SpyToMobile: A Spying App That Gives You All You Need

Monitoring the activity of children has never been so important before. That is why parents increasingly resort to installing spying software and reliable cell phone trackers on their children’s phones.

SpyToMobile is the option worth paying your attention to among the wide variety of tracking programs available on the market.

What is SpyToMobile?

SpyToMobile is an iPhone GPS tracker without permission that, when installed on the target smartphone, provides you with information about the activities of the phone’s user.

It can be used by parents who want their children to stay safe or even business owners desiring to make sure that their employees use their work time productively.

  • It is perfectly legal to use and easy to get accustomed to.
  • The program runs on the background of the target phone without interfering with its work.
  • You will access all the available information from your control panel.

Key features

List of contacts

You will be able to check on the people your child keeps in touch with.

Text Messages

spytomobile sms

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By default, you will be able to read all the SMS conversations, even the ones already deleted by the user.

Call history

In addition to seeing the contact list, you will have the opportunity to check whom they called and for how long they have been on the line. The application does not provide you with the records of the phone calls, but the data it offers is sufficient to create a comprehensive picture of one’s activities.

Social Media Tracking

The app also provides you with access to WhatsApp and Viber messages. However, to do so, you may need to root the phone before installing the application.

GPS tracking

gps spytomobile

The program tracks and any cell phone without your target ever knowing and provides the movements on a detailed map.

How does SpyToMobile work?

Once installed on the cell phone you want to track; the app starts to store all the information outlined above.

It creates specialized SpyToMobile data backup to keep the report regardless of the phone’s current location and internet connectivity.

The data is sent to your account on the app website only when the phone is connected to the internet.

Therefore, there may be delays in updating the information in the storage. This issue has been brought up in several SpyToMobile reviews, but there is no way around the fact that data travel through the internet no matter which software you use.

Although the app didn’t make onto the list of the best apps to spy on Android phone, it is still a good choice that runs in the background of the phone it is installed on.

Removing the battery does not prevent the program from starting once the phone is turned on.

To start the app, simply dial 51 if the phone uses the Android version earlier than 4.0.

For later versions, you will need to launch the SpyToMobile data backup widget by going to Settings > Applications > Running.

How to install the app?

To start using the app, follow these simple steps:

Use your email to register in the system and choose a plan to subscribe to.

  • Take the phone you want to monitor.
  • Open the web browser and go to spytomobile.com/d. (You will be redirected to the application market from where you will be able to download the app).
  • Open the app and accept all permissions.
  • Enter your email in the field appearing on the screen to connect the app with your account.
  • Accept all the permissions.
  • Launch tracking using the commands mentioned above.


The application is among the most affordable ones on the market.

The regular price for using SpyToMobile is € 0.99 per day. You are given € 3 after registering as a free trial for three days.

There are also bonus packages you may buy at discounted prices.

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What is SpyToMobile App?

SpyToMobile is a program to monitor Android devices. You can use it to read text messages, view call history, address book, monitor your child’s GPS location for today or the previous day, or even earlier.

Can SpyToMobile be detected?

No, the application runs on the background of the phone.

It does not impact mobile connection, and its effect on battery life is negligible.

Therefore, the owner of the phone will not look for any unwanted apps in the first place.

Safety concerns

The app is perfectly safe. The team behind the service has gone the extra mile to make sure that your account cannot be hacked; they protect the data you receive from the tracked phone so that it is not accessible for anyone else.

Customer Support

If you have any questions on how to use the SpyToMobile app, you may address them to the support team using the contacts page on the application’s website.

The response may not be the quickest, but customer support takes care to provide all the relevant information succinctly and clearly.

How good is SpyToMobile?

Overall, the app is a decent option for people looking for an affordable spying tool. Its advantages are:

  • User-friendly website with a personal control panel.
  • The ability to access the call history of the tracked phone.
  • It does not affect the phone.
  • The price is affordable.

However, there is also an area for improvement, namely:

  • To access some of the functions, you need to root the phone before installing the app.
  • The transmission of data depends on a high-quality internet connection.

Despite the minor setback mentioned above, we do recommend you choose SpyToMobileas, our spying app. It is reliable and affordable at the same time.

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