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A Detailed Spyic Review – Worthy Phone Tracker With a Free Trial?

Are you looking for a spy app that can help you monitor digital activity on a target device? Spyic is a popular and trusted option that offers a wide range of features, including call and text message monitoring, social media tracking, GPS location tracking, and more.
In this article we’ll dig deep into Spyic’s free trial:

  • Features
  • Installation process
  • Pricing plans 

So, whether you’re a parent looking to keep your child safe online or an employer looking to monitor your employees’ work devices, with hundreds of iPhone and Android phone spyware apps existing, read on to find out if Spyic is the right spy app for you.

What is Spyic?

spyic review

At its core, Spyic is a parental control and remote monitoring app. It’ll help you keep an eye on your children by tracking their locations and even text messages.

However, it can do much more than that. Spyic can also be a great tool to use to monitor your employees. Likewise, it can come in handy if you want to catch a cheater.

The key feature is that spyic free trial has 60 days, which gives users the opportunity to experience the full functionality of this application.

Quick Review

Our rating8/10
Live Demo/Free TrialYes/60-day money back guarantee
Key FeaturesAmbient listening
Email tracking
View deleted messages
Jailbreak/rooting requiredNo
LinkLearn more

How Does Spyic Work?

Spyic best free phone tracker app without permission works by secretly collecting information from a target device. But that’s only after it has been successfully installed and configured.

Ideally, the app functions just like other parental control applications. Nevertheless, Spyic’s functionality is essentially a simple 3-step process:

  1. Register For a Free Spyic Account

To be able to login to Spyic’s control panel, you will need to register for an account. It is from the control panel that you will view the target’s information.

  1. Install, and Configure Spyic on Target Device

With an account, you can then proceed to download the app on the target device and install it. The configuration needs to be done properly for Spyic to work as expected.

  1. Start Monitoring

After successfully installing the app, login to the dashboard using the credentials from step 1. From here you’ll now monitor all tracked activities.

The process does look straightforward enough. However, there are some extra things you’ll need to do in a few of the steps such as during installation. We’ll look at them in detail later on in the article.

Spyic Compatibility

Spyic works on two main operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS

Most of the features Spyic offers for each OS are ideally the same. But you will note a few differences between them during installation.

Despite the differences, Spyic supports old versions of Android and iOS. This means there’s a high chance that the app will work on your target device too.

Compatibility:from Android 4.0
Compatibility:from iOS 8

A few of Spyic’s most advanced features won’t work out of the box on some operating systems though. But we highlight each of Spyic’s features below so that you’ll know what works on your target device.

Spyic’s Best Features

Most people often look for phone trackers for simple tasks. For instance, you may want to know how to track a phone’s location without someone knowing.

Nevertheless, it’s only after you see the full list of Spyic’s features that you can know what else you can use it for.

SMS Tracking

Spyic’s SMS tracking feature is what you need to read all sent and received messages on your target device. 

 It will also enable you get information such as:

  • The name of the contact
  • The contact’s phone number
  • The time the message was sent/received

You can easily access the feature by navigating to “Messages” from the left sidebar menu. And the first thing you’ll notice is that Spyic uses a conversation view.

This is really helpful when trying to get a particular message. You’d only need to know a contact’s name to quickly find their conversation and messages.

What’s more is that each individual message has a timestamp. So you’ll know exactly when a message was sent or received on the target device.

While it also gives you extra information like the timestamps for each text, it equally lets you view media files. That way, you’ll be able to open and view MMS files too.

Nevertheless, there’s no search functionality here. As such, there’s no way of searching for a particular keyword from all messages.

NOTE: This feature works on non-rooted Androids and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Download Spyic

Call Tracking

If you’re more interested in the calls that the target phone receives, Spyic will also be helpful here too. You’ll also be able to view other things like:

  • The phone number
  • Contact name
  • Call duration
  • Call date

This information will be useful in helping you piece together the target’s frequent callers. But sadly, Spyic doesn’t provide any further actions like call blocking.

The lack of a call recording feature also means that you won’t hear the details of a conversation. You can only infer details from the call duration.

Thankfully, the call log is listed chronologically, meaning you’ll find records a bit faster. But that’s only true if the target hasn’t made many calls in a day.

Either way, Spyic displays all call logs neatly. And it’s really easy to navigate through the call records without needing any assistance.

NOTE: This feature works on non-rooted Android devices.

Location Tracking

Monitoring a target’s movements is a core feature that every parental control app should have. And Spyic is well ahead of it with a few things to offer.

Firstly, all tracked GPS locations will populate on the map you’ll find under “Locations” from the dashboard. Clicking on a pin reveals the address of the point.

It is also worth mentioning that each GPS location was taken after a set interval. As such, you can also track the time a target was in a particular location.

The table right below the map has all the extra information about each point. From here, you,’ll be able to view:

  • The address
  • Actual coordinates (longitude and latitude)
  • Timestamp

Spyic also provides an external link to Google Maps in case you wish to view a point on their platform. This can come in handy if you prefer Google Maps over OpenStreetMap.

Either way, we were happy that we didn’t really need the search functionality here. That’s because you can easily zoom in and out to see more locations.

When this feature is used in conjunction with other features like call tracking, you can get even more valuable insight. And that’s what makes all the difference.

NOTE: This feature works on non-rooted Android devices.

SIM Location Tracking

This feature allows you to get SIM card details of the target device. As such, you can easily see things such as:

  • IMEI number
  • SIM code
  • Carrier name

The information may not be immediately useful. But it can be a lifesaver if the target device is stolen or misplaced. That’s because it can help with tracking the phone.

Spyic also records the GPS locations where it detected a SIM card change. That way, you can see the new SIM’s details and the exact spot a SIM was changed.

Similar to the location tracking feature, you can simply zoom in or out of the map. This will reveal all locations where a SIM change was detected.

What’s more is that Spyic will even notify you whenever the SIM card is changed on the target device. And the best part is that you can choose a different email address.

NOTE: This feature works on rooted Android devices but requires jailbreak on iOS.

Web History Tracking

Web history tracking gives you unrestricted access to the target device’s browser history. But you’ll see much more than just the websites that the target visited.

Below are the things Spyic will track:

  • URL
  • Website title
  • Visit frequency
  • Visit time
  • Bookmark status

In all honesty, all you really need from this feature is the URL. And Spyic does provide the URL for each record. The titles, however, might not appear at times.

Visit frequency and the time a website was accessed were accurate. From this alone, it’s possible to infer a lot about the target’s activities.

The bookmark status would’ve been an extra bonus. But sadly, it was not always on point. So it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

One other thing about Spyic’s web history tracking feature is that it works for deleted web history too. However, this is true only if Spyic was installed prior.

NOTE: This feature works on non-rooted Android devices.

Geofence Alerts

The geofence alerts feature works great with location tracking. It simply allows you to create virtual geofence perimeters on a map.

If the target enters a forbidden area, Spyic will instantly notify you and even let you see the target’s movement in real-time. The same is true if a target leaves a zone.

This frees you from having to monitor a target’s location each time. That’s because you can set multiple zones and Spyic will do the rest.

NOTE: This feature works on rooted/jailbroken devices.

Stealth Mode

Frankly, the stealth mode is a must-have when using Spyic. Turning on this feature allows the app to run in the background while secretly observing the target’s activities.

Since stealth mode also hides the app icon, you wouldn’t have to worry about the target ever finding out.


Spyic’s keylogger is more useful than most people know. At first glance, it records all keystrokes from individual apps. And it does a good job at that too.

You’ll be able to select an app of choice and see all typed words and their timestamps as well. But sometimes not all keystrokes are recorded. It’s even easy to get incomplete words at times.

However, the keylogger powers various other functions of the app. In social media spying, for instance, the keylogger is what makes monitoring outgoing texts possible.

Phone Media Tracking

There’s nothing too fancy about Spyic’s media tracking capabilities. Once the target takes a photo or video, it’ll be uploaded to the dashboard for you to view.

Both photos and videos are categorized according to date. As such, you can easily find a particular media file if you know the date it was taken.

But we do have to admit that it can get a little tiring. This is especially if you have several records to go through.

Regardless, Spyic uploads photos relatively fast if the target device is on a Wi-Fi connection. This is also accelerated because Spyic compresses files before upload.

If you’re interested in monitoring videos, a Wi-Fi connection will be compulsory. Uploading videos over mobile data will likely raise an alarm and notify the target.

Social Media Spying

Spyic also gives you a bunch of options if you want to spy on the target’s social media activities. In specific, you can monitor your target’s activities in the following apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Viber

WhatsApp Spying

With Spyic, you can read a target’s messages in both private and group chats. What’s more is that you can also access the timestamps of the chat and see when they took place. 

The best part is that your phone doesn’t need to be rooted or jailbroken!

Facebook Messages Spying

Likewise, monitoring the target’s Facebook activity is simple and straightforward too. You will be able to access any media files that your target exchanged with the people he/she interacts with.

Instagram Spying

If your target is on Instagram, Spyic will let you check both sent and received messages on his/her device. In addition, you can view all contacts under their account.

Download Spyic

Spyic for Android

Spyic is among one of the popular undetectable spy apps for Android. And the biggest perk about the Android version of the app is that it comes with all the features we mentioned above.


  • Minimum Android Version: 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Current App Size: 2.5MB
  • Root Requirements: None

There isn’t a lot to worry about when it comes to Spyic’s compatibility with your target Android device. This is because Spyic still works with one of the oldest Android versions (v4.0).

In terms of resource usage, you’d also be happy to know that Spyic is merely 2.5MB in size. Thus, it will barely take any space on the target device. 

In addition, since the app works in the background, it will be less intensive on the device. This makes it difficult to be discovered by the target.

Spyic for iPhone

For iPhone or iOS devices, things work a little bit differently. Since iOS doesn’t naturally allow sideloading of apps that aren’t from the App Store, Spyic uses an entirely different method too.


  • Minimum iOS Version: 7.0
  • Jailbreak Requirements: None

Spyic will work with any iOS device running version 7 or higher. However, for Spyic to work on Apple devices, you would need iCloud credentials of the target device.

The best part about using Spyic on iOS is that you can perform remote installations without having physical access to the device.

You should also know that while Spyic can work well with non-jailbroken devices, it will still function even if the target device was jailbroken.

How to Install and Use Spyic

This process takes only about 5 – 10 minutes. However, there are a couple of requirements you must meet before you embark on the process.

Requirements For Installing and Using Spyic on Android

  • A Spyic subscription of your choice
  • One-time access to the target phone
  • An active internet connection

Step 1: Create a Free Spyic Account

Registering for a free account on Spyic is the first thing to do. That’s because it will give you access to the dashboard. And it is from here that you’ll view a target’s info.

To get started, here’s what you will need to do:

Step 1: Visit Spyic’s website using a device of your choice and click on “Sign up Free” button on the top menu.

Step 2: Once registered, pick a subscription plan of choice. Remember to select a subscription plan for Android phones.

You’ll then be taken back to Spyic’s dashboard. But before proceeding, there are a couple more things you need to do before installation.

Step 2: Prepare the Target Android Device for Spic Installation

Android devices naturally flag spy apps as viruses. However, this is usually a false positive. Therefore, you’ll need to turn off a few settings to proceed with installation.

Below is how you will go about that:

Step 1: On the target device, locate and tap to open the Play Store app.

Step 2: Tap on the hamburger menu to reveal the navigation drawer then navigate to Play Protect > Settings (Gear icon)

Step 3: Once on the Play Protect Settings page, ensure that the two options are turned off. i.e.

Scan apps with Play Protect – Disabled

Improve harmful app detection – Disabled

Step 3: Download and Install Spyic on the Target Android Device

Your target device may be ready for a Spic installation. But there a few precautions that should be taken if you don’t want any traces of spy app installation.

To do that, here is how you’ll proceed:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome app on the target device and turn on Incognito mode.

Step 2: On the address bar, type in the download link shown on Spyic’s dashboard and follow the instructions to download the APK file on the target device.

Step 3: Enable installing from unknown sources.

Step 4: Tap the downloaded APK file and click “Install” to begin the installation.

NOTE: Android may ask you to allow installation from an unknown source. Simply check the box and tap “Ok” to proceed.

Step 4: After installation is complete, tap “Open” to launch the app so that you can begin the setup wizard.

Step 4: Complete the Spyic Setup Wizard on Target Phone

After launching the app, Spyic will present you with a setup wizard. This is simply to ensure Spyic has all the necessary permissions it needs to run on the target device.

As such, this is how to go about the configuration:

Step 1: Tap on “Agree” on the Privacy Policy page that Spyic shows before accessing the next set of steps.

Step 2: Using the credentials you got from Step 1, login to your account on the device to begin the setup process.

Step 3: Spyic will then ask for permissions to read a few details like the location, call history, SMS, and Contacts. Tap “Allow” on each of them to proceed.

Step 4: Next, Spyic will ask for permission to access usage data. Click on “Proceed to Settings” then toggle the button next to “System Services”. Doing this will take you back to the main setup wizard menu.

Step 5: Click on “Proceed to Settings” to turn on accessibility settings on the target device. Make sure the toggle next to “System Services” is turned on.

Step 6: For the next set of permissions, proceed in a similar way by granting access until you’re on the last setup page. This is where you can enable Spyic’s stealth mode. Check the “Hide the application” then click on the “Start Monitoring” button.

NOTE: If stealth mode is enabled, you can relaunch the app by dialing **001**.

Step 5: Start Monitoring

You can safely return the device and begin monitoring all the target’s activities from your web browser. Simply log in to your account to access the dashboard. 

From the left panel, you’ll be able to see and pick any of Spyic’s features.

Setting Up Spyic on iOS Devices

As we had mentioned earlier, you won’t be physically installing a Spyic app on your iPhone or iPad. However, the setup process is far easier and may take less than 10 minutes.

Requirements for Using Spyic on iOS Devices

  • An active Spyic subscription
  • iCloud credentials of the target iOS device
  • Access to the iOS device (sometimes)

Steps for Setting Up Spyic on iOS

  1. Create a Spyic Account

Head over to Spyic’s website and sign up for a free Spyic account by filling in your email and password of choice.

  1. Pick a Subscription Plan

Choose a Spyic subscription of your choice for the target iOS device from the iOS pricing plans.

  1. Setup Spyic

After successfully getting your subscription, you will be redirected to Spyic’s setup page where you should fill in the required information.

  1. Enter the iOS Device’s iCloud Credentials

Spyic will ask for the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device to proceed. But before you do, make sure that your target device has the following settings too:

  • Two-factor authentication – Disabled
  • iCloud backup feature – Enabled
  1. Select The Device to Monitor

Once you’ve successfully linked the target device to Spyic, you will be prompted to choose the iOS device you wish to monitor. 

  1. Start Monitoring

Click on the “Start” button on the final page of the setup wizard to begin monitoring the target device. Note that it might take a few minutes before your Spyic dashboard is populated with information from the device.

Pros and Cons of Using Spyic

Using Spyic does of course come with a few perks. But there are places where the app fell short too.


  • Doesn’t require root/jailbreaking
  • Plenty of features available
  • Can be used on Android & iOS
  • Simple installation process
  • Stealth mode makes it undetectable
  • Has a wide variety of subscription plans


  • Setting it up on iOS requires the target’s iCloud credentials
  • No remote install for Android devices

Spyic Pricing

Spyic has two different pricing plans depending on which OS you have. However, in each pricing plan, it offers three different subscriptions as you can see below.

Spyic iPhone Pricing

Spyic Android Pricing

Download Spyic

Final Verdict

From call tracking to social media spying, Spyic seems to have it all. Any parent that needs to ensure the safety of his/her child would definitely benefit from the app. Spic is indeed feature-packed. But while some advanced features required a rooted/jailbroken phone, we were happy that basic features did not. But for us, the best part about Spyic is its versatility and ease of installation and use.


Is Spyic Detectable?

Spyzie is not detectable if you turned on stealth mode during installation. In most cases, the app will run in the background. In addition, it only sends data from the target device periodically. Thus, it uses less resources and remains undetectable on the target device.

Does Spyic for Android Require Rooting?

No. Spyic works perfectly fine on non-rooted devices. What’s more is that you still get to enjoy almost all the features the app comes with. Nevertheless, Spyic works on rooted devices too.

How Many Devices Can I Monitor?

You can track and monitor up to 25 devices using Spyic. But bear in mind that this will depend on the subscription plan you picked. If you need to monitor many devices, then you can choose the family or business pricing plans.

Does It Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. Spyic does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. All you have to do is contact them before the 60 days elapse and request for a refund.

Is Spyic Legal?

Using Spyic is legal in the US. You can comfortably use it to monitor the online activities of your underage children. However, you should always check with your local laws before using the app to be on the safe side.

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