What’s the Best Spy Software for PC?

What is your partner or child doing on their computer? They may tell you they are just watching YouTube or chatting with friends, but you feel something isn’t right. Luckily we have a solution, computer spy software! Spy software will secretly record everything someone does on their computer (social media messages, browser history, photos, emails) and send it to you. 

We have personally tested over 30 different top-rated spy software solutions and have come up with a list of 5 top-performing options. Check out our picks for the best monitoring software for pc below!

Don’t have time to read our extensive review? We have put all the information you need in this table:

Too long to read? Here’s a summary of our top 3 monitoring apps for iPhone:

eyeZy – Screen Recorder. Keylogger. Browsing History. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram messages. Website Blocking.

Hoverwatch – Browsing History. Screenshot Taking. Access Social Media Messages. Location Tracking. Contacts.

ClevGuard – Keylogger. Location Tracker. Photo and Video Access. Screenshot Taking. Access to Social Media.

Qustodio – Screen Time Monitoring. Location Tracking. Website Blocking. Setting Time Limits. Browsing History.

eyeZy – Screen Recording. View Emails. Keylogger. Social Media Messages. Browsing History.

Can You Spy on a Computer?

It is possible to spy on a laptop or computer. The best way to spy on someone’s computer is to secretly install monitoring software on their device. This monitoring software records everything the person does on their computer and then sends it to your device!

The best spy app for PC is eyeZy. This top-rated software only takes 5 minutes to install and then will automatically monitor the target’s social media posts and messages, browser history, videos, photos, and more! Keep reading to find out more about this incredible spy software.

eyeZy – Number 1 Rated PC Spy Software!

How can I monitor my child’s computer without them knowing? With eyeZy! This is the best pc monitoring software for parents and concerned partners because it is extremely beginner-friendly, well-designed, runs in stealth mode, and comes loaded with amazing features.

Number 1 Rated PC Spy Software!

All you need to do is install eyeZy on the target device and then sit back as the spy software will automatically start monitoring the target. All of their social media messages, browser history and keystrokes will be sent directly to your eyeZy account!

Best Features

eyeZy is absolutely loaded with features! Here are the top 5 features for this awesome Mac and Windows spy software:

  • Screen recorder – Record the target’s screen and see exactly what they are seeing in real time!
  • Keylogger – eyeZy’s keylogger records all of the target’s keystrokes which makes discovering their Facebook and Instagram password’s effortless!
  • View browser history – You can view every single site they have visited even if they wipe their history or search in incognito mode! 
  • Read WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram messages – All of their private messages will be sent to your eyeZy dashboard!
  • Block certain websites – Prevent your partner or child from visiting explicit content with the click of a button! 

You can also use eyeZy to spy on Androids and other phones.


eyeZy currently offers the following pricing plans:

  • 1 month – $47.99
  • 3 months – $27.99 per month
  • 12 months – $9.99 per month

eyeZy is a steal for just $9.99 per month on a 12 month plan. If you are serious about monitoring your partner or child, then installing this fantastic computer spy software is a no brainer!

TRY eyezy


Hoverwatch is a top-rated PC spy app that works on Mac and Windows. It allows you to effortlessly record phone calls, instant messages, browser history, and even track the target’s live location. If you suspect your partner is cheating, then Hoverwatch will find out!

hoverwatch pc tracker

Best Features

Hoverwatch is not short on features! These are the best 5 features for this high-quality pc monitoring software:

  • View browser history – Is your partner visiting dating sites or watching explicit content? Hoverwatch will let you know!
  • Take screenshots – Hoverwatch can snap screenshots of your partner’s or child’s PC at any time!
  • Read social media messages – You can view every single site they have visited even if they wipe their history or search in incognito mode! 
  • Location tracker – Find out exactly where your partner or child is!
  • Save contacts – Who is your partner hiding in their contact list? Hoverwatch will show you!
hoverwatch instagram spy


Hoverwatch currently offers the following pricing plans:

  • 1 month – $24.95
  • 3 months – $19.98 per month
  • 12 months – $8.33 per month

Hoverwatch is not as easy to use as eyeZy, and it does not have as many features, but it is still a highly regarded spy app.

TRY Hoverwatch


ClevGuard‘s MoniVisor and KidsGuard Pro are two other amazing computer spy software that gives you access to a plethora of activities, including a keylogger, WhatsApp chats reading, browsing history, etc. You can install it in under 5 minutes and the target will never know that their computer is being tracked


Best Features

Here are our picks for the best ClevGuard features:

  • Keylogger – Crack any of the target’s passwords with this keystroke capturer!
  • Location tracker – Where is your child? ClevGuard will tell you!
  • Access photos and videos – Download all of your partner’s or child’s videos and images!
  • Take screenshots – See exactly what your child or partner is doing thanks to live screenshots of their PC!
  • Read social media messages – Instantly read the target’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Telegram messages!


ClevGuard currently offers the following pricing plans:

  • 1 month – $29.95
  • 3 months – $16.60 per month
  • 12 months – $8.32 per month

ClevGuard offers comprehensive pc monitoring, but the setup process is more difficult than eyeZy, and some of the features are not as reliable.

TRY ClevGuard


How to see what someone is doing on their computer without them knowing? Install Qustodio! This spyware is designed to reveal all of your partner’s or child’s indiscretions. You will find out who they are talking to and about what and see every website they have ever visited!

Best Features

Qustodio is a comprehensive spy app with a solid amount of features. Here are our favorite ones:  

  • Monitor screen time – Find out exactly how long your child is spending on their device!
  • Location tracker – Where is your partner really at? Qustodio will tell you their exact location!
  • Block websites – Prevent your child from accessing explicit content with ease!
  • Set time limits – You can only allow your child to access their device for specific time periods!
  • View browser history – See all the sites your partner visited!


Qustodio currently offers the following pricing plans:

  • 5 devices – $54.95 per year
  • 10 devices – $96.95 per year
  • 15 devices – $137.95 per year

Unfortunately, Qustodio does not allow you to read social media messages. If you want to see what your partner or child is chatting about on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or TikTok, install eyeZy.

TRY qustodio


pcTattleTale is loaded with features that make it easy to keep track of your employees. This spyware allows you to view emails, social media messages, browser history, and more! 

Best Features

pcTattleTale makes it easy to keep track of your partner or child thanks to these awesome features:

  • Screen recording – See your partner or child’s screen live!
  • View emails – Get inside your partner’s inbox and see who they are emailing!
  • Keylogger – Find out their Facebook or TikTok password within seconds!
  • Read social media messages – Take a peek at private Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp messages!
  • Access browser history – Is your partner watching explicit content? pcTattleTale is on the case!


pcTattleTale currently offers the following pricing plans:

  • Family (1-3 devices) – $99 per year
  • Family Plus (3-7 devices) – $149 per year
  • Small Office (7 + devices) – $199 per year

pcTattleTale is an effective spy app with some great features, but it is not as undetectable as eyeZy, and there is a chance your partner or child may discover the spyware on their device.

TRY pctattletale

What’s the Best Monitoring Software for PC?

eyeZy is the best home computer monitoring software. It is cheap (only $9.99 per month), is loaded with features (view emails, social media messages, browser history, and even passwords), and is super simple to use (install within 5 minutes).

After testing over 30 different versions of the best spy software for Mac and Windows, eyeZy won hands down! eyeZy is the most reliable and beginner-friendly while still offering extensive features. We were able to easily read the target’s Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram messages and even see their browser history even when they were searching in incognito mode.

How to Install Spyware on a Computer? 

You can have computer spyware set up in less than 5 minutes! Follow these steps to install this spying computer software:

  1. Take the target’s PC
  2. Click on the Start Menu.
  3. Open Amazon Appstore.
  4. Tap the Sign in button.
  5. Create an account or sign into your existing account
  6. Search for the sofware in the search box
  7. Click the Get button.
  8. Tap the Download button
  9. Open the app and follow the guided installation steps

We’ve used eyeZy as the installation example, but most other computer spyware apps follow the same installation principle. You don’t need any technical skills. Even better, once installed, you don’t have to do a thing! Just log into your eyeZy account and start viewing all of your partner’s or child’s social media activity and browser history instantly!

Is It Possible to Watch Someone Else’s PC Screen?

With certain computer spying programs, you can watch someone else’s PC screen. pcTattleTale has a live screen viewing feature which allows you to see everything on someone else’s screen. 

Simply, install pcTattleTale on the target’s device, sign into your pcTattleTale account, and then as long as the target is connected to the internet, you will be able to see their screen in real time. Even better, the target will have no idea you are monitoring them!

How Can I Spy on Windows Laptop? 

The easiest and most reliable way to spy on a Windows laptop is to install eyeZy on their device. eyeZy is specialized software that monitors computer activity. All you need to do is sign up to eyeZy and install the software on the target’s device. Then sign into your eyeZy account and see everything the target is up to from your sleek dashboard!

Don’t waste your time on complicated methods. Just install eyeZy on the target’s device now and instantly see their browser history, WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, and even crack their passwords!

Is There Free Spy Software for Windows 10?

Spyrix is a free computer monitoring software for Windows 10. The free version comes equipped with a keylogger that records everything the target types on their device. It can also take screenshots of their screen. The only problem with the free version is it is not hidden and can be easily detected by the target.

There is no reliable and high-quality spy software for pc for free. Developers do not want to give away a high quality product for $0. Your best option is to purchase eyeZy for $9.99 per month and get instant access to the target’s browser history, emails, media files, and social media messages without them knowing a thing!


eyeZy makes it easy to monitor PC activity! In less than 5 minutes, you can have this awesome spy software installed on your child’s or partner’s device without them knowing a thing. eyeZy monitors everything from social media messages to live screen recordings to browser history to keystrokes. If you need to do exactly what someone is doing on their computer, try out eyeZy for just $9.99 per month!

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