how to read someones whatsapp messages

How to Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Without Their Phone

Concerned parents, partners, or employers have infinite reasons to spy on someone’s WhatsApp account. You may not be surprised that many people want to know how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone. Whatever your reason is, you are in luck. There are several ways you can go about reading WhatsApp messages without having access to the phone.

This article will guide you on how to read WhatsApp messages from another device. It will also take you through how to check others’ WhatsApp chats with QR code. More importantly, we cover third-party software you can use to access Android and iOS target phone.

Third-party software allows you to access WhatsApp messages remotely without taking much risk. They can be used to check WhatsApp on any android and iOS phone. Let’s dive in!

Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages With mSpy

If you are serious about reading someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely, mSpy is the app for you. With its simple install procedure, you can be up and running in a very short time on Android or iPhone. 

How to read whatsapp messages

mSpy is the most popular remote monitoring software. It is known the world over and employed by individuals and organizations for their monitoring needs. With mSpy, you do not need to wonder anymore how to read WhatsApp messages without their phone. You can do it with ease from the online dashboard using a mac. 

Whether you are on Google Android or Apple iOS, this article will guide you on how to trace WhatsApp messages and how to see others’ WhatsApp chats online without them knowing. 

mSpy Whatsapp Tracking Features

View all messages: mSpy makes it possible to read WhatsApp conversations on Android and iOS.  You can access and monitor all sent and received messages remotely without them knowing. It also indicates time and date stamps so you will know when the conversation happened.

View media files: with mSpy, you can monitor all videos and pictures shared by their phone number through WhatsApp messenger. You can tell a lot about a person from their media files; after all a picture speaks a thousand words, they say. 

Monitor calls: with rooted Android and jailbroken iPhones, you can even listen in on their calls. From the mSpy control panel, you can check on call logs and their respective playbacks. 

Access deleted messages: mSpy saves all instant messaging as soon as they are received on the target device. This means you can still track and access user-deleted text messages without them knowing. 

View contact info: if you are wondering how to know with who someone is chatting on WhatsApp mSpy has tools for this. From the control panel, you can check the phone number, mac address, user names, email address, home address, pictures, or any other information stored in the address book. 

Why mSpy Is The Top Choice For Most Users

Users who seek reliable, remote monitoring often turn to mSpy. It is the best method to get access to anyone’s WhatsApp without exposure to risk. mSpy is a very small spy app, which is crucial when it comes to remote monitoring. It means the app can be installed on the target device without taxing its resources like the battery. 

mSpy’s icon will also be hidden once the install is complete on android devices. This means the target will never know you were there; everything else can be monitored from the web portal. If you are wondering how to trace WhatsApp messages, even deleted ones, mSpy makes that possible. That alone jumps it to the top of anyone’s consideration list. 

How to Know With Who Someone Is Chatting on WhatsApp

If you are ready to read your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without their phone, setting up mSpy is very easy. In under 10 minutes, you will be up and running. 

mSpy works in three simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase mSpy. Select the subscription package that best suits you and proceed to complete the order form with your personal details. You will receive an email with further installation instructions after your payment is confirmed.

To do this, head to the official mSpy website and sign up for a user account by tapping on TRY NOW. Complete the 4 step signup process.

How to see others whatsapp chat

Step 2: Install & Set-Up. The mSpy install and setup can be completed in a few minutes by following the instructions you received in your email. 

To install mSpy on an iPhone or iPad, enter the login credentials of the iCloud account linked to the target device.  To install mSpy For Android, you will require physical access to the kids/person’s cell phone. The mSpy app installation takes less than a minute.

Step 3: Begin monitoring.  You will be able to access WhatsApp account messages with mSpy once you complete the installation process. In under 10 minutes, information should begin trickling on as mSpy syncs with their private secure servers. Simply log in to your online control panel from a browser. 

How easy was that! Just a few minutes, a click here, a toggle there and you are set. It doesn’t get any easier or more convenient.

Top 5 reasons why people love mSpy

  1. Great universal recognition and reputation: When it comes to results in the world of spy apps, recognition and reputation are key. There are many vendors of shady apps who promise to help you spy on WhatsApp without results. What’s worse is that others may infect devices with malware or ransomware. Having an app that has a solid worldwide user base with excellent reviews is great insurance. 
  2. mSpy offers more than just Whatsapp tracking: If you want to monitor WhatsApp messages in real-time, chances are you desire more than the simple Whatsapp message tracing and tracking. With mSpy, you can track the target device using GPS and monitor users’ movements, listen to their calls, and many more.
  3. Affordable and great value for money: Even the basic mSpy subscription comes with a lot out of the box. On top of Whatsapp tracking, subscribers have more than a dozen other features like message and call tracking, social media apps tracking, and many more.  mSpy is also competitively priced relative to the competition. Considering the additional feature set attached to even the base subscription, it is an offer hard to ignore. 
  4. Great online interface: mSpy’s web portal is one of the best to use among the competition. We had had a go with most of the spy apps on the market. The mSpy one is easy to use and anyone can be up and running in no time.
  5. mSpy live demo: If you are not sure about how to use mSpy before purchasing, they have a live demo on their website. While this feature is not unique to mSpy, there are many spy apps that do not give you the option to test drive their web portals. 


  • Advanced WhatsApp message, call, and multimedia tracking
  • Includes other monitoring features like GPS and instant message tracking
  • Web interface to access all phone data
  • Track phone location without them knowing
  • You’ll be able to also see deleted WhatsApp messages


  • Requires a monthly subscription

Can I Read WhatsApp Messages Online for Free?

Yes. If you want to get access to WhatsApp messages without paying, there are several free options/methods on the market you can explore but most are questionable. 

One of the commonly used tools is Whats Web Scan. Whats Web Scan allows you to open two accounts on the same device. Others use it to open the same account on multiple devices.

You can clone the target phone’s WhatsApp account on your device and monitor it for free. If you are also wondering how to check others WhatsApp chat with QR code Whats web clone can do it.

How to read whatsapp messages from another device

Whats Web Scan, in particular, is known to be quite buggy. Users have complained of chronic unreliability in syncing WhatsApp messages from the target cell phone. 

Pros and Cons of Whats Web Scan

  • It’s free
  • It’s easy to set up and install
  • You can access two different WhatsApp accounts at the same time
  • User will know that they’re being tracked
  • Has bugs and is highly unreliable

How to Check Others Whatsapp Chat With a QR Code

If you’ve been searching how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages with QR code, Whatsapp web is the most common way. It is one of the two ways people can use to check WhatsApp on their computers.

The messages the target sends or receives will be synced between their phone and your computer. The other option is to use the WhatsApp Desktop app. This application needs to be downloaded to your computer and installed.

However, with WhatsApp Web, you can simply scan the QR code on any web browser and you are good to go. This means you will be able to monitor all messages from any device.

If you are curious, can I read WhatsApp messages online, this is the safest free way to go about it. If you are ready to access anyone’s  WhatsApp chats simply by scanning a QR code, follow the steps below to set up WhatsApp Web and spy on WhatsApp chats.

how to check others whatsapp chat with qr code

Step 1: Open a web browser on any device and head to WhatsApp web

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on the user device and open the Whatsapp application. 

Step 3: Tap on the menu location denoted by three dots on the top right of your display. Select WhatsApp web. 

Step 4: point the user device to the QR code on the Whatsapp Web screen to capture the QR code.

Step 5: The device might vibrate during authentication before syncing all user’s WhatsApp messages and multimedia. 

Pros and Cons of Whatsapp Web

  • It’s free to use
  • The setup is quick
  • It always works, as long as you have access to the target device
  • You target will know that WhatsApp Web is enabled
  • If they log out, you will also be automatically logged out

Can Someone See My Whatsapp Messages From Another Phone?

If you think you can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone, the answer is yes. Someone with Whats Web Scan can clone your account if they have access to your device without your knowledge. Or, they can use third-party tracking apps to spy on your device.

If you are suspicious that your WhatsApp is being monitored, and you spot Whats Web Scan on your handset, then someone is spying on your WhatsApp messages remotely.

WhatsApp Web can also be used if you are interested in how to read others’ WhatsApp messages without their phone. Simply follow our instructions in this review to be up and running in no time.

Tip! If you want to know if someone is using either of these to read your messages check the notification bar. Whatsapp always displays a notification if Whatsapp Web is active.

If you dig deeper into the Whatsapp software, you can have a rough idea of who they are by the device they used to access it. 


Whatsapp remains one of the most popular messaging platforms today. It’s the largest out there, as reported by Statista. If you are keen on how to read others’ WhatsApp messages on android or iOS, chances are you seek reliability, remote capabilities, and anonymity. Yes, there are free apps, but they expose you to myriad risks.

Whatsapp web retains a log of devices that have accessed this feature. This is why we recommend third-party proven apps like mSpy. While they may require a subscription, they assure you anonymity and reliable remote spying.

Other perks like additional tools such as GPS tracking, SMS and call tracking, Facebook tracking, and many more offer huge value for money. Whether you are a parent looking to keep their child safe, an employer suspecting employees of IP theft, or you fear your spouse is cheating, mSpy is the best solution for you.

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