How to See Other People's Snapchat History

How to See Other People’s Snapchat History

Want to access your target Snapchat but don’t know which app to use? With so many available Snapchat hacking options out there, it’s understandable that users are often overwhelmed at the amount of choice at their disposal.

However, some of those options are very dangerous and potentially risky, as our experts advise. Our researchers have tested both free and paid tools to check which services are up-to-par and which are scammy. 

When it comes to Snapchat in particular, we were looking for some key features that distinguish lowballers from high rollers. We only wanted to feature apps that allow you to read deleted Snaps, open Snaps without the target knowing, read all Snapchat messages, and view Snapchat contacts and history.

So, ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Can I Look at Other People’s Snapchat History?

Well, the short answer is yes. With spy apps, you can view other people’s Snapchat history without them knowing. Once you start monitoring them, you can also find out if someone has blocked them on Snapchat. And the apps can get lots more from the target device.

Once you install the app on the target phone, it will essentially ask for permission to monitor the device. This only applies to those with an Android device though.

After getting the green light, a spy app will log and relay all information to their servers. It is from here where the control panel gets its data from too.

As you may have guessed, Snapchat trackers can do most things that generic spy apps can do. However, each employs a slightly different tactic in how it tracks Snapchat activities on the target device.

We’ve come up with a list that will allow you to view your target’s Snapchat history with ease and convenience. And, we’ve also featured some tools that you should stay clear of.

Below are the methods we’ll be digging deeper into in the article:

  • Using mSpy – A powerful and simple spy app that can let you view other people’s calls, SMS, and GPS locations.
  • Using eyeZy – An Android and iOS spy app with advanced monitoring features and a simple control panel.
  • Using uMobix – One of the best available spy apps that can track social media apps and much more without root or jailbreak requirement.
  • Using Spybubblt – A stealthy spy app that can monitor a target device’s text messages, snapchat messages, and much more.
  • Without using an app – Learn a free trick to view Snapchat activity on a target’s phone without needing a spy app

How to See Snapchat History with mSpy

mspy dashboard

As one of the most popular spy apps in the market, mSpy is a monitoring app that will let you see tons of activities on the target device. You can also use it to spy on other messenger applications.

From its keylogger feature to its ability to monitor social media apps on Android and iOS devices, mSpy remains a worthy pick. However, you won’t only like it for its features, but its ease of use and installation.

But before you get excited over this Snapchat spy app, below are some of the other features that it also has to offer.

Best Features

Your target’s Snapchat history will probably be filled with tons of Snapchats they send from their devices. This may include photos, videos, and text messages.

mSpy monitors all these activities on their Snapchat accounts, but it also goes an extra mile thanks to the features below.

Social Apps Monitoring

Your target won’t certainly be using Snapchat alone. He/she may also fancy using other social media apps like Instagram and Messenger too.

Luckily, mSpy monitors activities within these apps, and with a lot of ease too. After installing it on a target device, it will begin monitoring all incoming and outgoing messages on the apps.

Keylogger Feature

mSpy’s keylogging capabilities are also worth mentioning. That’s because it can let you get all the keystrokes that someone made on their device.

As such, you’ll not only be able to know what they typed under their Snapchat account. You’ll also know what they viewed in other apps like Google Chrome.

SMS Monitoring

SMS may be a bit outdated, but there are high chances your target uses it too. Rather than see someone’s Snapchat messages alone, mSpy lets you view all incoming and outgoing messages as well.

The best part is that the app will still monitor messages that were sent or received before mSpy installation.


  • Simple to use even for beginners
  • A wide array of tracking options
  • Comes with an accurate keylogger
  • Root/jailbreak is not a requirement


  • Some advanced features require rooting/jailbreaking
  • iCloud credentials needed for iOS

TRY mSpy

How to See People’s Snapchats with eyeZy

With eyeZy, monitoring people’s Snapchats is super easy thanks to its simple dashboard and powerful tracking features. You can also use it to open Snapchats without the other person knowing.

The app packs incredible features for iOS and Android devices. This means that you can monitor and see other people’s Snapchat activities along with many other things.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that you would have to gain access to the target phone first to install eyeZy. Afterward, you can realize plenty of benefits such as the ones listed below.

Best Features

eyeZy is feature-packed, and that’s no secret. However, you’d be happy to note that some of the features can help you see much more than your target’s Snapchat history.

Location Tracking

Out of the box, eyeZy allows you to view the GPS location of the user. In addition, it also tracks their movement so you’d always know where they are.

The location tracker also lets you create geofence alerts based on your target’s movements. Thus, when your target enters or leaves a certain zone, you’ll be notified.

Social Apps Monitoring

If seeing other people’s Snapchat history was all you’re after, then you’re in for a surprise. eyeZy will also give you the same privileges for other apps.

This means that you can equally view what your target has been doing in other social media applications like Messenger, Viber, and Instagram.

Web History Tracking

Part of the reason why you own a smartphone is because it enables you to connect to the internet with ease. eyeZy also tracks web activities on the target’s browser.

As such you can see: 

  • All the websites that the target visited, 
  • The date he/she visited them
  • How frequently they visit a site.


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Reliable stealth mode
  • Feature-packed
  • Rooting/jailbreak not needed


  • Some advanced features only work on rooted/jailbroken phones
  • iCloud credentials required for iOS devices

TRY eyeZy

How to View Someone’s Snapchat History with SpyBubble

Inherently, SpyBubble is not a Snapchat monitoring app. However, it can monitor all activities on the app and even let you see other people’s Snapchat.

Other than that, it is also fairly simple to use and comes with a neat and clean-looking dashboard that is self-explanatory.

That said, Spybubble has some interesting features that anyone who wants to monitor a target phone would want. The best part is that they’re all easy to understand and use.

Best Features

SpyBubble has been around for a while. And though it can let you see other people’s Snapchat, it comes with plenty more features to help you collect more data.

SIM Card Location Tracking

At first glance, SIM card location tracking may seem unnecessary especially when GPS tracking is available. However, SIM location tracking can be useful in certain situations.

That’s because it allows you to track the device in case it is ever lost or stolen. In addition, it also displays the IMEI and carrier data of any newly inserted SIM card.

Call Logging

The user of the phone will likely make calls no matter how much they love Snapchat. It’s also possible that they’d call some of their contacts from Snapchat too.

SpyBubble gives you a fully updated list of all incoming and outgoing calls from their devices. As such, you will be able to see the contact’s name and even match it to the person they were chatting with on Snapchat.

Stealth Mode

You certainly won’t need to worry about getting caught while using SpyBubble. That’s because it comes equipped with a stealth mode which keeps the app undetectable.

Right after installation, the app will disappear from the app drawer on Android devices. Thus, no one will easily know if that the phone is being monitored


  • Rooting and jailbreaking not required
  • Simple installation
  • Remote installation on iOS devices
  • Simple UI


  • iCloud credentials required for iOS devices
  • Some advanced features might require rooting and jailbreaking

TRY Spybubble

How to View Others’ Snapchat History with uMobix

uMobix Snapchat spying application does a few extra surprises. This unique app is easy to use, comes with a set of amazing features, and works on all possible devices.

Feature-wise, the app packs a lot, and you can use it to do nearly anything that other spy apps can do. Nevertheless, three of its features really stood out for us. They include:

  • Media Files Tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Social Media Spying

Best Features

Media Files Tracking

Snapchat users take many photos and videos outside the app as well. And there could be lots of information you’d miss out on if you just focussed on Snapchat alone.

But with uMobix’s media file tracking, you can still get access to all the photos and videos on the user’s device. In fact, the app will begin collecting media files as soon as it is installed.


With the app, you can also get all keystrokes that a user made on their device. uMobix will log and relay all texts to the control panel for your viewing.

Additionally, it is also possible that you might get the user’s login credentials for several other platforms. As such you can monitor them further.

Social Media Spying

As mentioned earlier, your person of interest may not only be using Snapchat alone. Other apps like Instagram, Viber, and WhatsApp are also popular among Snapchat users.

uMobix will still collect and relay information from all these apps to your dashboard. This can then allow you to know the person’s true intentions and motives.


  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Easy to use
  • Undetectable
  • Affordable subscription plans


  • iCloud credentials required for iOS devices
  • No remote installation for Android devices

TRY uMobix

How to See Someone’s Snapchat History for Free

So, what do you do if you still can’t get your hands on a spy app and go the easy way? Well, you can still view most of the activities on a person’s Snapchat with a neat little workaround.


  • Target device
  • Internet connection
  • Access to user’s email
  • User’s Snapchat credentials

Steps to See Their Snapchat History for Free

  1. Open a browser of your choice and open Snapchat’s website 
  2. Go ahead and log in to the account if you have the user’s credentials to view the “Manage Account” page.
  3. Tap on “My Data” then scroll to the bottom and select “Submit Request”. This will instruct Snapchat to collect all data under that account and send a zipped file to the registered email.
  4. Access the user’s email address and follow the instructions to download the ZIP file then extract it to a folder on your PC.
  5. Click on the “index.html” to reveal all Snapchat activities under that account e.g. login history, snap history, or search history.
Snapchat My Data


All in all, it is possible to view someone else’s Snapchat history. But the easier way is usually to use spy apps since they don’t raise any suspicions. So, if you’re suspicious that your loved one might be Snapchat cheating, there’s no better way to find out than using one of these tools.

In addition, they also come with plenty of other features which can help you get the truth you seek. And the best part is many of the features work without root/jailbreak.

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