How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy

Do you have that burning inkling that something is just off about the way your girlfriend has been acting? Has she been hiding her phone or secretly smirking when she receives a text message?

With so many accessible dating and social media apps, you can never know for sure what your significant other is up to. Having total trust in someone is very difficult, especially if you start noticing certain red flags.

Don’t worry, you’ll learn everything about those red flags in this article, but also about methods you can use to test your suspicions.

So if you are suspecting that your girlfriend might be texting other guys while in a relationship, let’s get right into it.

Signs She’s Talking with Other Guys

Don’t get me wrong, your girlfriend is bound to talk to other guys – she should have friends. You simply can’t expect to be the only man in their life.

However, if there’s something more, then you have the right to know.

If I feared that my girlfriend was texting another guy, I would watch out for these signs she’s talking to other guys.

She’s Not Letting Her Phone Out Of Her Sight

how to tell if your girlfriend is texting other guys

While some couples do share passwords, it is understandable that others prefer more privacy and aren’t as keen on giving their password away to their loved ones. That is also completely expected since it’s no one’s birthright to invade anyone else’s privacy.

However, this rule doesn’t work if your girlfriend is actually cheating on you. If you had shared passwords before, but she changed it in the meantime, then that could be a red flag.

Or if she’s suddenly hiding her phone, setting it aside so that the screen is facing down, or not letting you touch it whatsoever – that’s a major red flag.

She could be trying to conceal the phone so that you don’t know who is she texting.

She Is More Engaged With Her Phone Than With You

is your girlfriend texting someone else

It is not uncommon for people to spend a lot of time on their phones. Today, most people even use their phones for work.

People can spend ridiculous amounts of time reading books, gaming, listening to music, or researching – our phones have literally become an extension of ourselves.

However, if all of a sudden your girlfriend starts spending way more time on her phone than before, that might be a warning sign that something is up. 

She Goes To Text In Another Room

People only expect others to leave a room to respond to a call, not text messages. 

Text message correspondence is by default extremely private. It is therefore extremely suspicious when your girlfriend leaves the room to respond to a text. 

However, it is not without reason. If they are texting other guys, chances are they are trying to hide their emotions or secretly take selfies to send to their lovers.

While text messages might be private, their reactions aren’t. They might giggle, laugh or show suspicious romantic responses. If your girlfriend suddenly develops this habit, chances are that she’s texting someone else.

She’s Physically and Mentally Distant From You

It is not unusual for couples to kiss, touch, and cuddle. Couples are just expected to show affection when they are around each other.

However, you might have recently noticed that your girl keeps her distance from you. In addition, she may not be as passionate towards you as she used to be.

She may no longer hold your hand in public, kiss you goodbye or want you around her friends. She is suddenly distant and cold, which is a big red flag that something is not right.

At home, she may stop sitting next to you or is not receptive of physical touch. All these might be signs of her talking to other guys.

She Avoids Eye Contact 

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s true. If your girlfriend can’t look you in the eyes, something is amiss. Avoiding eye contact is a major tell-tale sign that she might not be into you anymore.

People who avoid direct eye contact usually have something to hide, or they feel ashamed to look the other person in the eye.

Even if they are not lying, it’s weird that someone who loves you avoids looking you in the eye. Other relationship analysts say it’s a sign of shame or guilt. If you notice this, maybe it’s time to have a serious chat with her about the future of your relationship.

She Has A New Smartphone Password

If your girlfriend suddenly adds a password to their phone or changes it without letting you know, she might be trying to hide something. 

If I suspected my girlfriend flirts with other guys over text, I would immediately think that she’s hiding something.

A password change is a clear red flag that your girlfriend now doesn’t want you to access her conversations.

She Doesn’t Say I Love You Anymore

According to Oprah, Each time you say “I love you,” you are really saying “I am here for you.” 

“Being here” means being fully present in the relationship—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Oprah adds that saying “I love you” means “I am committed to you” and “I am committed to us.” You are telling that person you are in this relationship.

If your girlfriend stops telling you she loves you, it is a clear red flag that they might be talking to or seeing other guys.

In many cases, this is usually the nail in a relationship’s coffin. 

How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys

Are you looking for how to know if your girlfriend is texting other guys? Do you want to know how to tell if your girlfriend is flirting with another guy? 

If you suspect she is cheating on you, it is better not to accuse her. This is important if you don’t want to ruin your relationship or just in case your accusations are wrong.

You need to verify your suspicions, without her catching you spying on her. This is where advanced spying software like Spybubble Pro comes in.

With Spybubble Pro, you can:

  • Read all sent, received, and deleted messages
  • Restrict incoming or outgoing messages
  • Take screenshots from the target phone
  • View all their digital footprints
  • View photos, videos, and sounds

Who is she texting app like Spybubble Pro gives you ways to find out if your girlfriend talks to other guys behind your back.

No need to hire private investigators to catch someone cheating to search through their dirty laundry. 

All you need is a paid subscription to the software, and you are off. The app is supported on Android and iOS.

If I suspected my girlfriend is texting another guy, I would use a spy app to find the proof.

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Talking to Another Guy on Facebook

Social media apps like Facebook have made it incredibly easy to flirt. It is highly possible that your girlfriend talks to other guys behind your back using Facebook.

If you are looking to access her Facebook account, there are ways you can go about it.

Your best bet is to try these free spy apps. Or, check whether she connected your joint computer with her messenger. Just open the Messenger app for desktop and see if she’s logged in. If she is, scroll through her messages and see if there’s anything suspicious.

All the information you need from your girlfriend’s device can be accessed via an online portal.

Make sure to also check the Archived tab, since she might be hiding her messages there. Lastly, if you know her Facebook password, you can always request a full report on all messages ever typed on Facebook, even the ones that are not deleted.

You can tell if your girlfriend is talking to another guy on Facebook by following these steps:

  1. Open her Facebook account and go to Settings
  2. Open the Your Facebook Information tab
  3. Click on the Download a copy of your information tab
  4. Select messages and all sent and received messages will be in that downloadable report

What to Do If You Find Out That Your Girlfriend Is Texting Other Guys Late at Night?

If you find your gf texting other guys late at night, what you do really will depend on what you want. The only limit is that you do not go against the law.

If the relationship doesn’t mean much, simply walk away. If you have the proof, there is nothing to contest anymore.

If you value the relationship, and she has not crossed your red line, you can try and talk to her and sort things out.

Sometimes, you might be the reason for her infidelity. Maybe she’s not getting enough of the right attention or action, or she’s suspicious that you’re the one who’s unfaithful.


Look, there is nothing wrong with your girlfriend texting a guy. What matters the most is she is doing it for the right reasons and her love for you. Don’t forget that women are allowed to have male friends in their lives.

But, if she’s actually texting someone else, maybe it’s time to call it quits.

Relationships are not a given and you cannot force someone to be with you. However, you deserve honesty and not waste your time.

Be on the lookout for her actions and reactions towards you and act accordingly.

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