the last option is available only for the Premium package of Mobile Spy.

  • Other activities

    Mobile Spy tracks other activities such as all downloaded images from the Internet or received via Bluetooth. Even when certain files are deleted, the app saves them in an online account. In fact, you can control these files to delete or block them.

  • Alerts/ notifications

    Mobile Spy sends alerts/ special notifications on unauthorized phone activities. It refers to limited location zones – when the phone crosses borders of the safe zone, profanity – when abusive language is used, contact alerts – when the user is sending messages or call contacts that you have marked in some way, and intrusion alerts – when SMS is sent on the device.

A wide range of features makes Mobile Spy an extremely attractive application among users. The app is also famous for its good prices, which is one more fact for using Mobile Spy. Do not waste time looking for another program – try Mobile Spy on your phone and see all the advantages for yourself.

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