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Text Messaging Spoofing: How to Send Fake SMS

Text messaging spoofing involves sending an SMS from a fake identity, making it seem like it is coming from someone else. This can be done using a wireless handset or SMS app, allowing people to impersonate others and send messages without their knowledge.

Unlock the world of SMS spoofing with our step-by-step guide. Learn how to send text messages from a different identity while understanding its legal implications and legitimate use cases. Get ready to explore the possibilities!

Can Someone Spoof a Text Message?

Of course, it is possible. You can spoof SMS messages. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing this article!

SMS spoofing work is not as straightforward as it seems. But fear not. We have some solutions for you! Whether you want to protect your privacy or have fun, we’ll explore the best services and apps to spoof text messages.

How Does Text Messaging Spoofing Work?

Text messaging spoofing is like pretending to be someone else when you text. It’s done using special apps or services that let you change the phone number that shows up on the recipient’s phone. So, even though you’re using your phone, the person getting the message will see a different number, making it look like someone else sent it.

Let’s see an example of how a fake sender works using Globefone:

How SMS message spoofing works

Spoof Text with Online SMS Services

Once a popular choice during the era of SMS dominance, online texting services still thrive today. These platforms allow you to send unlimited messages worldwide, needing only the recipient’s phone number and international dialing code. Websites like Globfone or OpenTextingOnline offer such services.

Typically limited to 155 characters per message, just below the standard text length, these websites vary in regional availability. Be sure to check before sending texts to specific countries.

When using these services, the recipient will see a random phone number from the service and the content of your text — no other personal data like your name or phone number is disclosed. Yet, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid sharing sensitive information, as the data you input may potentially be stored on the server, raising concerns about possible misuse or data theft.

We have tested the most popular websites for spoofing text messages and will gladly share our experience.


Globfone is a comfortable website for text messaging spoofing

Globfone‘s mission is to provide free telecommunication services like SMS and international calls to users all over the globe.

Globfone WEB offers a completely FREE internet service that enables you to make free phone calls, send free text messages, enjoy free video calls, and even engage in free P2P file sharing with your friends and family worldwide.


  • Free Phone Calls: Make free phone calls to friends and family worldwide using the internet
  • Free Text Messages: Send free text messages to any mobile number across the globe
  • Free Video Calls: Enjoy face-to-face conversations with loved ones through free video calls
  • P2P File Sharing: Easily share files with friends and family securely and freely


  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • No registration required


  • You need to disable AdBlock while using the website. But even when you have disabled it, you keep seeing the message that you must turn off your AdBlock. It isn’t very pleasant
  • Works once in a while

See? We have our AdBlock disabled, but we still see this from time to time (every 10 seconds, unfortunately):

Using Globfone to spoof text

As you can see, our recipient did not receive the SMS. But we have good news, too: you can leave feedback. We did it:

Globefone feedback form

Some disadvantages of the service can explain these customers’ reviews. Like this:

Globefone review rate

Or this one:

Globefone feedback

How Does It Work?

We can pretend that it works. So, how?

Step 1: Enter your name.

Enter your name

Step 2: Select the country of your recipient.

Select the country

Step 3: Write a message.

Write a message

Step 4: Send a message.

Send a message

Step 5: Check it.

Check a message


OpenTextingOnline is a service to spoof text messages

OpenTextingOnline is a web-based platform that allows users to send complimentary text messages to any mobile number worldwide. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to use without registering or unique software installations.


  • Free Text Messaging: Users can send text messages to any mobile number at no cost. It’s an ideal solution for those who want to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues without using their mobile phone’s text plan
  • Anonymous Messaging: When you send a text through OpenTextingOnline, the recipient will see a random phone number as the sender. This adds a layer of anonymity to the communication


  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • No registration required


  • Does not work

How Does It Work?

Again, let’s pretend that it can work. What should you do to spoof text messages or send anonymous SMS?

Step 1: Choose a destination country and enter the number. Type your text message.

Start spoof text message

Step 2: Send a text. After that, you will receive a message. You can see it below:

Using a fake text message website

So, you can see that all these free types of SMS spoofing do not work. Moreover, there are a lot of scams. Just look at the reviews on the SendAnonymousSMS website:


Or this one:

Feedbacke on service

It is a malicious website. Such websites are not safe, so it is better to avoid them. And don’t use it, of course.

Spoof Text Message with a Special App

An SMS spoofing app is a technology that alters the sender’s ID on a text message, making it seem like the message is from someone else. While some users may use these apps for harmless pranks on friends and family, others exploit them for malicious purposes, such as phishing and fraud.

SMS spoofing can have both legal and illegal uses, allowing individuals to impersonate others or send suspicious messages that appear genuine. Some may attach malware to messages, tricking recipients into activating harmful content.

Scammers may also use spoofed messages to offer fake promotional deals, leading unsuspecting users to websites that request sensitive information like credit card details or passwords.


FlexiSPY official messages spoofing app

We have already found out that a spoof SMS is a fabricated text message sent from the target phone to another device.

Once FlexiSPY is installed on the target device, you gain remote control, allowing you to send an SMS to any desired number. The spoof text appears like any regular message from the phone, but it leaves no trace in the target’s outbox.


  • Fake SMS Messages Sender: You can poof SMS without the device owner knowing. Also, it is possible to create fake texts in your online user portal and then invisibly send them to the target device or phone number

By the way, FlexiSPY has more options. You can check them by reading our FlexiSPY review.

Below, you can find a dashboard of the FlexiSPY tool. Here is a demo, and, of course, we tested it:

You can use the FlexiSPY company resources to spoof a message


  • Free demo
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free portal

You can use Free Portal with a lot of cool features:

FlexiSPY free portal


  • A bit expensive, so if you want to prank people, it is not relevant


You can buy different FlexiSPY packages:

For Android and iPhone

FlexiSPY Android price

For iPads and computers

FlexiSPY price for computers

How Does It Work?

According to our trying, it is very easy to use.

Step 1: Go to the FlexiSPY dashboard.

Step 2: Choose the SPOOF SMS option. Enter a target phone number, and type your SMS.

Send fake SMS with FlexiSPY

Step 3: Send your SMS.

Finally, this app has one big pro: it works! So, you can see users’ feedback and check our experience:

FlexiSPY feedback

Or this one:

FlexiSPY review

You can visit the site we checked to see more feedback if you wish.

Try FlexiSPY

Spoof Box

Spoof Box service provider

Spoof Box allows you to send messages with a different sender ID, providing anonymity and keeping your real phone number hidden. Usually, people choose this tool to make pranks: it’s a fun way to play pranks on friends and family, making them believe the message is from someone else.

Businesses can use Spoof Box to send messages using their brand name, improving brand visibility and recognition. Moreover, for IT professionals, Spoof Box can be used to test and identify potential vulnerabilities in systems susceptible to spoofed messages.

Let’s check this app’s features in more detail.


  • Sender ID Customization: Spoof Box allows you to customize the sender ID, making it appear as if the message is from any desired phone number or name.
  • Prank Messages: It enables you to send prank messages to friends and family, adding an element of fun to your interactions.
  • Brand Promotion: Businesses can use Spoof Box to send messages with their brand name, promoting their business or services.
  • Special Occasions: You can surprise loved ones on special occasions by sending messages with customized sender IDs.
  • Security Testing: IT professionals can use Spoof Box for security testing, identifying potential system vulnerabilities.

We are interested in spoofing service. So, what can we spoof with Spoof Box? You can spoof calls, SMS, email, fax, and chat here. Also, you can fake WhatsApp, iMessage, and image location.


  • Has a valid SSL certificate
  • Cool app for use of a second number
  • It works

Here, we can see the general rate:

Spoof Box rate

We also tried to check other users’ reviews:

Spoof Box feedback

It’s nice to see so many cool reviews!

Spoof Box feedback


  • Few people have problems with updating credits for the account
  • Payment methods support anonymous transactions were found


Bad news: you have to pay for this service. You can choose different packages:

  • 300 credits = €4.2
  • 500 credits = €7
  • 1000 credits = €14
  • 2500 = €35
  • 5000 = €63
  • 10 000 = €112

For each spoof message, you have to pay 50 credits.

But you can receive some promo codes for free if you agree to subscribe to Spoof Box on social media:

Spoof Box subscription

How Does It Work?

After experimenting with it, we can provide you with a guide on how to use it:

Step 1: Go to the website, choose the country, and enter the target number.

Spoof Box using

Step 2: Type your message.

Spoof a message with Spoof Box

Step 3: Set the date and time.

Use Spoof Box for spoofing

Step 4: Agree with the terms and press the SPOOF TEXT MESSAGE button.

Spoof SMS with Spoof Box


So, what conclusions can we draw? Firstly, free cheese is only in the mousetrap. Most often, free services do not work. They can even be used for harmful purposes, such as collecting your data for a scam and phishing. Therefore, it is better not to risk your cybersecurity and not use such resources.

Secondly, there are really good services that work and which you can use to put messages. The best service, in our opinion, is FlexiSPY. It showed its reliability for a long time in the market, has a transparent user policy, and protects your data.

In second place is Spoof Box. This is an excellent service if you want to arrange for someone to see or make fun of friends. So, try these apps, and don’t forget to share your experience with us!

Can SMS Spoofing Be Traced?

Yes, SMS spoofing can be traced, but tracing can be challenging and time-consuming. Tracing SMS spoofing typically requires the involvement of telecommunications providers and law enforcement agencies. These entities can investigate and analyze the network logs to identify the origin of the spoofed message.

Can Someone Send Text Messages Using My Number?

Yes, someone can send text messages using your number through a process known as SMS spoofing. SMS spoofing allows a person to manipulate the sender ID on a text message, making it appear that the message comes from a different phone number, including yours.

Spoofing text messages can be done using various online services or mobile applications that offer this functionality. While some individuals may use SMS spoofing for harmless pranks or fun, others may have malicious intentions, such as sending phishing messages or fraudulent content.

How Can I Send a Text Message Without Showing My Number for Free?

To send a text message without showing your number for free, you can use the following methods:

✅ Use *67: This method works for both smartphones and landlines. Dial *67 before entering the recipient’s phone number. This will hide your number; the recipient will see “Private” or “Blocked” on their caller ID.
✅ Online Texting Services: Various online services allow you to send text messages without revealing your number.
✅ Spoofing Apps: Some apps, like Spoof Box, offer limited free options for sending spoofed text messages. They allow you to choose a custom sender ID, but there may be limitations on the number of messages or features available for free.

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