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10 Best Email Spoofing Tools You Should Try

Email spoofing is sending email messages from a temporary email address. The purpose is to disguise the identity or make it seem like the message comes from a different address than the actual sender. 

Not only does it help you protect your personal information, but it also allows you to easily get rid of unwanted advertisements and junk mail that can easily clog up your inbox.

The tool you choose depends on the purpose of your spoofing. Many free email spoofers can help you if you want to protect yourself from spam, fraud, and scams. 

But if you need a spoofing tool for business or personal purposes, there are paid and free options available. This blog post will review some of the best email spoofing tools you can use to your advantage.


Emailfake spoofing software allows you to generate fake email addresses that look real. You can use it to create any kind of spam email address you want, and it’s great for testing your website or app before sending out an email campaign. 

It’s also useful for creating temporary email addresses if you need to send something quickly without logging in to your email account or if you don’t have an email account at all.

Emailfake does not require any complex installation or daunting registration process and works directly on your browser. All you have to do is:

  1. Open their website
  2. Select a username > domain name > set up DNS
  3. Hit enter! 

You can start using the app immediately and send spoofed emails as you want without any hassle. That’s how easy it is to use this app.

The only downside is that this service doesn’t allow you to track the success rate of your emails. That’s because it doesn’t include an option for tracking open rates and click-throughs. 

But Emailfake is still a great tool for anyone who wants to send out mass emails without worrying about exposing your personal data, setting up DNS settings, or paying for an unlimited plan.

Email Generator

If you want a pretty straightforward app that does its job, then the Email Generator app is for you. It’s a simple app that allows you to create fake email addresses and then send them to anyone. You can choose from a variety of domains or generate fake email ids.

You can also use this email address to sign up for any of your favorite social networking platforms, or create a test account to register to a website. The drop-down menu will help you choose which domain you’d like to use.

The only downside is that the Email Generator app has no support for adding attachments or links to the emails generated, but other than that it’s pretty solid. No user training is needed on this one.


This email spoofing app allows you to create disposable email addresses that can be used for temporary or anonymous accounts. Plus, YOPmail doesn’t require any registration or password, so you can get started right away. 

To use this tool, simply go to the website and enter the desired username. Then, choose the domain name you want to use and click on the “Check Availability” button. 

If the username is available, you can create your account and start using it immediately. The benefits of using YOPmail include:

  • An encrypted connection: Enables you to send messages securely over the Internet
  • Easy setup: Just download the software, log in with ‘any-name-of-your-choice’, and start sending and receiving secure messages
  • Compatible with any email service provider (ESP): You can use it on any device, including mobile phones
  • Private key: You can use this to encrypt all communication between you and your recipients


It is another great option for creating a temporary email address that works on any device, even on your phone. Deadfake is extremely popular for people who like pulling prank emails on their friends. 

It is a fake email generator that allows you to create fake emails that look real but are actually not. The best part? It is very user-friendly, and it’s free.

You can create a temporary email address in a matter of seconds by just visiting their site and entering your desired username and password. From here on, you can start sending hilarious emails to your friends to spark a light reconnection with them. 

Since its inception several years ago, Deadfake has sent millions of fake emails that served their purpose well.

Emkei’s Mailer

Emkei’s Mailer is a great email spoofing website that allows you to send anonymous emails. It is simple to use and does not require any installation. 

All you need to do is enter the recipient’s email address and message and click on the “Send” button. The software will then create a fake mail account and send your message from there. 

This makes it difficult for the recipient to trace the email back to you. That means you can send fake emails all day long if you want!

It’s similar to Deadfake but offers more features than its counterpart. Emkei’s Mailer allows you to create a fake mail address and choose the country of origin for your new account.

Plus, you can even specify the time zone so that every mail you send looks like it was sent from a real person living in that region. Rest assured, this tool only promotes making fun and exciting moments with friends and strangers. It does not allow anyone to use it for illegal purposes.

Send Anonymous Mail

As the name suggests, Send Anonymous Mail tool allows you to send spoof emails or anonymous ones so you can comfortably communicate with anyone without them knowing your identity. This tool is perfect for those who want to confess their feelings to a certain person but are too afraid to do so in real life. 

Upon registration, the tool will immediately create an anonymous email ID. So that no one can track your IP address or location and fully aid anonymity.

But this site has the least features to offer compared to the previously mentioned tools. Only a plain text editor is available here and does not allow for attachments. 

You cannot add colors nor change the font nor play with formatting options. On a brighter note, though, it poses a serious stance against abuse of their services. 

Its terms and conditions specify that the company will block a user from the site. They can even reveal their IP address if they send malicious or illegal messages, such as death threats and slander.


Anonymailer is one of the most popular email spoofing tools. It allows you to send emails from any valid email address and location worldwide.

It creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your computer and our servers. Once connected, Anonymailer will create an anonymous IP address for your session duration that will be used instead of your own IP address.

But it doesn’t just end there! You can subscribe to its pro version to experience endless possibilities with your email spoofing online endeavor.

For only $49/year, you can send up to tens of millions of emails daily to better advertise something. Or, you can be the best prankster in the house without your receiver knowing about it, even though you’re only living under the same roof as your receiver. 


Espoofer is being true to its name with its revolutionary coding features, controller settings, and detecting tools. It can be used to send anonymous or spam emails and host secret meetings. 

This email spoofing service tool has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, especially for people who are not tech-savvy. You can choose from various templates and images and customize them to your preference before sending them out.

The app also has an inbuilt email checker that lets you know whether the message has been delivered successfully or not through confirmation mail. So there is no need to worry whether the emails you generate have reached their intended recipients. 

Additionally, it’s very popular among businessmen and strategic people alike because it:

  • Effectively shares important data of your choice and renders you secure codes for the utmost success rate
  • Allows you to create secure codes and passwords for prime secrecy
  • Provides a temporary email id that efficiently targets prospective audiences/clients
  • Functions in three incredible work modes: server (‘s,’ default mode), the client (‘c’) mode, and manual (‘m’) mode
  • Helps prevent unwanted security issues


GuerillaMail is one of the best free fake email senders you can ever have. It allows you to safely and efficiently save important files, emails, and information to your temporary email (or any of your chosen storage devices for a better experience).

It also provides a functional email inbox that you can use to your liking. But the catch is it is restricted to one of the app’s preselected domains.

It’s also important to note that the inbox messages will only be available for 60 minutes after receiving them. So, you should constantly be on the lookout if you’re waiting for vital responses because you don’t want to miss an opportunity that only this app can provide.


Zmail is another open-source email spoofing software on our list that lets you send fake emails and spam email pranks to prospective receivers anytime, anywhere. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to register a regular email program, share files with other users, and even test an email server. 

Unlike the above-mentioned apps, though, this tool has many limitations. For one, it only works using a desktop app and will not be functional via a website app or server. 

Plus, the company only issued its availability on Windows. So if you have a Mac ecosystem, you may choose from our other recommendations above. 

What Is the Difference Between IP Spoofing and Email Spoofing?

The difference between IP spoofing and email spoofing is that the former involves changing a computer’s Internet Protocol address. On the other hand, the latter involves changing the message’s sender information to conceal their identity. 

IP spoofing is when someone modifies the IP address of their computer to make it look like they’re coming from somewhere else. This can be done by changing your router’s DNS settings or by downloading free software with a net connection.

Email spoofing is when someone changes the “From” field in their email client so that the message appears to have come from someone else. This can be done by changing your email client’s settings, or by downloading free software with a net connection.

Can Spoof Emails Be Traced?

Spoof emails are generally not traceable and very difficult to detect. This is because an email address can be spoofed by changing the information in the “domain” or the part of the email address that comes after the “@” symbol. 

When someone sends a spoofed email, it’s difficult to tell who sent it or where they sent it from. But certain email spoofing tools can reveal your identity, especially if you break their security terms, so watch out.

Does Gmail Block Spoofed Emails?

Gmail does not currently block emails that are spoofed. But it does a lot to prevent them from getting into your inbox. First, it will check the email address’s legitimacy and ensure that it is not known to be a spammer. 

It will also check whether the content of the email looks like it came from a legitimate source or whether it contains malware. If an email fails to pass these tests and you report it as spam, you may stop receiving emails from that certain account.

Can Outlook Email Be Spoofed?

Yes, Outlook email can be spoofed. The outlook email is notoriously vulnerable to spoofing because it lacks a strong email authentication mechanism. 

The lack of authentication in Outlook means that any email message you receive can be spoofed by someone else and appear as if it’s coming from someone else.

How Long Does Email Spoofing Last?

Email spoofing lasts in a matter of an hour to a whole week. It will depend on your preferences or the system of your chosen email spoofing software.

It is important to note that email spoofing does not last forever and will eventually wear off. It all depends on how long you want to keep your email address hidden from the public eye and the terms and conditions you signed up for.

Can You Spoof an Email IP Address?

Yes, you can spoof an email IP address. The easiest way to do this is by using tools or email services that offer this feature.

If nothing’s available, you can do it with a proxy server. It’s a computer that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other mail servers. 

The client makes indirect requests for information from the proxy server. It will then forward them to the real server and return the responses to the client. 

This allows an individual or organization to hide their identity by hiding behind the proxy server’s IP address instead of their own.

Is Email Spoofing a Cybercrime?

Email spoofing isn’t a cybercrime unless it’s done with malicious intent. An example of this is when it’s used to deceive recipients into sending money or giving up personal information. 

For example, someone may email you from your bank’s email address asking for your account information. But the email actually comes from a fraudster pretending to be your bank’s customer service department, you might give them your account number and password.

Do You Need a VPN for Spoofing?

While it’s not mandatory to have a VPN for spoofing, we highly recommend using one. You’ll need to hide your IP address through a VPN so that when you pretend to be someone else, it’s clear that you aren’t them. 


We hope this list of spoofing tools and our little guide on how to spoof an email address has been helpful to you. Email spoofing is fun and beneficial, not until you cross the line and use it for evil purposes. 

Remember, being responsible is always the key to a successful spoofing experience. So please, put it to good use.

But if you find yourself on the other side of the fence and receive an anonymous email, you can check the identity of the sender or their email id using reverse email lookup apps. Or, if you want to know whether an individual is sending it using a fake mail generator, you can monitor their messaging activities by installing spyware.

If you know of a spoofing tool we haven’t mentioned in our list, feel free to comment below with your opinion and any useful information. We love hearing from all of our readers and would love to hear any other thoughts or suggestions that you have.

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