Sprint Family Locator Review – Everything You Should Know

Sprint Family Locator is an application that allows you to track mobile phones connected to the Sprint network by downloading the app on your smartphone or using your account on the app website. 

To better understand the benefits offered by Sprint Family Locator, let’s take a closer look at its key features:

  • Sprint Family Locator finds any phone subscribed to your Sprint plan.
  • The family locator can locate a stolen turned off the phone.
  • It provides you with real-time location data of your target phones.
  • The location of your family member’s Sprint phone can be accessed using a computer.

Extra: Since Sprint hasn’t been updating their application in a while, we recommend these phone trackers instead.

Pros & Cons of Sprint Family Locator

  • It tracks a compatible Sprint phone device without any additional apps installed on the target device
  • Tracks up to five phones
  • The family locator is easy to use. All you have to do is choose the number of the phone you want to track. Then, you can sign in to the account to view the location of the target phones on the interactive map
  • Automated text messages once the tracked device is in the forbidden zone
  • The user of the target phone will receive a warning message as well when they enter an area you have designated as risky
  • You will use an email address and a unique password to create an account in the system. It means that the data accessible through the app is considered safe
  • The GPS data is not always reliable
  • The owner of the tracked cell phone may easily block the app from tracking their mobile phone
  • The updates on the location may not always be timely
  • The family locator can be used only on the phones that are subscribed to the Sprint cell plans. It is not your usual GPS locator. It means that if your children or loved ones change the operator, you will not be able to track them anymore

How Does Sprint Family Locator Work?

As already mentioned, the app does not require you to install anything on the phone you want to track. This is because it relies on the network and information received from GPS satellites. This mechanic makes it different from most other tracking apps that make the target device signal its location to the app’s network influencing its productivity and battery life.

However, it does not mean that you may track your family unnoticed.

sprint family locator

⇒ The owners of every phone number connected to the service receive a text message that they are being tracked. Monthly text messages with reminders are sent as well to make sure that cell phone users are aware of being watched. This practice is called to avoid ethical and legal issues that may quickly rise from the fact of tracking others secretly.

⇒ Another reason why such notifications are essential is that Sprint Family locator is not a parental control app. It means that account holders may use the app only to check the location of their children and other family members. There is no way to access the content they view using their phones or read their text messages. However, this fact may be considered to be on the strong side of the app for security reasons. After all, there is no such thing as a perfectly safe password or perfect safety check, and you would not like any stranger to access the personal information of the people you care about.


Sprint Family Locator Accuracy

Sprint Family Locator’s accuracy is sixteen feet, assuming that the conditions are perfect. However, the target’s position, conditions, as well as location can negatively impact the accuracy levels.

How Much Is Sprint Family Locator?

The decision to give the family locator a try may prove to be a difficult one. That is why you have the opportunity to enjoy a 15-day free trial to decide whether Sprint Family Locator is worth investing in.

Another piece of good news is that the price is affordable.

The program for up to five phones costs $5.99 per month. If you need to track more phones, you will have to purchase an additional plan.

The service is easy to pay for. The amount will be added to your bill cycle every month unless you will decide to stop using the application.

Is Sprint Family Locator Any Good?

After reviewing the Sprint Family Locator app, we have concluded that it is worth investing in if you are a parent who desires to take care of children.

Indeed, the app does not provide you with the vanity of options dedicated to parental control applications like these ones.

However, two things may prevent you from considering Sprint Family Locator insufficient.

⇒ The price is affordable. Yes, you get fewer functions, but you pay for them accordingly.

⇒ It would be best if you considered the decision to spy on your children carefully.

Most of them will not take it lightly if they learn that you have installed spyware on their phones and monitor their activities. It is especially true about teenagers who cherish their independence. Using a program that does not require anything to be installed on the target phone and directly informs the phone owner that their location is being tracked appears to be a reasonable compromise between rebelling children and their concerned parents.

⇒ Moreover, once you have the app, you do not need to check on the location of your children continually.  Instead, you can establish a time & date to let the program locate a target phone automatically. You will receive information via text or email confirming the kids’ whereabouts. If the child has not arrived at the set destination at the present time, the family locator app notifies you accordingly.

Overall, the app may serve as an affordable, yet immensely valuable addition to your Sprint family cell phone plan.

With its convenient features and reasonable prices, Sprint Family Location is an option to consider if you are looking for a way to improve the safety of your children and other family members.

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