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Is It Possible to Call Someone and Display a Different Number?

Sometimes you want to call your ex and make a joke… Is it about you? Let’s pretend that yes. But, agree, this joke will be complicated if you don’t have one more — secret — number. But we have good news: you can use this guide to make everything easy.

So, how to use a virtual secondary number to make online calls? It is a simple and effortless approach to contacting someone via an alternate number. Keep reading to know more! 👇

How to Use Spoofing Apps to Call Someone and Display a Different Number?

Have you ever wondered how to make a phone call and have a different number displayed on the recipient’s caller ID? This technique is known as spoofing, and while it has legitimate uses, it is illegal to use it to deceive or harm others.

Want to know expert opinion? We strongly recommend using specialized spoofing apps. It’s a proven and safe way to solve your problem. Let’s consider the best options.

To get started, simply search for “spoofing” using a search engine, and you will find various businesses such as SpoofCard that offer spoofing services.


SpoofCard to Call Someone and Display a Different Number

SpoofCard is the best service that allows users to change the number that appears on a recipient’s caller ID when making a phone call. It is a type of spoofing service that is typically used for prank calls or for privacy reasons.


  • Caller ID Spoofing: display a different number on the recipient’s caller ID when making a call;
  • Call Recording: record your calls for future reference;
  • Voice Changer: modify your voice to sound like someone else;
  • Call Disguise: change your voice and background noise to create the impression that you are calling from a different location or environment;
  • SMS Spoofing: send text messages from a different phone number;
  • International Spoofing: spoof calls and messages internationally;
  • Group Spoofing: make spoof calls to multiple recipients simultaneously;
  • Anonymous Calling: hide your own phone number while making a call;
  • Customizable Caller ID: choose your own number to display on the recipient’s caller ID;
  • Secure Payment Options: secure payment options to protect the user’s personal and financial information.

Pros & Cons

  • User-friendly
  • Unlimited virtual phone numbers
  • Call straight to voicemail
  • Phone calls recording
  • To send texts and make calls, you will be required to buy credits

How to Use SpoofCard?

  1. Go to the SpoofCard website.
  2. Buy minutes or credits. Save all information you acquire as a result of your transaction. The majority of websites offer the option to pay using a credit card or PayPal.
  3. To complete the process, you will need to enter the required information into the web form. This typically includes your phone number, the recipient’s phone number, and the phone number you want to appear on the recipient’s caller ID.
  4. Once you have provided the necessary information, use the number provided to make the call. The service provider will instruct you to dial a specific number to initiate the call.
  5. Depending on the service you have selected, you may be required to enter a PIN that was generated when you purchased minutes or credits.
SpoofCard app

Try SpoofCard


FakeCallerID to Call Someone and Display a Different Number

FakeCallerID is a service that allows users to modify the caller ID that is displayed on the recipient’s phone when making a phone call. The service can be used to spoof phone numbers, change your voice, and add sound effects during the call.


  • Anonymous calls and protect their privacy;
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS devices;
  • Call recording;
  • Call blocking;
  • Call forwarding.

Pros & Cons

  • Anonymous
  • Voice changing
  • Call straight to voicemail
  • Phone calls recording
  • No text messages sending

How to Use Other Tools to Call Someone and Display a Different Number?

There are several other ways to display a different number when making a call, such as call forwarding, Skype, Voice Over IP (VoIP), and more. With these techniques, you can call any local or international number while showing a different number of your choice.

Below are the various methods to call someone and display a different number.

Call Forwarding

How call forwarding works

There are several ways to change your caller ID and show a different number to your friends when you call them.

When you enable call forwarding, incoming calls to your old phone number are redirected to a new number of your choice, which is displayed to the person you’re calling instead of your actual number.

This allows you to know how to call someone and display a different number. You can forward all your calls to a different number by activating the call-forwarding feature on your phone.

Utilize Skype

Skype app

What is the process to make a call and show a different number to the recipient? Using Skype is one method to make a call from a different number. You can create a new Skype account and associate it with a different phone number. 

  1. Click on the Create an Account link available on the Skype website and enter your phone number and address to proceed.
  2. After setting up your account, you can add call credit to it.
  3. To add call credit, click on the Skype Credit link and follow the instructions. Note that either PayPal or SMS billing methods require a US or Canadian credit card.
  4. Afterward, you will need to enter your payment information and verify your email address.
  5. If you prefer not to provide your payment information, you can download the Skype app instead of creating an online account.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Using Voice Over IP (VoIP) can be a way to call someone and display a different number. You can use voice-over IP services like Skype to make phone calls from your computer using an internet connection. This can be helpful if you want to keep your number hidden or save money on long-distance calls. Follow these steps to use VoIP and call someone while displaying a different number.

How to Use Voice Over IP?

  1. You will need a headset with a microphone to speak during the call, although there may be alternative solutions.
  2. You can set up VoIP on your smartphone for free using Google Chrome and WiFi. There are many options available for this type of communication.

Additionally, the quality of your calls will remain excellent even in remote locations with poor cellular coverage since VoIP relies on an internet connection instead of cellular coverage.

Using a Fake Number App

Using Fake Number App

You can use the caller ID spoofing method on your Android device with ease. This technique involves in-app purchases, so you need to use real money to buy credits to make calls.

However, you’ll get some free credit for the trial, so you can try it out without spending money. The app that you need to download is called “Fake Number,” and it allows you to make calls with a different number displayed on the recipient’s caller ID.

How to Use a Fake Number App?

  1. Install the application.
  2. To call someone from a different number, you need to download the “Fake Call” application from the Apple App Store.
  3. Once you have successfully installed the app, you can enter any phone number you want to appear on the recipient’s phone in the “Called ID” section. This will make it seem like there’s a fake conversation happening.
  4. Enter the phone number of the person you want to call in the ‘To’ field.
  5. When the installation is successful, you need to enter any number in the ‘Called Id’ field.

Google Voice

Google voice

Is it possible to call someone and display a different number? Sure, especially if you are going to use Google Voice. Google Voice is a great choice for making calls with a different number because it is free and easy to use.

How to Use Google Voice?

  1. Creating a Google Voice account online.
  2. Choose the phone number you want.
  3. Connect your mobile device with your Google Voice account.

By using Google Voice, your outgoing calls will be displayed on your Google Voice dashboard, while incoming calls will be forwarded to voicemail and remain unseen. Google Voice will also transcribe voicemails into text messages that you can access online or through the app. 

To avoid paying for minutes with a cell carrier, it’s recommended to make outgoing calls via WiFi as much as possible. With Google Voice, you’ll receive everything important as voicemail transcriptions are stored in your Google Voice mailbox.


Making a call and displaying a different number is the focus of this guide. When the recipient answers the call, it will seem to be coming from the person you intended to call, not from your own number. By using your desired phone number as the recipient and following the outlined steps, you can create a fake profile and easily call someone while showing a different number.

If you want to call someone and display a different number, use a credible app: our top pick is SpoofCard!

What Is the Method to Make a Call to Someone Without Revealing Your Contact Number?

To call someone without revealing your phone number, follow these steps. Firstly, open the dialer and enter the phone number you want to call along with the area code. Then, input *67 before the number. This will ensure that the recipient’s phone displays “Private,” “Anonymous,” or another indicator instead of your mobile number.

What Are the Ways to Change or Alter My Caller ID?

If you want to access the Caller ID modification settings on your Android device, open the Phone app, tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, select “Settings,” and then select “Call Settings.” Next, tap on “Additional Options,” and then choose “Caller ID.”

Are There Any Applications Available to Show a Different Phone Number?

The SpoofCard app offers the convenience of having separate phone lines for your personal and professional use and even facilitates international communication without requiring a second SIM card. By using the app, you can select a personalized phone number and make calls while keeping your original number private.

What Could Be the Reason for a Different Phone Number Appearing When I Make a Call to Someone?

Caller ID spoofing is a technique used by the telephone network to indicate to the call recipient that the call has originated from a station other than the actual originating station. Due to this, the caller ID display may exhibit a different phone number than the one that was originally used to make the call.

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