TheWiSpy — The Best App to Track Android Phones Remotely

There are various apps in the market that one can use to track Android phones remotely. It might be to track your kids, employees, or sometimes even your partner. While some are free, they can be rather unreliable. As a result, you need an app that’s reliable and feature-packed. 

We are reviewing TheWiSpy app — spyware for Android phones and tablets. TheWiSpy helps you track Android phones remotely and lets you secretly view text messages, call details, GPS location, and other cell phone activities. It is a non-intrusive app and is undetectable. The cherry on top, TheWiSpy, works 100% stealth mode.

Continue reading and get more insights into TheWiSpy free tracking app for Android and discover how it is an excellent fit for monitoring kids, employees, or your partner. 

Here are the critical points of this TheWiSpy review:

  • TheWiSpy — General Introduction
  • Functionality
  • Compatibility
  • Top Features
  • Pricing
  • Installation Process
  • FAQs

Let’s get started.

TheWiSpy Android Tracker — What Is It?

TheWiSpy App Control Panel

TheWiSpy is an Android monitoring app capable of fetching digital information from Android cell phones and tablets. It tracks and records mobile/tablet activities and transfers the gathered information to a cloud-based control panel.

If you monitor any device with the TheWiSpy app, you can remotely spy on the target device details via the online dashboard. However, you have to download the TWS app by yourself.

The app lets you spy on text messages, monitor calls, and track other online plus offline smart device activities secretly. It delivers versatile features to control and monitor Android devices with remote access.

The TWS app offers personal, parental, and corporate solutions for everyone needing to monitor mobile devices.

Let’s check out the TWS app functionality in the following section.

How Does TheWiSpy Android Spy App Function?

TheWiSpy app fetches all the stored and ongoing digital details from the target phone/tablet. It then uploads all the recorded files to a web-based TWS dashboard. It becomes convenient for the end-user to track and access all the recorded details from an online server instead of peeking into the target device when finding the chance.

TheWiSpy app requires you to get installed on the smartphone or tablet you wish to monitor. It works in Stealth mode and records all mobile activities without leaving any clue. The TWS app is designed to work in the background as it integrates with the running operating system and imitates the target device’s actions in real time.

The TWS dashboard is a significant component that enables you to monitor Android phones from a distant location. It means despite where your target user is; you can look into his or her device with the remote spying quality of TheWiSpy app.

Check out the top TheWiSpy phone tracking app competitors on this page.

Is Your Target Device Compatible with TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy app is Android spy software only designed for Android devices; if your target device runs Android OS, your device will be compatible. 

Additionally, TheWiSpy only supports Android-powered devices with a running operating system of 4.0 or higher. So, if your target device falls in this category, you can benefit from the various features this app offers. 

Top-Notch Features — TheWiSpy Android Spyware

TheWiSpy App

TheWiSpy app tracks basic mobile activities and helps you monitor advanced online tasks of your target device.

Here are the complete details of TheWiSpy features and sub-features:

Call Recording

The WiSpy App Call Recording Interface

TheWiSpy’s phone call recorder helps to tap phone calls (both incoming and outgoing) and uploads the recorded call files to the online dashboard. You can listen to recorded calls secretly.

This feature also lets you spy on other call-related activities, such as:

  • Frequent callers
  • Call logs
  • Contact information
  • Call durations
  • Dates and timestamps

TheWiSpy offers a distinct feature of call logs monitoring for better insights into phone calls dialed or received by your target device. However, you can get essential details from the call recording feature.

GPS Tracking

TheWiSpy App GPS Tracking Interface

TheWiSpy’s GPS tracking feature keeps you updated with the whereabouts of your children. You can monitor your target user’s location remotely and secretly.

Using the location tracking feature of the TWS app, you can monitor;

  • Real-time location
  • Routes taken
  • Complete location history
  • Frequently visited places
  • Dates and timestamps

You can always track down your kids with TheWiSpy GPS tracker. If you missed monitoring your kid’s live location, don’t worry; you can constantly monitor visited places’ history by using details such as the date and time. 

Text Message Monitoring

TheWiSpy App Text Message Monitoring

Monitoring your kids’ text messages is easy with TheWiSpy app. It helps parents know what their kids talk about with their friends. You can spy on text messages with a neat feature allowing you to read the text conversations from your target device.

Text message monitoring comes with the following sub-qualities:

  • SMS date and timestamps
  • Contact details
  • Deleted SMS access

TheWiSpy text message monitor records SMS chats in real-time so you can read every text sent or received and take the right actions. 

Screen Recording:

It is an advanced approach to spy on Android mobile phones. Using the TWS screen recording, you can view the live screen activities of your target device.

Here is what you can monitor with this feature:

  • Social media
  • Instant messengers
  • Apps and games
  • Text messages
  • And all other mobile/tablet activities

TheWiSpy records videos of everything on the screen and allows you to watch them via an online dashboard.

App Monitoring

TheWiSpy App App Monitoring

It is an essential feature of parents because kids nowadays are cell phone addicts, and parents must watch which apps keep their children busy the whole day. TheWiSpy’s app monitoring lets you track installed apps and app usage of your kid’s phone.

You can spy on Android apps and track the following things:

  • App usage
  • Vault apps
  • Frequently used apps
  • App usage stats

TheWiSpy captures the app usage details in real-time and updates parents about the most frequently used mobile applications of their kids’ devices. Parents can delete or block apps as well.

Camera Control

It is a modern spy feature that only a few best Android hidden spy apps offer. TheWiSpy app gives camera access to the end user with remote commands. You can reveal the surroundings around your target device using this feature.

Here is what the remote camera spy feature can do:

  • Photo capturing
  • Video recording
  • Front and back camera controls

Remember that not every Android spy app offers a remote camera spying feature. TheWiSpy is the best Android monitoring app for high-end tracking and spying capabilities.

Surround Recording

Teens do not always tell the actual whereabouts of their parents. They must sit at a cafe and avoid parents’ phone calls pretending to be in the classroom. That is why it is crucial to know their surroundings. TheWiSpy’s surround recording helps activate the microphone of the monitored phone or tablet and record all the surrounding sounds secretly.

Here is what TheWiSpy mic bug can catch:

  • Background conversations
  • Surrounding sounds
  • Ambient noises

By listening to ambient sounds, parents can discover their kids’ social circle and discover if they are actually in school or wandering around in the streets.

Other Features

TheWiSpy App Other Features

TheWiSpy offers many neat Android monitoring features that empower parents to spy on Android phones and tablets secretly. Although, the tools list is so extensive that it would require a separate article to explain each feature in detail.

Here is a glimpse of the TWS other demanding features:

  • Geofencing
  • Keylogging
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Wifi History Tracking
  • Addressbook Monitoring
  • Notes Tracking
  • Calendar Dates Monitoring

The TWS is evolving spyware, constantly updating itself and launching new features to hack advanced Android systems remotely.

How Much Does TheWiSpy App Cost?

TheWiSpy app offers one-month, 3-months, and 6-months subscription packages. However, if you want a more limited selection of spying tools, you can get the TWS Basic package at only $19.99.

TheWiSpy premium monthly subscription starts at $29.99, and it’s platinum monthly subscription starts at $49.99.

Note that advanced features are available in premium packages only. So, choose wisely and check the offered features before paying the price.

How to Set Up TheWiSpy App on Your Target Device?

TheWiSpy installation process is straightforward. If you are new to technology, no worries, as the TWS app does not require technical knowledge. Any tech newbie can operate this app like a pro due to its user-friendly interface.

Here are the essential steps involved in the TWS app installation;

Step 1: Get the TWS subscription.

Step 2: Install the TWS app on the phone/tablet you wish to track.

Step 3: Open the TWS dashboard and start monitoring.

Upon license purchase, the TWS app providers will email you the complete step-by-step guide to install the Android spyware on the target device. You can follow the instruction manual and configure the app within 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions — TheWiSpy Android Monitoring App

How Many Devices Can You Track with TheWiSpy App?

Currently, TheWiSpy single license can track only a single device. However, if you require a family kit to monitor all your kids’ devices, contact TWS support to get a custom quote.

How Often TheWiSpy Uploads the Data on Control Panel?

TheWiSpy app constantly records digital information from your target device and uploads it on the online server every minute. The end-user can monitor real-time mobile/tablet activities using TheWiSpy android spy app.

Do I Have to Install TheWiSpy App on My Phone Too?

No, TheWiSpy Android monitoring app offers an online dashboard to monitor real-time details online. You can log in to the TWS control panel from any device and start watching your target device.


The saturation of mobile spy apps in the online market is exponentially increasing with every passing day. People need solutions to watch the digital space of their loved ones to ensure they are not facing any cyber threats.

TheWiSpy is a high-quality Android spy app specifically engineered for parental monitoring and employee surveillance. It provides you with easy access to spy on Android phones. So, if you have a stubborn teen who doesn’t listen to you, get the TWS app and monitor their online space.

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