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how to track a samsung phone

If you’ve ever lost a phone, tablet, or any mobile device, it is the most unsettling feeling ever. According to Kensington’s infographic, 70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7 percent recovered. With Samsung being one of the leaders in the global smartphone market share, a lot of the stolen or lost phones are from Samsung. 

In 2020 alone, Statista estimated Samsung global smartphone sales at 1.38 billion units! We would like to bump up that 7% recovery rate, by sharing how to track a Samsung phone.

If you are wondering how to track my Samsung phone, this article is for you. We present proven and tested techniques on how to track stolen Samsung phones.

Can You Track a Samsung Phone?

There are several reasons why one might want to Locate a Samsung device. You can track a Samsung device to locate a person or kidnapped victim. Today, children and adults alike are victims of kidnapping. 

In such a case, you can track Samsung phone location. This can help you identify where they currently are or were last seen. Another reason to track Samsung devices is when it gets misplaced, lost or stolen. You can easily lose your Samsung device at home. Or, you might want to track someone else’s phone without them knowing. Tracking apps have features to help you locate locally misplaced devices through sound or light.

Last but not least, most individuals track Samsung smartphones to spy on their spouses or children. If you are worried that your spouse is cheating, you can track their device and location.

4 Ways to Track a Samsung Phone

The method used to track a Samsung device depends on the situation. Different conditions may warrant the use of a different method. For example, I can use an app to find my Samsung phone lost in the house. Asking the authorities to track it is illogical. 

Similarly, if the device is stolen in a city center, trying to make it blink its flashlight will be of little use to you. It is therefore pertinent for the user to employ the correct technique, to better their recovery chances. In this review, we take a look at 4 ways to track Samsung Galaxy devices.

Use Spybubble Pro to Track a Samsung Phone

Apps provided by manufacturers to track devices have many limitations. To begin with, some flat out doesn’t work as expected. Many individuals have lost their Samsung phones and were unable to find them using Samsung’s find my device. In addition, the only other functionality it has is remotely wiping the device. 

In such cases, a parental control app like Spybubble is your best bet. With Spybubble, you can track Samsung phone location using GPS trackers, wi-fi, Sim card, and many more. This can’t be compared to manufacturer’s apps that only offer GPS tracking. 

Spybubble is your only option if you want to track a spouse or employee. Samsung’s find my device simply doesn’t offer the advanced features and customizations offered by Spybubble. With Spybubble, you can track Samsung phone online from the Spybubble dashboard. You can also: 

  • View incoming and outgoing calls
  • View received, sent, and deleted text messages
  • Monitor Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp, and other social apps and messengers
  • Look through sent and received media files

TRY Spybubble

Read more about Spybubble and other similar phone tracking apps.

Use Google Find My Device

Find My Device makes it easy to locate, ring, or wipe your device from the web interface.

To do this, you need a google account with which your device will be associated. Google find my device can find, lock, or erase a lost Android device. In addition, if the device was lost in an area someone is likely to return it, you can leave an emergency message with contact details.

Can you track a Samsung phone using Google services and apps? The answer is yes. Samsung devices run on the Android mobile operating system. 

Therefore, it is possible to track Samsung galaxy phone online using  Google Find My Device. Only a few steps are needed to track and locate your Samsung device:

Step 1. Head to and sign in to your Google Account.

Step 2. Click the lost phone at the top of the screen, if you have more than a single device.

Step 3. Wait for the lost phone to get a notification if it’s online.

Step 4. Check the approximate device location on the map to know where the phone is. You will find your device’s location on Google Maps.

Step 5. Choose what you would like to do to the device. (Limited to display a message, play sound, secure device, erase device)

Use Samsung Find My Mobile

The most common way to find my Samsung phone free is to use Samsung Find My mobile. The service will help you locate your phone or tablet as well as protect your data. In addition, you can even use it to unlock the device if you forget your PIN or password. Now that’s useful especially for phones you rarely use.

To track stolen Samsung phone using this service, ensure it is first activated. Without enabling Find My Mobile and SmartThings Find on your Galaxy phone, You won’t be able to locate your device. 

Samsung Find My Mobile is the inbuilt tool that allows the device to be tracked. The Samsung Smartthings Find is the app interface you may use to track a lost device. There is also a web interface available. 

Follow the steps below to enable Samsung find my mobile:

Step 1. Open the Settings app and search for Find My Mobile.

Step 2. Tap to toggle on Find My Mobile.

Step 3. Tap on Find My Mobile again to open its settings.

Step 4. Toggle on Remote unlock and Send last location, after reading through the description.

Follow the steps below to enable Samsung smart things find:

Step 1. Agree to share the necessary permissions.

Step 2. Select which device(s) you want to be able to locate.

Step 3. Locate the device on the map if it’s online.

Step 4. Choose what to do to the device ( ring, display a message, lock, wipe)

Contact the Authorities

There are several reasons why you may want to involve the authorities in locating a Samsung Galaxy device. First, if you were robbed, it is important to involve the authorities so that the perpetrators can be tracked. 

Second, if the device belongs to a company, and contains sensitive information, the police need to retrieve it. Last but not least, authorities have advanced tracking tools that any of the above-mentioned methods do not have. 

One advanced technique used by authorities is IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) tracking. Every Samsung device has a unique IMEI that can be used by authorities to track it. This allows the authorities to track the device globally. Immediately the device connects to any network, the authorities will be alerted. 

Your device IMEI can be found on the box you bought it in. write down the number or take a picture. The police will then blacklist the IMEI number making it easier for them to find any trace it leaves.

How to Track a Samsung Phone with iPhone

You can track Samsung phone with iPhone using the Google Find My Device services. The app itself is not compatible with iOS devices. However, if you want to quickly locate your device, you can log into the web interface. This gives you similar capabilities to the native app. Here’s how to track a Samsung phone with iPhone.

  1. Log onto the web interface, you can use safari or any other web browser.
  2. You will need your Google account credentials to log in.
  3. You can then make the device ring, remotely lock and erase all the data from the Galaxy device. 

Please note that for this to work, the Android device must have an active Google account and Find My Device enabled.

How Do I Turn Off Find My Mobile Pop-Up?

You can turn off the Find My Mobile Samsung pop-up or its notifications by disabling the app. However, this should only be done if the pop-ups are a nuisance. Generally, you should not receive any notification from the app. However, they are not out of the ordinary. 

Recently, Samsung users were unsettled by Find My Mobile pop-ups on devices. It was the manufacturer testing the system. Therefore, this should not be a constant worry.

Can You Find a Samsung Phone if It’s Offline?

Yes. However, if I want to find my Samsung phone offline, the police have to be involved. Through location history, authorities can be able to locate the approximate location of the Samsung Galaxy phone. This is only possible because they are able to track Samsung through IMEI or Serial numbers. Mobile carriers can also find my Samsung phone Verizon if they receive a valid confirmation from the authorities. 

Can You Track a Samsung Phone Through IMEI Number?

Yes. The authorities know how to track a phone through IMEI numbers. IMEI numbers are unique to every Samsung Galaxy device. Every time the thief uses the phone, traces of its activities are left on mobile networks. 

The police cooperate with mobile service providers to triangulate the approximate location of the device. A ground team will then locate the device on the ground using other technologies.

Can I Track a Samsung Phone by Serial Number?

Yes. You can track Samsung phones by serial number. Your Samsung Galaxy device has a unique product serial number that allows it to be tracked. However, this is only possible through your Samsung account or the authorities. 

Log into your Samsung account, locate your device online from any web browser. You will also be able to remote control it; you can lock the device and ring a bell to alert others of the lost device.

Can I Find My Samsung Phone for Free?

Yes. Both Samsung’s Find My Mobile and Google’s Find My Device are free. All I need to Find my Samsung phone Google and Samsung service is to have a registered account. The respective apps also have to be installed on the lost device. 

Note that with the Google or Samsung app, it only works if the internet is on. This is why we recommend Spybubble instead. Spybubble is the best track Samsung phone app because it offers many different tracking features, like SIM card location tracking, among others.

Can I Use Google to Find My Samsung Phone?

Yes. You can track Samsung phones without an app using Google web service. You can find a Samsung phone using a Google account by logging onto the web interface with the user name and password. This email should be the same as what is in your lost device, else it won’t work. To access the web interface, simply head to on any web browser.


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We depend on them for communication work and entertainment. In addition, some are costly and contain sensitive personal or professional information. Not recovering a lost device is sometimes not an option.  

Luckily, smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and service providers like Google and Mobile carriers have tools to help recover lost or stolen devices. Samsung’s Find my mobile and Google’s Find My Device are such tools. Using these tools, you will be able to locate your Samsung, activate a theft alarm at maximum volume, display a message on the screen or block it and erase all your information.

We recommend using Spybubble Pro to track Samsung phones and tablets. It has advanced features that can allow you to track an offline device. 

However, these tools cannot always be relied upon to successfully locate and recover a device. Sometimes the authorities have to be involved to track devices using IMEI or serial numbers. Involving the authorities is great for recovery operations. 

Thieves are extremely dangerous. No one likes to be accused of theft or go to jail. You can be harmed in the process of trying to recover the device. Never confront a thief; always contact the authorities if you locate your stolen Samsung device to retrieve it. 

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