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How to Spy on Telegram Messages

Telegram is fast becoming among the most common instant messaging applications worldwide. This wide reach often leads to scenarios in which people end up communicating with those with ill intentions.

Sometimes, Telegram can also be the medium for your partner to communicate with someone they shouldn’t be in touch with. You can ask how to spy on someone’s Telegram in all these situations. Is it possible?

This article will explore how you can spy on the messages exchanged on this instant messaging app without the user knowing.

Can We Spy on Telegram Messages?

Several applications in the market can be used to spy on someone’s Telegram. Among these, mSpy and uMobix are the best. You can use them to spy on groups, chats, and media files and also check the target’s last seen. Additionally, you can use them to monitor phone calls, texts, social media chats, GPS locations, web browser histories, and more.

mSpy: Best Telegram Spy App

mSpy Telegram spy app

mSpy is possibly the best Telegram spy app that you can find today. It’s completely hidden or invisible on the target device, so the user will never know they’re being monitored. The app monitors all the sent and received messages on the Telegram app, along with all the media files exchanged.

How to Use mSpy to Spy on Telegram Conversations

how to spy on someone's telegram with mspy

With the app installed, you’ll easily access the dashboard via the online control panel. You only need a laptop or a computer with a stable internet connection.

With this Telegram spy tool, you can access all the chats, media files, profile pictures, and the names of the contacts the target is speaking to. Further, all this information is listed in the conversation view, making it easier to scroll through them and trace them whenever needed. This is one of the many factors that makes mSpy the best spy app to spy on secret chats and the target’s Telegram chat history.

mSpy relays all this information to the online dashboard quickly and accurately. You can track all the target’s activities on their messaging app in real time. This makes mSpy a reliable Telegram spy app for Android and iOS devices.


Besides being able to track Telegram messages, mSpy offers several other features that make it a comprehensive solution to monitor your child’s or partner’s device. Some of these key features are listed below:

  • Monitoring phone calls, both incoming and outgoing
  • Text messages monitoring from both ends, along with tracking MMS messages.
  • Monitor all text messages and chats on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, and many more
  • Browser history monitoring along with details of visit frequency and timestamps.
  • GPS location monitoring in real-time along with geofencing. This is a useful feature for parents who want to ensure their kids’ safety by monitoring the targeted mobile phone.

Setting up this telegram messenger spy app is fairly simple. The steps to do so are mentioned below:

  1. Go to the official mSpy website and create a free account with your email ID.
  2. Select the OS of the target phone you want to install this spy software on. You’ll be able to choose between iOS and Android.
  3. Please choose a subscription of your choice and make the payment towards it. You’ll then receive the download file along with all the instructions on how you can install the app on the device and hide it so the target never knows about it.

Try mSpy

With these steps, the app will be successfully installed on the target device without the user knowing about it. With this app being undetectable, you’ll be able to read all your partner’s Telegram chats and spy Telegram messages.

uMobix: Alternative App to Spy on Telegram


uMobix is yet another reliable and effective application that you can use to spy on Telegram messages. The app can extract all the necessary information about the target’s use of the Telegram app on their Android and iOS devices. This includes chats, profile pictures, shared media files, groups, etc.

This app is software intended to monitor all the target device’s activities comprehensively. With a fast data sync speed, it ensures that it captures all the activities on the target device, such as chat messages, phone calls, social media chats from all the popular messaging apps, GPS locations, keystrokes, browser history, and much more.

You can do all of this in real-time, and just like with mSpy, you only need a computer with an active internet connection to monitor the target Android phone or iOS device remotely.

When it comes to monitoring Telegram, one of the highlights of this application is that many people use this as a secret messenger to hide their last seen. However, with uMobix, you can find out when the person was last online on the app, so nothing stays hidden.

Further, you’ll also be notified when the target is online on Telegram. You’ll see this in a little green box that reads “Online” in the Telegram section of the uMobix dashboard.


Apart from uMobix’s Telegram spying capabilities, you can also use it for its various other features. Some of these include:

  • Phone call monitoring – With uMobix, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can also view the target’s call logs. However, you can’t record phone calls
  • SMS monitoring — Monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages along with details like the content, the date, and the timestamp
  • GPS location tracking — Monitor the target device’s accurate and real-time GPS location. However, the app misses out on the geofencing feature that mSpy offered
  • Telegram and social apps monitoring — Monitor all chats and media files shared on all social apps, including Telegram
  • Web browser monitoring — Track all the websites the target visits on their browser, along with the frequency and the time at which they were visited

Try uMobix

Just like mSpy, setting up uMobix on the device of Android users will require physical access to the device. However, installing it on iOS requires only the target’s iCloud credentials.

While both applications discussed above have impressive Telegram and phone monitoring capabilities, both also differ in some sense. While mSpy offers all the telegram updates in a conversation view, uMobix misses out on this. On the other hand, uMobix tells you when the target was last online even if they hide their last seen, which is a feature mSpy misses out on.

If you ever suspect that your phone is being monitored and someone is reading your Telegram chats, you must install anti-keylogger software to eliminate any spyware on your mobile.

How Can You See If Someone Is Online on Telegram?

If you want to see if someone is online on Telegram, you can do so using uMobix. uMobix gives you the target’s last seen time and shows you when they’re online in real-time. This lets you track their activities and see when they use the application.

Can You Spy on Telegram Messages?

You can spy on someone’s Telegram messages using a spy app like mSpy or uMobix. You can install them on iPhones and Android devices and monitor the messages from your personal control panel.

How Can I See Someone’s Telegram Messages Without Them Knowing?

The best way to see someone’s Telegram messages without them knowing about it is to use a spy app. These are easy to install on the target device, and you can monitor the target’s messages remotely.


If you want to track someone on Telegram, you can use mSpy.

  • Create an account on the official mSpy website using your email address.
  • Select the device you want to monitor and pay for your subscription.
  • Download and set up the mSpy app on the target device, and you can start monitoring.
  • On the dashboard, click on the Telegram option, and you’ll get a conversation view of all the conversations.
  • You can also see media files, groups, profile pictures, and more.

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