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How to Spy on Someone’s Kik Account: The Brief Guide

If you have ever wondered how to spy on someone’s Kik account and get real-time updates, but you cannot bypass their iPhone or Android passcode, we have tested numerous methods, found the ones that work best, and compiled a list that you might find useful.

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Can Kik Be Traced?

Yes, Kik can be traced, and these methods will help you get access to the target device and see the content of their Kik Messenger.


One of the common suggestions, but also a highly risky one, is to hire a professional hacker who would monitor the activities in Kik Messenger and app. Note that there are some disadvantages to this method that certainly outweigh the advantages. Firstly, hackers’ services are often quite expensive as they usually charge by the hour. Also, they would have access to personal messages of the target device’s owner, which is another thing to consider.

Advanced Hacking Methods

Advanced users typically use these high-end techniques. They utilize a combination of different apps, methods, tools, and programs, and they can help you hack someone’s Kik account as well as monitor someone’s Kik Messenger in real-time.

Some of the more advanced ones can even act like cell phone towers and provide numerous surveillance features. This way, you could track someone’s GPS location, media such as photos and videos, etc.

Professional Spying Apps

These monitoring applications are more affordable than the previous two methods and will give you access and the ability to monitor text messages on the target device, including Kik Messenger. These apps are far more beginner-friendly than the previous two methods and can deliver similar results.

An excellent option for this would be KidsGuard or mSpy – monitoring software apps that will allow you to spy on all accounts, messages, and calls you to want. They are quite easy to use, and all the activity will be shown on your control panel.

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How to See Other People’s Kik Messages

As previously mentioned, one of the methods of spying on Kik messages would be using advanced technology. Some of these include, but are not limited to:


Phishing is a prevalent method because it does not require actual physical access to the device.

Instead, it relies on the target opening an email and entering their personal information on a fake website.

Once the information is obtained, you can easily hack the target device. The gathered data will, in turn, give you access to any site or app you need, including Kik messenger.

Midnight Raid

Midnight Raid is a method that is not precisely beginner-friendly but is very efficient. It uses the so-called data retrieving software and a WAP Push Message app.

When the user receives your warning message, it will trigger the browser that downloads the data retrieving software, and that’s it. Then one phone acts as a modem, while the other collects the necessary data from the Kik App.

There are more straightforward techniques that can help you with hacking someone’s device, which can also be applied to other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

They only work with smartphones that are connected to the Internet. Also, numerous other techniques are more advanced and require some prior coding knowledge.

How to Spy on Someone’s Kik: The Best Kik Spy Tool for Android and iPhone

If you are a worried parent and you wonder how to monitor Kik messages, we have a solution for you – kik spyware! In the sea of monitoring applications, it is tough to pick one that stands out.

Every Kik spyware app usually offers the possibility to monitor both incoming and outgoing texts and timestamps (when the message was received and sent). Some apps can also take screenshots, save contacts, and record all keystrokes – learn more about it here.

However, most people find that the most crucial feature of these tools should be a beginner-friendly interface that comes at an affordable price.

If you are an absolute beginner on a budget and want a Kik spy app, you might want to give KidsGuard a try.

kidsguard kik spy dashboard

This app offers real-time updates of data, logs, and even Kik messages. The data will be uploaded every 15 minutes so that you won’t miss out on anything.

Try KidsGuard

This app is straightforward to install – it only takes 10 minutes to set it up.

As the best Kik spy tool, it offers:

A super intuitive control panel that gives access to Kik messenger on the target phone (read Kik messages and see the exact time stamps).

An option to fully control the device.

A feature to view all of the chats, including group and private ones.

We hope that these suggestions of the best Kik spy apps and other methods will help you find one that works best for you.

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