Can A Phone Be Tracked Without a SIM Card

Can a Phone Be Tracked without a SIM Card?

Have you lost your phone and want to find out if you can track it down? Worse, is there a chance that the phone doesn’t have a SIM card in it? Worry not, because there are several ways in which you can track your phone even without a SIM card. this article will dive into some of the tools you can use, from built-in tools like Find my Phone apps to phone tracking apps.

Use Find My Phone Apps for Android and iOS

Track a Phone Without SIM

Find my phone is an application that works with Android and iOS applications. If you have wondered whether a sim card can be tracked without phone – this is a good place to start. The application lets you input your user e-mail, which you can use to track your device’s location data. It works as an in-built lost phone app for iPhone and Android. 

Find my iPhone

Once you set up your e-mail to the device in question, it will automatically track the SIM location. However, you have to ensure that you “turn on” the location setting so that this function works effectively. Below are some of the other things this app can perform:

  • The app can play a sound, which involves your device ringing for five minutes, even in the silent setting. However, users can stop the sound by pressing the power button once.
  • The function also helps you secure the device. You can use the application to lock the device and ensure it signs out of your google account. You can also send a message that will display on the lock screen. It also allows you to find the device even if it’s locked.
  • Erase device, which involves eliminating all content on your device. Once the erasing process occurs, you won’t have the ability to find your device. 

Check the Snapchat Map

Check the Snapchat Map
Snapchat users can upload photos and videos onto the new Snap Map. When a topic is trending, it’ll pop up on a heat map. The image above is a composite of Snapchat screen grabs.

If you want to get the snap map on the snap chat app, ensure you click on the map button, which sits on the action bar. It will display your location, and you can also use it to access the locations your friends have shared. In this case, you may have to access another device with snap chat to conduct location searches for your lost phone. Snapchat doesn’t require a SIM card to run your account, which is why this can be an effective method.

The process is simple – you have to click on the picture on your friend’s tab. It will only work if you initially share your location data through the application. 

Access the location data, which will appear on the Snap Map. It involves searching for the specific username your device users on the app.

Use a Tracking App

Hoverwatch app

One of the most effective measures that you can use to track a phone without a sim card is to use a tracking app. It’s a mobile application that you install on a specific device, and it then collects all its location details. The app requires an active data subscription to upload the data to a server, which you can access through a user account.

The ideal recommendation for you would be to use the Hoverwatch spy app. It’s the best solution for anyone who wants to address the can you track an iPhone without a sim card issue. While the application is not compatible with iOS devices, it still offers various tracking benefits. 

The app is user-friendly and is available with highly affordable product packages. Here are the steps to expect in using the overwatch spy app:

  1. Visit the Hoverwatch app homepage website.
  2. Create a user account, and choose a specific pricing package.
  3. Download the app to the android device in question.
  4. Integrate the user account details you had created to the application.
  5. Customize the essential functions of the application, and remember to set it to stealth mode.
  6. Watch as the app collects data and provides regular data updates.

NB: Be careful when investing in spy apps, and only choose those that come from a legitimate service provider.

Use DropBox 


Aside from being one of the most beloved cloud storage applications, Dropbox also offers a convenient way of tracking your device without a sim card, and it can also work for laptops. Below are some of the steps you can use to track your device:

  1. Visit the website, and sign in to your account.
  2. Then, click on your avatar or user profile on the dropbox account.
  3. Next, click on the Settings button to access the security details.
  4. You will then have to hover on the question mark icon close to your device so you can access the last IP address is recorded. The application will update the IP address data each time your device accesses the internet.

NB: The location information is not always precise because some IP addresses often link to an inconsistent location. If there is data inconsistency, ensure you confirm the address by using a legitimate look-up tool. 

Use Gmail 

If you lose a phone, you can still use Gmail to locate and erase its data. However, this function can only work when you have integrated a Google Account into your device. The application gets an automatic function when you complete the process. You can use Gmail to track a phone without a sim card when:

  • It’s on and functioning.
  • The device is signed in to the Google account in question.
  • The phone has a working wi-fi connection
  • The phone must be visible on Google Play
  • The location must also be on.
  • You must also activate Find my Device.

NB: You might need a backup phone or code for when the phone you used receives the code for 2FA. 

The Steps 

Below are the steps involved

  1. Visit the website, and access your Google account. Remember to access the correct user profile and device on your account.
  2. The lost will get a notification.
  3. On the map, you will access data such as the phone’s location, and this data is sometimes inaccurate.
  4. You can then play a sound, secure the device, or decide to erase its content.

Use IMEI Number

IMEI number

The 15 digit number phone brands a lot to each GSM phone is an excellent security resource. The IMEI is a common resource for how to track a sim card without it being in the phone. Once you find the device, you can block its functions or allocate it to a phone tracking company. 

The IMEI is a code that phone brand makers assign to their devices. You have to keep the details of your device once you purchase it because the IMEI is often part of these details. The IMEI also helps track your phone even without a SIM card.

A few steps to expect in this process include:

  1. Acquire the IMEI number or the proof of evidence that you are legitimate on the phone.
  2. Visit a police station and report the crime. Also, report the crime to a local cell service provider or the phone brand maker.
  3. Wait for a few days as your chosen service tracks the device.

NB: Sometimes, the IMEI method might not work if the criminal has flashed your device. If you are still having trouble tracking your lost phone at this point, we also recommend this guide. It details extra information on how to track a lost phone.

How to Find a Phone Without Service?

There are various ways through which you can find a phone without service. However, while you have a list of different options to use, the best approach relates to the settings or type of device in question. For instance, you have to wait for the device owner to switch on the internet before locating it.

You also have to ask an important question,”can a sim card be tracked?” Yes, a sim card can be tracked but only based on certain pre-set conditions. It’s nearly impossible to track a phone without service because a tracker can only get to the device through a specific service. The service can either be a local sim or a law enforcement agency. A few of the service and tracking details you have to consider include:

  • When tracking with IMEI, the user must connect the phone to a local phone service or internet set up.
  • When tracking with a Gmail, the phone has to have the location and internet connection switched on.
  • When tracking with an app, you also have to switch on the internet and location.
  • When tracking with dropbox, you also have to switch on the internet and location.

Does GPS Work Without a SIM Card?

Yes, GPS can work without a SIM card. The GPS functions in the traditional mobile phone device have no connection to the SIM card function. Usually, the GPS function works as part of the location tracking function. It’s the perfect solution for those who seek answers to whether can you track a phone without data.

The location tracking function should be on to use the GPS tracking function. Without its activation, it’s almost close to impossible to track the device in question. The reason is that tracking a device usually requires a wireless connection.


As you have noticed, there is more to tracking different types of devices than the average person expects. The primary method of tracking the phone is through the sim card. However, consider tracking apps, the IMEI, Gmail, and dropbox if it fails. However, the phone requires an active internet connection or the GPS function to be active. 

Can a Phone Be Tracked without a SIM Card and Battery?

The answer is “no” if anyone asks whether can a phone be tracked without a SIM card and battery. The reason is that there is no way for a tracker service to get to the device in question without a wireless connection. The only details the tracker might find would be the device’s location when it last shut down.

While you might be able to track a phone without a sim card, it needs a connection to the internet or wi-fi. However, it’s almost impossible to track the device without a battery. The reason is that the phone won’t respond to the pings that originate from cell phone towers in your region. It’s an important factor to consider if you asked whether can a stolen phone be tracked without a SIM card.

Can You Track an iPhone without a SIM Card?

Yes, you can track an iPhone without a sim card. While many people know the Ios category of devices with various restrictions, it’s still an excellent service provider. Like other phone companies, they have suitable measures one can use to track a device without a SIM card.

The only caveat is the device needs an active internet connection. There is no way you can get cell service from a locked ios device because the thief won’t beat the system. So, expect any solution you use to track an iPhone without a sim card to use the internet.

You can use phone tracking apps, dropbox, iCloud, the phone IMEI, and various other similar methods. Remember there is no way to track a phone that has no service – and this applies to your iOS device.

Can You Track a Samsung Phone without a SIM Card?

Yes, you can track a Samsung phone without a SIM card. There are various ways you can use to track the given device. First, you should realize that Samsung devices feature the Android operating system. You can take advantage of this function by ensuring the device has an internet connection.

The phone should also be switched on and have no significant damage to its hardware or software functions. Its to maintain these functions because they will impact the ability of trackers to find the device.

The other methods used for tracking your device without a sim card include the IMEI, mobile tracking apps, dropbox, and more.

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