How to Find Out if Spouse Has Another SIM Card

Do you feel that your spouse is cheating on you? Are you concerned your spouse may have a secret phone or SIM? Find out now by using our 4 effective tips! By using our tips, you will have enough evidence to confront your unfaithful spouse.

How to find out if a spouse has another SIM card? Keep reading to discover more details! 👇

Is It Possible to Find Out That a Person Has Another Sim Card?

Yes, you can find out if someone has another SIM card. You just need access to the person’s phone records or account information.

Mobile service providers keep records of all SIM cards associated with an account, so if you have access to the account, you can see all the SIM cards that have been activated with that account.

Another way – you can use a credible spy app.

SpyBubble’s SIM Replacement Feature

SpyBubble’s SIM Replacement Feature

The most effective way to find out if your spouse is using another SIM card is to install SpyBubble on their device. SpyBubble is spyware that is capable of recording everything your spouse does on their phone and can record phone calls, texts, social media messages, and more!


SpyBubble as a mobile tracking software allows users to monitor the activity of a target phone. Some of its features include:

  • Call tracking;
  • Text message tracking;
  • GPS location tracking;
  • Email tracking;
  • Social media monitoring;
  • Web browsing history;
  • Keylogger;
  • Remote control;
  • Alert notifications.

SpyBubble also has an amazing feature to alert you if your spouse decides to switch their SIM card. The great thing about this app is that once you have installed it on your spouse’s device, it will automatically record everything you don’t need to do a thing!


You then can monitor all of their phone activity via your SpyBubble account. You can purchase Spybubble by choosing your plan:

  • 1-month full pack – $42.49/month
  • 3-month full pack – $25.49/month
  • 12-month full pack – $10.62/month

Try it out today and quickly find out not only if your spouse is using a secret SIM but exactly what they are doing on their phone, including the websites they are visiting, who they are calling, and the content of their texts and social media private messages.

Try SpyBubble

Check Your Spouse’s Bank Statement

Check Your Spouse’s Bank Statement

Do you have access to your spouse’s bank account, or do you share an account? Then it is time to put your detective hat on and do some digging! You would be surprised at how many cheating spouses slip up and accidentally purchase their secret SIM on a card to which their partner has access. 

We recommend you open up all of your spouse’s bank and credit card statements and pour through them very carefully. If you notice any unrecognized phone-related charges, you can call up the merchant and find out exactly what was purchased. More than a few cheating spouses have been caught by this simple yet effective trick!

Unfortunately, some cheaters are a little bit clever and keep their secret SIM card purchases by using cash or secret bank accounts. If you can’t find evidence of any SIM purchases on your spouse’s bank account, don’t assume they are innocent. If you still suspect them of being up to no good, you should try out our other methods.

How to Check Your Spouse’s Phone for Another SIM Card?

SpyBubble dashboard to catch a cheater

Did you know you can see if your spouse has more than one SIM card by inspecting their phone? All you need to do is grab your spouse’s phone when they are looking and tap the screen. If you notice two cellular signals in the top left corner, your spouse is 100% using two SIM cards. 

Another way to check is to scroll through the different apps that your spouse and look for apps that give you a virtual number. One of the most common apps is called Burner.

If you spot any strange apps, make sure you research them and find out exactly what they are because your spouse may be using them to anonymously text and call their secret lover.

You can use SpyBubble Pro for all these activities and gather all important information in a matter of minutes.

Use People Lookup Databases


Another way to check if your spouse has a second phone number is to use a people lookup database. These databases scrape the web and public records and are able to determine who owns what mobile number. Spokeo is the top people lookup database and has millions and millions of names and numbers listed. 

You can try Spokeo for free, or run unlimited searches with the premium option. All you need to do is head to their sites and type in your spouse’s name into their search bar, and hit enter. If you see multiple mobile numbers attached to their name, then it is likely that your spouse is using a second SIM.

These databases are far from exhaustive, so don’t believe your spouse is telling the truth just because their name doesn’t match with other mobile numbers.


Spokeo is a people search and public records platform that provides a variety of features, including:


  • 1-Month Membership – $19.95/month
  • 3-Month Membership – $44.85/quartal
  • Professional – $69.95/month

Try Spokeo

Signs Your Spouse Has a Second Number?

How to know if someone has a second phone number? If you spot any of these signs, someone likely has a second phone number:

  • Refuses to answer certain phone calls from you around;
  • Doesn’t let you see their phone;
  • Won’t tell you their phone password;
  • Never leaves their phone alone;
  • Receives lots of notifications from social media.

While these signs won’t tell you 100% if someone has a second phone, they do give you a pretty good idea. If you notice a number of these signs right around the same time, we recommend you start using some of our recommended methods to find out for sure if that person close to you is hiding a second phone!

Do Cheaters Use Dual SIMs?

Over 20% of cheaters admitted to using dual SIMs to hide their affairs from their partners. Dual SIMs allow cheaters to chat and organize meetups with their secret lovers without worrying about their husbands or wives finding out.

Sometimes spouses use dual SIMs for legitimate purposes such as:

  • Work – If your spouse has a work number, then having a second SIM makes sense.
  • Take advantage of phone service deals – By using dual SIMs, your spouses may be saving money because one carrier may offer cheap data while another may offer cheap calls.
  • Enhanced coverage – Some service providers work better in certain locations, so your spouse may be getting total coverage by using two different carriers.

While there is a chance your spouse’s second SIM use could be legitimate, there is also a strong likelihood that they are cheating. Before you confront them, make sure you gather enough evidence to prevent them from lying their way out of the situation.


It is extremely common for cheating spouses to hide their affairs from their partners by using another SIM card. If you suspect your husband is using a secret SIM, then we recommend installing SpyBubble on their phone.

SpyBubble is a hidden device that, once installed on your spouse’s phone, will record all of their activity, including browsing history, phone calls, texts, and social media messages. This spyware app will even alert you when your spouse changes his SIM. To learn if your spouse is cheating, install SpyBubble on their device right now!

How to Know if Someone Has a Second Phone Number?

The easiest way to know if someone has a second phone number is to install SpyBubble on their phone.

As soon as they switch phone numbers, SpyBubble will alert you. SpyBubble will also record their phone calls, texts, and social media private messages.

Can You Trace a Sideline Number?

It is not possible to trace a sideline number. The app does not trace your phone device, and Sideline does not share numbers with 3rd parties.

Also, Sideline does not use a number directory, so it is impossible to search for different numbers. 

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  1. How is it possible for me to install an app such as Spybubble on my Fiancés phone: she lives in Miami; I live in Oklahoma

  2. Dear Gibbs,

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    It depends on which your target’s phone operating system is – Android or iOS. But in most cases, you should have physical access to the target device to install SpyBubble.

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